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Hit Over the Head with a Zen Celery Stick
It’s difficult to believe that 9 years have past since that infamous day of reckoning, when Our Lady of Weight Loss found me (or did I find her?)!
Here’s how it went down!
I woke up looking much like Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. One more bite of anything and I would explode!
It’s true! I was F-A-T and there was no denying it! I could no longer blame the drycleaner for shrinking my pants; even the elastic waistband kind was tight and leaving skid marks across my belly!
What to do in my moment of despair? What to do in my moment of disgust? What to do???? Say mean things to myself – very mean things – and then drag myself to one of those meetings where people weigh-in and then obsess about food and weight.
I pushed and pulled myself, huffing and puffing to WeightWatchers®, weighed in (highest number ever), got teary, joined the group meeting, and quietly cried – little tears on the outside; big heaves on the inside, gasping for breath. And I thought to myself “I’m never going to make it.”
At that moment Our Lady of Weight Loss entered the picture and said to me, “If you think you’re never going to make it, you never will.” She paused, and then added, “You’re an artist, make weight loss an art project.”
OLofWL’s words woke me up! It was as if I’d been hit over the head with a Zen Celery Stick! I went from the most depressed person ever in the history of dieting, to the happiest, most elated.The tectonic plates in my mind shifted. A mental earthquake of the good kind!
Now listen up, cause this is important.
I permanently removed over 50 pounds, not because I made weight loss an art project. I permanently removed over 50 pounds because I was happy!
Happiness Opened the Door to Success
Our Lady of Weight Loss opened the doors to happiness for me. She was less concerned with me losing weight, then she was about me being miserable and sinking further into despair. The lifesaver she through me was not a 50 pound loss; it was 50 pounds of happiness!
In retrospect, it makes complete sense to me.
How can you possibly change a lifetime of ‘bad’ habits; how can you move from unhealthy eating to healthy eating; how can you make all the changes that you need to make that go with implementing a new, healthy way of being (aside from the food), if you’re not energized and happy?
You may muster up enough energy to lose the weight, but you will find it again. Therefore, the key to permanent fat removal (a.k.a. weight loss) is happiness! It’s about removing all that is weighing you down and filling up with happiness!
The 21 Day Cure: Blow the Fat Cells Out of Your Mind with Habits of Happiness is designed to bring out the happy in you! So that you can giggle and wiggle yourself FREE! Enable you to move from stuck to unstuck, from unhappy to happy; enabling you to lead a happy, fully baked life!!!
Please join with me and Our Lady of Weight Loss for 21 Days of HAPPINESS. Happy e-Blasts, Happy mental-CISES … Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Woo Hoo.
Read on for more information and do, please, sign up now! Reserve your place at The Happiness Table!!! The 21 Day Cure: Habits of Happiness starts on Monday, June 14th!!!!
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