Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Obama Affair (not so fast)

Before we get all sucked in by the salacious headlines that our President had an affair with campaign aide Vera Baker, let’s look at the ‘facts.’
1. Anti-Obama operatives are offering more than $1 million to witnesses to reveal what they know about the alleged hush-hush affair.
2. The limo driver who has stepped forth to claim the moneys has yet to be named.
3. Vera Baker denies it.
4. The alleged security video has yet to be found.
Tushkateers*, let’s please remember that we manifest what we focus on. Let’s put our attention to the issues that are near and dear to our healthy hearts.
What issues are important to you?
Kicking childhood obesity int he tush? Making the roads a safer place by making your car a cell phone free zone? Saving the planet? Spreading love and peace? Please weigh-in!
*a Tushkateer is a member of the Kick in the Tush Club.
Spread the word … NOT icing!
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  • Joe

    Before attempting to undermine the story, remember Clinton and Edwards and the denials that proved utterly useless in derailing the truth. Libtards like you can deny all you like, but the truth will make you look stupid, again and agin.

  • Blackrep

    Inquirer got it right with Edwards and Tiger, remember that? What would you expect from Obama – whose first act as president was to fund abortions overseas with our tax money? There is a reason these liberals love abortion – it makes their extra-marital trysts carefree. Stupid Obama. Although he confirms every stereotype EVER about liberals and African-American men, I do feel so sorry for his innocent children. EPIC FAIL.

  • Otter No Better

    I rather like the idea of an official position of ‘Presidential Mistress’, just to put an end to all the petty ‘holier than thou’ crap.
    If some Democrats seem to have a weakness for women… if and some Republicans seem to have a weakness for men… it just means that they are food for the bottom feeders…who never rise above the ‘gotcha game’ and never try to solve a problem…not even by running for dog catcher.

  • Garrett

    Your “facts” are not compelling. I agree that we should all proceed cautiously and responsibly, but not for the reasons you have outlined. Your “facts” are simply selective pieces of information to help you justify your denial. You admonish us to not rush to judgment, but you rush to defense by presenting some weak “facts” to suggest that the rumors are not true. Hypocrisy…not surprising. Let’s just accept that anything is possible and we don’t really know what the facts are until everything is presented. Then we can make up our minds.
    I have no idea who you are, but you should probably stick to weight loss…and let’s hope you’re good at that.

  • A. D. Thomas

    Yes, we should proceed with caution. But given the the self centered personality of Pres. Obama, I would not be surprised if this was true. And there may be others as well. Pres. Obama is so out of touch with reality and so focused on himself, he probably never thought this kind of information would ever make it to the media. We’ll have to see what happens… and I’ll try not to say, “I told you so…”

  • Becky Stone

    I agree with Janice. Her point being, we should worry about more important issues – whether the president is guilty or not. And I do like the idea of a presidential mistress.

  • Your Name

    Michelle Obama loves her husband,if she truly flet that way,showed him continously to Obama,then,any man like Obama have no reason for an alleged affair,except that the man is not contented of his wife,then,thats beside the point.A man like Obama is unthinkable to act like the alleged shameful issue,the evidence should be presented and carefully studied before our Judgement can proceed,like Clinton,every man is vulnerable to temptations,only the question of
    evidence remains to be proven in every alleged acts from these great men.thanks.

  • The Independent Rage

    The National Enquirer is definitelynot reporting as fact that an affair occurred. Instead, the Enquirer is basically raising the suggestion that an affair might or could have occurred, based on little more than the fact that two people were at the same place at the same time (and, by the way, she had a reason to be there since she was apparently a very important campaign aid in 2004). I may agree with very few of Obama’s policies, but this is very flimsy stuff, as I blogged about last night on The Independent Rage.

  • dEE

    what is your sin.Since ev1 has 1 or more.Get that cleared up then focus onObama or whoever else.

  • Terry

    Feels like what they did to President Clinton.

  • Shirley

    This is the president of the United States of America whether we like it or not so let’s give the man a break! All this negativity is cloudy the issues. This mess in the economy, etc. didn’t just start during his term – it was going on a long time before so let’s give him some time. This mistress stuff is just too much! I don’t really care, but if they say it – let them prove it.

  • Janice Flores

    Dear Jan,
    Stating your thoughts with truth is your constitutional right.It is who you are. It takes courage and grace. God Bless. Janice

  • mcbeth54

    It’s just my opinion, but that is totally between the Obamas. It’s none of my business.

  • Trueheart

    If it is not substantiated, it’s gossip. And gossip damages your soul. I am not an Obama fan, but please, let’s get the facts. Oh, and even with the facts, MYOB (good old Ann Landers for Mind Your Own Business) DB

  • Laurel

    I’m a news hound and this is the first I’ve heard of this. Why are you even talking about this? It has nothing to do with weight loss. I don’t see anything about it on reputable websites or news outlets. You’re just helping to spread junk news.

  • Rachel B

    Hello Janice,
    We as tushketeers are the ones needing the kick in the tush, and that is why we are here. Unhealthy relationships with food, whether you are five or fifty years old is something we can all relate to, and want to know how to overcome. Besides,I think we all will do better and feel bettter if we focus on the positive, and the things that are under our control, instead of the negative and things out of our control. Don’t you agree?

  • Ann Gullberg

    It is YOUR blog.. but I am so tired of sex scandals… I really don’t care. All the power,money and sex is getting very old..and it has been going on since the beginning of time. and it is between the Obamas. Don’t get sucked into the game. I think it should be
    “don’t ask, don’t tell ” for everyone-gay and straight. There are more important things to talk about-especially since I’m not getting any (power, money or sex) LOL

  • Jeannie

    I agree with Trueheart and I wonder how many people spreading this rumor have heard of the commandment ‘Thou shall not speak false witness against they neighbor’ – it has nothing to do with court, kids. It’s about gossip.

  • Amy

    As everyone knows, the Obama sex scandal is false. Things important to me? I find the changes for food and activity in DC schools to be an interesting experiment. I’m all for conserving energy and creating energy sources that can cause less damage to our air, water and soil. I think Living with Ed on Planet Green channel is a HOOT!! I envy your travel to Tuscan sun. :-)

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