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Hear ye, hear ye! According to, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have a prenup that specifically states that he gets no money in a divorce if he cheats.
Good for Sandra! Having to deal with the trauma of his infidelity plus a divorce that seems imminent is enough!
Of course, Sandra will have to prove his infidelity, but given the fact that Jesse James, the former Monster Garage host has been linked to four women thus far, one of whom may be pregnant (according to another entertainment website), and that James is undergoing sex rehab at Sierra Tucson, it shouldn’t be difficult!
Sources say that Sandra refused to take a call from him from the clinic, so he upped and left, a “broken man.”
Is it difficult to muster any sympathy for someone with his infidelity record? What do you think? Do you feel for Jesse? For Sandra? How would you deal with this level of upset in your life? Head to the fridge?
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