Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Sandra Bullock Pre-Nup: Jesse gets squat if he cheats

Hear ye, hear ye! According to, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have a prenup that specifically states that he gets no money in a divorce if he cheats.
Good for Sandra! Having to deal with the trauma of his infidelity plus a divorce that seems imminent is enough!
Of course, Sandra will have to prove his infidelity, but given the fact that Jesse James, the former Monster Garage host has been linked to four women thus far, one of whom may be pregnant (according to another entertainment website), and that James is undergoing sex rehab at Sierra Tucson, it shouldn’t be difficult!
Sources say that Sandra refused to take a call from him from the clinic, so he upped and left, a “broken man.”
Is it difficult to muster any sympathy for someone with his infidelity record? What do you think? Do you feel for Jesse? For Sandra? How would you deal with this level of upset in your life? Head to the fridge?
Please comment below!
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  • T

    Jesse deserves everything coming to him. Satan got what satan wanted. You go Sandra, kick that loser as far as you can! What a peice of shit. We love you girl!

  • Sue

    Team Sandra all the way! I watched Sandra’s interview with Barbara Walters on her last Oscar special and wholeheartedly feel that Sandra had absolutely no clue what was going on with Jesse. Then, she publicly thanked him after winning her award for all the he’s done to support her. How could he allow that to happen? Why do people do these things to each other? It’s all just so sad.
    Good for her for being a realist at the beginning and getting that pre-nup. She’s one smart cookie!

  • Sherri Frost

    Not much sympathy in the world for Jesse. Sandra is our national sweetheart – she’s just so adorable. Thank goodness for her that she had the sense to get a pre-nup. Those Hollywood marriages don’t seem to last.

  • Amy

    Sandra deserves better. I hope Jesse gets a really painful STD.

  • Kimberly

    Sandra we love you. You were to good for him anyway. Keep your head up and all of your fans are behind you 100%.

  • kenneth

    Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Women always seem to go for these super bad-boy attitude testosterone freaks who live on risk and take what they want from life. Do you really think he’s going to hang that up for you honey? Do you honestly think he CAN? All morality aside for the moment, there was some unrealistic thinking bordering on delusion on her part. It’s like adopting a dog from the shelter and then kicking it to the curb when it fails to get into college.

  • Your Name

    We cannot live peacefully if there’s someone in our life who cannot live up with the values
    we have been made up with,who always oppose our positive outlook in life.When we become children of God,we claim for the right spirituality of the person we should take
    as our partner for the rest of our lives.To aim for a peaceful life should mean choosing the right person with great spirituality,isn’t it?thanks.

  • Vanessa

    Sandra has always been one of my very favortie actresses! With her looks and her sweetness and just everything that makes up who she is! I was so saddened for her when I first heard about Jesse cheating… I have been single for a long time and there are so many players out there and so many that cheat. it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have or how pretty you are. It just takes finding a really great guy and I am still looking myself! I was so happy for her when she got married but if he is like this, she deserves so much better! We love you Sandra!

  • Elizabeth

    It is so painful when your spouse cheats on you.. it is devastating to say the least.. the important thing to remember is that it is a character flaw on his part. NO matter what, if problems were arising in the marriage you get the attention of your partner…and you go get help! The cheating partner makes excuses, argues and your head is spinning and you don’t know what the hell is going on.. so i can see with her busy schedule, that this must have hit her like a ton of bricks.. I mean who is going to be stupid to cheat on the wife when there is a prenup?? Its because once a cheater always a cheater.. once a dog always a dog.. just depends on what size pile of shit they lay… all in all its still shit.. Still struggling………….. The Truth Will Set You Free!



  • Merle

    I feel anger and sadness only for Sandra. She is so real and honest and has loved his children like her own. I did the same with my husband’s children. I know how heartbreaking it must be for her because she is not only betrayed but also now dealing with the death of her ideal relationship…. mourning and grief and depression to follow. I wish her strength and courage and future happiness with someone as honest as she.

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