Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Ruby’s Weight Loss Journey – 366 pounds lost, more to go

Ruby The Style Network.jpgJust for a moment, I invite you to imagine what it must feel like to lose 366 pounds, to be able for the very first time buckle a normal seat belt, put on a pair of jeans and even a bathing suit. Step by step, Ruby Gettinger, with the help of the 12-step program, is courageously staring her food addiction down, down, down the scales of injustice
In 2008, at 500 pounds, Ruby launched a show on The Style Network to chronicle her journey to lose weight, and essentially save her life. Now, in the show’s third season, Ruby is about to cross the 350-pound mark, as she journeys toward freedom.
And freedom is the actual prize, isn’t it?
For the fully skinny on Ruby’s inspiring story of weight loss and food addiction recovery, check out Holly Lebowitz Rossi’s special piece, “Ruby’s Weight Loss and Recovery Journey – Facing Food Addiction: Healing Every Part of Me
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Spread the word, NOT the icing!

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  • dEE

    You can do it it is not easy but can be done.I ‘ve lost over half of my body weight down from 332 to 165 and still fighting wRITE AT MY E-MAIL AND I AM THERE FOR YOU WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER.

  • Your Name

    First,i thank God for a good spirit dwelling upon me,second my daddy who became my
    source of inspiration and encouragement to my weight loss journey.i have lost 30 lbs
    too,all i did is pray,eat right and,i feel very light and pretty with my skiny jeans,at 38,dad can stil carry me,lol.thanks janice.

  • eva sleczka

    I joined a 12 step program in 2007 , my highest weight was 365 in 2007, i have lost one hundred and thirty five pounds by the grace of god and still loseing….it is possible, I never thought it could be….good luck, still amazed and grateful

  • christine

    Dear Mrs. Gettinger,
    You are very inspiring. I am not 500 lbs but I am over 200 and it really inspires me I have gone up and down in my weight loss and gain in the past 10 years. I am wanting to loose 65 lbs and seeing how beautiful you are for overcoming your addiction really helps me to want to go forth in loosing this weight. I have not seen your show but it must be great and I am sure you have touched many lives in doing this to better your health. Good luck in loosing all the weight you want to loose.
    Thank for your inspiration

  • Anastasia

    Dear Ruby
    I am following your journey on the style network, here in South Africa. I think you are such a special, beautiful girl. You inspire so many. I have never really struggled with weight issues, until 5 years ago, when I got caught up in severe depression. I seemed to eat my way through it. As a result I gained 35kg, which I am struggling to shed now.
    It is such a difficult thing to do. Therefore I hail you as a heroin, in losing so many.
    I honestly thought that you were beautiful from the first programme, beauty cannot be hidden by extra body fat. You are beautiful inside and out.
    God bless. And perservere.

  • http://ruby karen

    How much do you currently weigh?

  • wanda

    dear ruby,
    its just amazing what kind of person u are, and i have had a weight problem all my life, i love u show, but at the present time we cannot aford the cable to watch it.
    i love to listen to ur stories, when we lived at another place. u are a inspiritation to everyone that knows u or have seen u, including myself.
    do u think by chance u will be coming to delaware to walk? i would love to be able to walk with u and meet u in person. it would be a high light of my life. I look up to u for ur courageous efforts u have made. keep up the great work that u have been doing. im so proud of ur success. please keep my email and mail me with ur future results since i cant get ur show anymore.

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  • Juanita

    Dear Ruby,
    I am Juanita and I live in Texas, I consider myself a southern girl like yourself. I have been overweight since I was eight years old, I am now 18 and still struggling with my problem. Seeing you on your show and having you express the way I feel through your own battle has had me in tears countless times. My heaviest weight was on the first day I watched this show I did not notice how huge I had gotten. But I was 300lbs that day. That was an eye opener. I knew that if you could do it, My hero my inspiration then I could do it as well. I am addicted to your show. I always wonder why I have not seen it until now but it does not matter I see it everyday now. I started my diet and exercise on Nov 9 2010 and although I have only lost 9 pounds I will not quit. I wont ever. I just wanted to let you know how much I look up to you. Maybe one day ill get to meet you. Please continue to inspire other teens and adults and chidren such as myself. Ill alwasys be rooting for you. We share so many similarities its not even funny lol. Thank you for showing me Im not alone.
    Sincerely, Juanita.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Dakota Moone

    When I was young I was molested by my step brother, I’d go tell my mother assuming that she was telling my dad. Now I don’t believe she did tell him. As I grew up I was not aloud to have any power in my life. My sister would come home, steal anything she wanted from me. and then leave. I wasn’t aloud to say anything about it.
    When I got into the Navy I was paying on my car that my dad bought for me, he gave it to my sister without telling me. Even though I had been paying on it all along. and I had gone homeless at one point because I didn’t have the money to get rent up to get into the house. but the car payment was still being made. When I got home and found out they gave it to her I wasn’t even aloud to be angry about it.
    When I was about 12 I was walking home in the summer time and a man in a pickup truck bout ran off the road starring at me. I was so angry, I went home and thought I’m going to get fat and no one will look at me that way every again.
    At 43 years old or so I was working at Bally Total Fitness and got a personal trainer and got to a size 12… Again a guy looked at me that way and I stopped all weight loss efforts and got to like a size 20 or higher.
    When Ruby was talking about self sabotage I thought and thought what could it be keeping me all this time now 50 lbs from my goal.
    I choose to be a victor not a victim. I’m not a little girl anymore. I have a voice. And if anyone ever dare look at me like that again, I will ask them didn’t anyone ever teach you better than that, and walk away.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jacqueline Robinson

    I loved the show Rube on Style Channel.
    Is it still on and and what are the day and tune?

    Thank You,

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Jacqueline Robinson

    I loved the show on the Style Channel about
    Ruby’s journey to lose weight and find her
    lost childhood memories. Is it still on?

    Also, please give me the day and time of the show. I had typos in my first post and could not remove them.
    Thanks, Jackie

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