Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Jillian Michaels’ anti-pregnancy comments?

The fierce and muscled trainer, Jillian Michaels, of “The Biggest Loser” fame and fortune is getting some feedback a.k.a. lash-back from some comments she made in an interview to Women’s Health magazine regarding pregnancy.
Jillian told the magazine, “I’m going to adopt. I can’t handle doing that to my body …. Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”
As an adoptive mother and a birth mother (my daughter is from Korea; my son was homemade), as well as a life, wellness and weight loss coach who works with people about body image and self-esteem, I find Jillian’s comments curious.
Curious, because I think they are more a window into the machinations of Jillian’s mind, rather than something that women will take to heart. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams that people are going to make as important a life decision as birth and/or adoption based on the comments of a fitness trainer turned personality.
Still – curious as to the words that Jillian used and the way she expressed herself. “I can’t handle doing ‘that‘ to my body.” That??? Speaking for myself, my own feelings on the topic – the ‘that’ of which she speaks was one of the most amazing, miraculous happenings in my life.
Rescue Something?
Yes, there are so many children in the world who are without a home and in need of one, and adoption is a wonderful thing. But the word ‘rescue’ just doesn’t sit right with me. Again, speaking from my own experience, our adoption was coming from a place of love spilling out, rippling out. It came from the same place that the pregnancy did. Love of family; love of children – creating those special bonds that we all desire.
Body Image Issues?
Women do have children all the time and get right back in shape. And for those who are already in excellent shape, who are in the work out groove, getting back in shape more or less comes naturally. What exactly are you doing to your body that is so horrific?
Weigh in!!!
Has Jillian’s comments changed how you feel about her? Do you think she should be coaching people on issues of body image? How do you feel about adoption and pregnancy?
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  • smoothgirl

    I too am curious, why is stating her opinion a bad thing? What exactly are we concerned about there, that she is making women feel bad about having children? IDK, I think that Michaels is entitled to her opinion. I also think that there are SO MANY influences telling folks how great it is to be pregnant, which not everyone agrees with. Where is the controversy?
    Besides, would it be so awful if we curbed the baby machine just a little?

  • Pat

    Not sure why people are so up in arms. She is entitled to her opinion and adoption is a beautiful thing.
    I, too, am struggling with my own body image issues and hearing people tell me what I should do with my body or what I should feel about being pregnant is insulting and insensitive. I understand it’s a beautiful and natural thing to create a new life. But, having a child (or not) is a very personal decision. (Granted, Jillian announcing her choice to adopt and talking about body image issues is turning this into a more public issue.)
    When people ask if my husband and I plan to have kids, and when I say I’m not sure, I get a whole rush of opinions from people. I just feel like it’s not really anyone’s right to tell me what to do. I am considering and give a loving home to a child — but people think that just because I’m fertile that I should have my own.
    Why people continue to make it their business what everyone else with their own bodies is beyond me. If you have an opinion about pregnancy, don’t foist it on anyone else.

  • Lamia

    As I said elsewhere, I applaud Jillian for her honesty. I myself have felt this way as long as I can remember. I was overweight as an adolescent as well and am also what you Americans politely refer to as ‘petite’ (5 4, 115 lbs)-even though if you look up your own Normal Curve (and look that up if you never took Stats 101), you’ll see that it’s the population average, a term which you might also need to look up on wiki. Sorry to be condescending but that is what you get for referring to a normal sized person as a ‘midget’ and defining her as ‘only this’ only that.
    Let me tell you that yes, there will be women who are lucky to bounce back. Let me tell you about these women though: they were probably skinny to begin with and were naturally so, had tall long bodies, were below the age of 25 when they got pregnant, and have enough time to lose the weight. (and learn your OWN language people: One loses weight and one’s clothes become loose. 5th grade English. One does NOT loose weight).
    A ‘small’ woman (5 3 to 5 5 range) as you’d refer to her, in her thirties, who also works full time, will not have the time or energy to bounce back. It isn’t all about the tummy either. Those who have curvy bodies-or pear shaped-will get curvier bodies with all the fat stored in the ‘wrong’ places-so smaller boobs, larger hips and thicker thighs. If you get a C-section due to emergency or by choice (yes there are women who have very low pain thresholds such that they cannot wait 15 hours until the doctors will permit an epidural), you can kiss your abs goodbye-the muscle is torn and can NEVER grow. I am not talking about never getting a four or six pack, I am talking about always having a pooch.
    Also there are the hormones. As female runners or women into fitness will know, during pms and during the first three days of the period, one feels fatigued. So no matter what your commitment to exercising is before the pregnancy, you will feel doubly fatigued, cranky, hormonally sad, blue, sometimes even depressed, you’ll be sore ‘down there’, your breasts will leak milk like a cow’s and ache-how are you going to go for a jog under these circumstances?
    I am a quasi expert on fitness so I know what I am talking about. A ‘small woman’ will burn 1500 cals or so in the absence of exercise. That doesn’t automatically make her satisfied with eating only 1000 cals and even if she could maintain that she would only lose 1 lb a week, under ideal circumstances. The average woman gains 20 lbs during pregnancy -that equals-without cheating, 20 weeks to lose the fat. And guess what? She will still not get back into pre-pregnancy shape even if she manages to lose the 20 lbs because the hard-earned body will have disappeared leaving in its wake a more flabby womanly matronly shape. Sorry, this is the truth.
    YEs Heidi Klum can do it, yes Hollywood stars can do it-but they have 6 hours a day to exercise, the money to get liposuction or mesotherapy and whatnot, and trainers to motivate them, and cooks to cook gourmet but light food for them. And they’re usually in their twenties when they have kids.
    Having children is a beautiful thing, and an incredible sacrifice but let us not pretend that everyone can achieve their pre-pregnancy body (which might not be as fit as someone would like to begin with) after even one child. Jillian has her priorities and so do I. I’d adopt too, if I met the right guy but like Jillian, I have worked too hard to get to the shape I am today, and I will not do THAT to my body.

  • Gwen

    Get over yourself author. I completely understand Jillians view here. What is your issue again? You may be able to get back into shape once again after having a child but lets face it, your vagina will never be the same. No matter how many keegel exercises you do. its just a fact. I applaud you Jillian for not wanting to go there in honor of your body which you’ve worked so hard for. Good for you wanting to adopt. We are woman and people first-not mandatory babymachines. The Duggar family could take some lessons. Now thats just selfish and cultlike. Really Mrs. Duggar? Was your dream in life only to become a mans riding toy? I certainly have more pride and prestige in accomplishing things in life challenging. Not somthing god handed to you.

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  • Rebecca

    Sure having kids means your body is never quite the same but knowing that I would still gladly have my two children all over again. And with a diet and a little exercise, it isn’t that hard to recover your figure afterward.
    That being said, pregnancy isn’t for everyone and there is nothing wrong with adopting and giving a home to a child that needs one.

  • SirenOfFire

    I’ve always had nothing for contempt for that woman, and now upon hearing this…just deepens it.
    How dare she “coach” (and I use the term loosely) people on weight and body issues, if she spits upon and vilifies pregnancy as something “horrendous”!
    I have nothing but the best feelings about adoption when people’s hearts/heads are in the right place (for example…a woman with the physical inability to have children) and pregnancy well…I treat it with much more respect than Jillian does.

  • w w

    “Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”
    Not only is this self obsessed woman anti-pregnancy, but she needs to be educated on adoption as well. Children aren’t “Rescue Projects”.
    It’s obvious Ms. Michaels has lingering parent/esteem issues which come across in her tactless techniques.
    It’s one thing to be (whatever your idea is of) beautiful on the outside, but if you don’t have a kind attitude and words, the whole persona is empty.

  • Heather

    As a university-educated, professional, married woman with two naturally delivered sons of her own (who stays at home with them now by choice,) choosing this path did not result in any loss of pride. It did cost me some “prestige,” but only in the eyes of people whose values simply differ from mine. Just for the record, I have never considered myself a “man’s riding toy,” a “baby-making machine,” and I have certainly faced down my share of “life-challenging” issues. Whilie I find Jillian Michael’s training strategy immensely demeaning to the people she is trying to help (screaming at them) I do respect the fact that she worked really hard to lose her own weight. And speaking of respect, I respect Janice for her choices (both traditional childbirth and adoption.) As women, some of us do ourselves (and women as a whole) a great disservice by launching ourselves claws-out, spewing derision at someone we simply disagree with. Immense thanks to all civil people who post!

  • Pat

    The odd thing about all of this is the idea that the way to a better body is to treat it like a fragile object. A number of world-class athletes have taken their performance to a new level by having a child. Evonne Goolagong comes to mind as one of the first, but there have been a number of others. In fact, in the 80s, the East Germans were getting their athletes pregnant and aborting after 4 months to get the performance boost from the pregnancy process. I think raising the little buggers is more debilitating that delivering them.

  • Roseanne

    I think her remarks speak of a deep-seeded vanity that is sweeping our nation. It’s one thing to focus on good health & nutrition, but when ‘OUR LOOKS’ & ‘APPREARANCES’ become more important than the experience of giving life….something’s very wrong! I do not embrace her values at all!! There’s a whole lot more in life than just looks?????

  • Natalie

    Jillian Michaels seems to me to be more about money than anything else. But on the other hand I believe those comments were made off the cuff without much thought.

  • Laurie

    Jillian’s comments do seem to be lacking in thought. My guess is that she is her own worst enemy and holds herself to a rigid standard but who knows…
    “Heal thyself,physician”

  • Nancy

    I agree with Roseanne…I gave birth to 3 children, 2 yrs apart, through natural childbirth. Today, they are 3 adults who are all contributing to society in very important ways: medicine, environment, and education. Together, they far out-WEIGH any “issues” I’ve ever had with my “appearance”. I’m overweight…I’m working on it…and I think that for most people who struggle with their weight, it IS a lifelong process…at times we succeed and sometimes we fail…but it is NOT the only thing in life. “Life”, itself, is far more important than my having the “perfect body”. I think Jillian needs to lighten up…someday that perfect body will be old and wrinkly…and she’ll be all alone…The MOST AMAZING thing a woman’s body can do is to give birth to new life.

  • dolores minor

    I agree, I think it was one of those ‘open mouth, insert foot’ things.
    People in the public eye have to realize that their words reverberate around the country, sometimes around the globe.
    I was appalled to read of China’s using women athletes performance by having them get pregnant and then aborting?? That is horrifying. Of course their human rights actions are pretty barbaric, so I shouldn’t be surprised at things like this. Not that our gov’t is perfect – but China takes the cake.

  • Your Name

    I can still have a baby and i will bear a child if it comes from a man i love and who loves me too.Some pregnacies occured due to different reasons beside love,i choose to have a baby as a fruit of that love for my husband.To all the babies born out of wedlock,they desseve love because i take them as gifts from God no matter what and we take that responsibility God requires us to take.


    I have NEVER cared for Jillian… She seems to have her little nose “all wrinkled up” at anyone and anything that is said or done to negatively affect our bodies.. i.e. PREGNANCY. What a selfish AND self centered woman…. poor thing would have to sacrafice that body in the effort to have a child. Well she thinks her …. doesn’t smell at all, doesn’t she!!! Its sad when you think so much of your body that you can’t even think of having a child of your own..

  • Lamareb

    I think She is trying to cover up something when she made that statement. You know as I kid you cannot afford something you would say you do not like it or you do not care enough to get one.
    Well I think based on what I heard about her life style adoption is her only option at this time.
    It is till great that she would like to adopt but that is not rescuing it is much more than that… it is caring, loving and nuturing.
    I think her statement was made without out her giving a second thought to the situation.
    From what I have seen on the Biggest looser I think deep down she is a caring person and would make a good Mom.

  • Jo Ann

    I don’t watch this show, but I read your comments from time to time. This celebrity clearly regards birth as the same thing as adopting a pet at an animal shelter. I doubt that most women think of these things as equivalent.

  • Sue

    I know plenty of women who got back into exactly the same shape post-pregnancy as before… but they mainly had babies prior to the age of 30. They did not have C-sections. And they worked really, really hard. I also know women who had babies later in life, which seems to be the trend, who had to have surgery to cut away all the excess skin, even though they got in shape again afterward.
    I’ve never been pregnant. I always found the idea repulsive of having this creature growing inside you and squishing all your internal organs…It reminds me of the movie Alien, quite frankly. I don’t think of it as miraculous, I think of it as obscene and disgusting. So I applaud Jillian Michaels for being honest about how she feels. There are plenty of women who will still get pregnant despite what she says. But I think it’s great that she said something other than “politically correct.” I’m sure there are plenty of people who think pregnancy is horrible, most people just don’t say it.

  • Kaz

    I don’t particularly care for her, but she has a right to feel like she doesn’t want to experience pregnancy. At least she is being honest about how she feels. I’m more annoyed that she endorses a line of expensive weight loss supplements which seems fake when the show is about no easy way out and you have to eat healthy and exercise.

  • kari

    Does this change the way I feel about Jillian Michaels? Well, I’m not sure. I watch “The Biggest Loser” in kind of a ‘can’t look away from the wreck’ kind of mode. And I’m sure for some of the contestants at the ranch, it’s just what they need–being yelled at and broken down so they can build back up.
    But, I’m married to a man who was adopted from Korea as a toddler, and that “rescuing” attitude toward adoption has caused an awful lot of pain for generations of adoptees. A child is not a cause, it’s a whole real person who will grow up into an adult. I’m not against adoption, but I am against people going into adoption without a mature understanding of the impact of adoption on the child.
    My husband and I have three biological children, and what “that” did to my body was to connect me to the reality that I am more than a jeans size and connected to God in a way that has nothing to do with my weight. To each her own, but I’m deeply grateful for being able have a biological child. Oh and those stretch marks from the babies? My husband called them the “rays of life” so yeah, I guess I don’t mind so much.
    Blessings, all!

  • Audrey Welsh

    Maybe Jillian Michaels worded it in an insensitive way, but I’m behind her 100%.
    There are nearly 7 billion people on this planent, WAY too many “miracles of life.” It is time to start thinking about how humans can breed ourselves out of existence.
    By the way, I have NO human children. I’m 57 and I thank God every day I didn’t listen to the people who said things like “One day you’ll meet the right man who’ll change your mind” and “Who will take care of you when you’re older?” Both my children are feline, adopted from the local animal shelter. They are my rescues, and this way I am bound with the miracle of life.

  • Melanie Beasley

    All I can say is that Jillian should be glad her mom didn’t feel the same way! I’ll take my daughter over tight abs any day 😉

  • Mona (tealady)

    “That” was one of the most incredible and fullfilling things my body could have ever done. I think she is missing a much bigger picture here.

  • April

    It personally doesn’t offend me. I’ve always liked Jillian and it hasn’t changed my opinion of her. It’s her personal opinion to express how she feels about her body and her beliefs. She may have used poor choice of words and those who may have got offended I wouldn’t take it personal. Maybe this little controversy will get Jillian to re-think before speaking and if it doesn’t then who cares. People need to be confident enough to love their bodies regardless of what one person says, they don’t make the person you are. Pointing fingers and being judgmental towards ones opinion isn’t worth being frustrated over. My advice is to just ignore it and move on. We can cut, paste, and dig deep into figuring out what Jillian’s choice of words meant, but really what does that do for you? Really nothing.

  • http://weightloss marlene

    OMG, it’s a good thing not everyone thinks like her, she really will miss out on the miracle of birth if she doesn’t change her attitude. What a great empty world would we have if everyone would only think of their bodies. Yeah I am 60lbs overweight but not because of my kids, I am overweight because of ME, and strech marks those are badges of Honor of 3 wonderful kids made up of 1/2 me and 1/2 my husband and I would do it again even if it means extra pound and strech marks.

  • Alison

    The miracle in giving birth is not only that your body creates an incredible life, but that your body survives it as beautifully as it does. How many men could pass a watermelon through their bodies and live to tell the tale?! And adopted or home-grown, the sleepless nights are what has taken a toll on my body–not the miraculous gifts. Still, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Camille Wilson

    Jillian Michaels has added her voice to the din of the media’s daily harangue for women to have the “perfect” bodies. At my ripe age of 53, I find her comments small-minded and tiresome. Frankly, I think her time would be better spent thinking about how she hopes to raise and nurture her child. Being a mom does not require giving birth but it does require giving love, to oneself and to one’s child. Rigid standards are rarely loving. I am grateful that my adoptive parents adopted me when I was 7 years old but I don’t think I wanted to be “rescued” as much as I hoped to be “wanted” and “loved.”

  • Camille

    Jillian Michaels has joined in with the rest of the harsh media to imply that one of the most important things in a woman’s life should be to strive for the “perfect” body. At my ripe age of 53, I find such ideas small-minded and short-sighted. At the risk of sounding like Jillian’s mother, I think she might consider spending this time thinking about how she will love and nurture her child. Being a mom does not require giving birth but it does require giving love. Rigid thinking is rarely loving to oneself or others. I am grateful that my adoptive parents adopted me when I was 7 years old. Although my life was miserable in the foster home, I don’t think I needed to be “rescued.” What I really needed was to be “wanted” and “loved.”

  • http://Huh? Joyce

    Here’s my opinion, since you asked. Jillian live in a different world than the rest of us and apparently in her world whatever she just said would make sense in her world of fitness at any cost/no pain no gain/the body is everything.
    Some day Jillian is going to get old and sag – she might even get sick before that and realize that we’re not just our bodies but we have other things going on too.
    But right now in her world – it makes sense to think the way she thinks. Trouble is that she is being interviewed in magazines that are sold in other worlds besides her own.
    So, let’s not judge Jillian. Jillian has a lot to learn. Things that have nothing to do with BMI’s, calories burned and percentage weight loss.

  • AVGFreeDownload9

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  • Ellen

    Frankly, I feel that the world will be better off without having Jillian adding her progeny to it! Her arrogant, self serving attitude has always turned me off. I am not surprised at her comments…it seems typical of the persona that she constantly puts forth. Children should be conceived, carried and raised with love and a lot of patience. I waited until I was 30 to have my son. And to this day (64 years young)I still feel that having him was the best decision in my life. Love and family should always be more important than your visual image of yourself. Shame on her! But, again, it’s better that she follows her plan and doesn’t pass her narrow visions on to someone else. It’s too bad that her opinions have to be expressed so that every impressionable young girl is told that to have a child is not the best thing for her “image”.

  • Jamee

    I think there are a many women who, for whatever reason, have been told or somehow believe that being a woman is an ugly thing. (As if, perhaps, being a man is so much more attractive.) Menstruation, pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding…all of these things are simply part of the experience of being a member of the female gender. Love them or hate them, you’re a woman and it’s a much easier life when you embrace what you are and go with the flow. For me personally, I appreciate these feminine qualities – and I wouldn’t trade lives with a man, not for one minute.
    Maybe Jillian is just completely obsessive and wants to have a perfect body and doesn’t want anything so bothersome as a baby ruining all that time she’s spent in the gym. More power to her, I guess but I think this attitude is a little pathetic. Heidi Klum, who also has a perfect body, hasn’t seemed to mind “ruining” it with four pregnancies. She’s just as beautiful with a baby belly as she is when she’s thin – perhaps even moreso.
    It’s all about perspective, I think. I’m four months pregnant myself and didn’t exactly start off the game with a perfect body. Who cares? Being pregnant is exciting and even when I have a huge belly, I’m still going to think so. Jillian’s missing out. Pregnancy can have its uncomfortable moments for sure but the payoff is too incredible to miss. I’d have never passed up this experience just to have a hot body. There’s SO much more to life!!!

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  • sugrsmom2

    i agree with jillian . why do that to your body . having a child makes you a swellen blotted mess . i did it twice and gained so much weigh i have never beeen able to take it off . still have baby fat and its been 52 years . started a downward trend that i can not stop .

  • Kate

    To me, this falls under the rubric of honoring women’s choice. No, a woman who has not had children cannot actually know what “that” would do to her body. But can’t we have compassion for each other? To have or not to have children is perhaps one of the most complex choices a woman ever makes, not to mention the complexity of those who find they have no choice for one reason or another. I know this is deeply personal, but I wish we had a way to have enough confidence in our own choices that we never had to judge anyone else’s.

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  • A. M. T.

    I really don’t see anything wrong with what she said..I am a woman who has lost weight and has kept it off for the past 2 years, and yes I’ve expressed to some friends and family members that I’m concerned about having kids because it took so much work ( still does) to get the weight off and yes I really do understand her and why she would say that.

  • Stacy

    Seems to me that anyone even remotely in favor of a woman’s right to choose ought to be supportive of Ms. Michel’s stance here.
    Isn’t it true that women get abortions for similar reasons – don’t want to wreck my body, etc.? And it would be horrifically politically incorrect to vilify them in that situation. At least Jillian is making her decision pre-pregnancy and deciding that she just doesn’t want to go there to begin with.

  • Mary

    Yes, I agree that it should be a personal choice but You have to stop and think that people look up to celebrities and their opinions. I personally think Jillian is crazy for not wanting to go through the greatest experience I ever had. When I felt the movements of my son in my body, well I can’t describe how wonderful it felt. Not to mention when he was born. I also felt the healthiest I ever have. In other words, it was so worth (putting my body through it) as Jillian puts it.

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Beautiful Quote Day: Be an oxygen giving tree.
Dearest Tushkateers, Devotees of Our Lady of Weight Loss, any and all ...

posted 12:12:25pm Aug. 20, 2015 | read full post »

Screw the Bathroom Scale: 6 Ways to Build Self-Confidence
How many of y’all weigh yourself the minute your feet ...

posted 4:28:45pm Aug. 19, 2015 | read full post »

Be a Good "Body Listener"
What does your body have to ...

posted 7:30:18pm Aug. 12, 2015 | read full post »

How to Let Go of Who You Are and Become What You Might Be!
Label Me Quirky: Last week, while “networking” (as they say) at a ...

posted 1:30:36pm Aug. 08, 2015 | read full post »


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