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Another story of betrayal! I liked that Sandra Bullock was ‘happily’ married to Jesse James. I like off-beat characters, and sweet love stories. When Sandra got all teary-eyed at the Oscars, smiling lovingly at her beloved husband, I got teary-eyed too, and held hands with my husband.
Now, less than two weeks later, that fairy tale (I guess it was a fairy tale) has morphed into a story of betrayal and a nightmare for Sandra. Jesse James, her husband of five years, host of Monster Garage, has allegedly been cheating on Sandra with tattoo artist, Michelle ‘Bombshell’ Mcgee.
If you are worried that your relationship could go adrift, here are some sex and relationship tips that just may help!
Been together for a long time? Sex has a tendency to ebb and flow over the years, however if it goes downhill and doesn’t start on an upward climb for too long a period of time, don’t just say ‘oh well.’ Be sure to sit down and talk about it.
Don’t let it fester. If you are angry about anything, sit down and talk about it. Do not stuff it down, or bury it in any way, shape or form. It is sure to fester, gain strength and bite you in the tush at some point. Once again, honest communication rules.
Resist temptation. Don’t assume that you (or your significant other) won’t be tempted to have an affair. Statistics show that it’s a fairly common occurrence (the temptation, not necessarily the affair). Breaking the sacred bond of trust is devastating. It’s just not worth it.
Blame game. It’s easy to get into the blame game, to criticize each other, nag and complain. But … It only makes matters worse. Instead try taking the high road, and get in the habit of listening, trusting and respecting each other’s point of view.
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