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Our Lady of Weight Loss: Set your internal clock
I don’t know about you, but both the springtime switch from standard-time to daylight-savings time, and visa versa, throws me for a loop. It can take my circadian rhythms about a week to straighten themselves out!
This year, however, I am hoping that it will be different! I have researched high n’ low the best ways to gently, but swiftly, move my inner-clock to get into the daylight swing of it all.
Dance to the Beat of the Circadian Rhythm
Our internal clocks are in sync with the 24-hour cycle that determines our sleep and wake periods, as well as other biological functions.
We are not just turning the clocks ahead by one hour, but tonight, we are also moving our internal clock and the many mechanisms that are governed by it, ahead by one hour, and therein lies the rub. Getting those inner-mechanisms to work on a time schedule!
Here follows a few tips that will make this transition flow more easily, and get you on track faster!
1. Reset all your clocks on the Saturday night before the switch. Do not wait till the morning to do so. It helps both psychologically and physiologically. This is also a good tip when flying into different time zones. The minute the plane takes off, reset your watches.
2. Get a good night’s sleep tonight. In other words, don’t go out partying, or staying up unusually late.
3. Wake up at your usual time. Don’t plan on an early morning hike, or a sleep in.
3. Drink more water. One glass at bedtime, and one when you wake up for sure. Water is the cure all, reset your body, keep the brain going miracle liquid.
4. Do NOT Nap. Your body might tell you that you need a nap, but do your best to stay awake. You don’t want to add more chaos to your inner-schedule.
5. Enjoy the LIGHT! Revel in the glory of having more light. Spring is knocking on our doors!
What tips do you have that you’d like to share, so that we can all wake up energized and happy tomorrow morning? Please comment!!!
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