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Egg Diet: Lose 20 Pounds in 2 WeeksAccording to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s recently published personal papers, she thought a slimmer version of herself might project a more powerful persona. In 1979, she purged 20 pounds with the help of 56 eggs!
The 20 Pound Plan!
Thatcher’s CRASH Plan included spinach, grapefruit, steak for dinner, black coffee, tea and, every so often – for good measure – a shot of whisky (taken with meat – otherwise not!).
However, it is believed that it was the one or two eggs for breakfast, coupled with a couple more at lunch time that did the trick!
Would you down 28 eggs a week, for two weeks? Hang the health?
Research shows that not all nutritionists, dieticians, and weight loss gurus are in agreement that eggs have a direct connection to high blood cholesterol. Some studies call the ‘egg’ the perfect protein. Eggs are high in vitamin B12, provide nearly a third of our daily Vitamin D requirement, and they are high in minerals.
Nevertheless, would you down 28 a week? 56 eggs in two weeks? Comment below!
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