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KICKOL-LOGO.jpgOn The Today Show this morning, Valerie Bertinelli, having lost 40 pounds on the Jenny Craig plan, spoke about setting goals, how the word ‘maintenance’ isn’t very sexy and the importance of staying motivated.
Janice Taylor, your weight loss coach, wholeheartedly agrees on all counts, and shares with you now some of her secrets on how to stay motivated!
How to stay permanently jazzed! (excerpt from All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journal to Sveltesville)
Have you ever watched an Olympic swimmer push off the side of the pool? It is quite amazing, isnt’ it? The thrust, the power, their determination is enormous. Often the strength of this one solitary push can propel the Olympian right straight to the middle of the Olympic sized pool.
When we decide to go on a ‘diet,’ we essentially push off from the side of the pool of discontent. We gather a vast amount of energy from not liking ourselves, being disgusted, and ashamed of how we look. We don’t like ourselves. No, we sure don’t.
Sometimes this energy takes us half way to our goal weight. Sometimes all the way … 10, 20, 30, 100, 200 pounds lost. Then what?
Unlike the Olympic swimmer who has a plan; who is moving toward her big win; who sees herself as a champion and knows with every cell and fiber of her being that she is the victor, we only know ourselves to be losers. We are basing this attempt on past attempts to lose, which have failed.
It is easy to get lost if you don’t know where you are going.
If you want to be victorious at the game of Permanent Fat Removal a.k.a. Weight Loss, then you need to have a compelling future. You need to know where you are going; what you want; what truly moves, shakes and feeds your soul. The fat does not live alone. This is a holistic event.
How to Stay Permanently Jazzed, Motivated and Inspired
Have a Vision.
The root of the word motivation is “motive.” The definition of “motive” is “A reason to act.” You need a reason to act. You need both an external and internal vision of the new you. You need to be moving towards a compelling future! What’s your reason to act?
Be Passionate.
Motivation is not task driven. It’s all about emotion. It’s fire driven. You’ve got to fuel your passion (just like you have to fuel your body and fuel your car!). You have to set yourself a goal that connects to an all consuming desire. What moves you?
Stay Focused.
The more focused you are the more results you’ll be getting. The more results, the more motivated. It’s called the ‘upward spiral.’ Don’t worry about getting dizzy. You’re getting lighter and lighter. Keep on spiraling, Up, Up, Up!!
Build on Your Successes.
If you permanently remove a pound, be proud. When you drop a size, get fired up. Woo hoo! Keep on going!
Acknowledge All that You Do Well.
We have a tendency to negate our wins by focusing on the minor slips of the day. If you said “No, thank you” four times. ” Rejoice. What else did you do today that was stupendous? (It could be as simple as filling up a bowl with fresh fruit for the kitchen counter. Filling the room with good energy.)
Positive Messages
Read positive books, listen to good music, anything with an uplifting message. Fill your brain with stories of successful people. It will take hold. Think positive!

New point of view: You are a fat-burning Olympian. No one removes fat as furiously or efficiently as you do.

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