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V Magazine Size Issue, Our Lady of Weight Loss
The up-coming “Size” issue of V Magazine, scheduled to hit the stands on January 14, is overflowing with a bevy of voluptuous beauties flaunting their feminine wiles. Plus-sized, scantily clad models work it as they model Guess jeans, Ralph Lauren and Versace.
While I truly believe that every body is beautiful, from pint-sized to plus sized, I am hoping that that the “Size” issue moves us away from a dangerously thin ideal to a healthy, realistic body image.
The average U.S. woman is a size 14. About 41 percent of women are larger. Crystal Renn, plus-size model, is a size 12 and her measurements are 36-31-41.
If you would like to feast your eyes on what’s to come, visit as they are offering a preview of the photos from the Size issue!
What’s your take on ‘thin-sized, plus-sized, pint-sized’ models? Weigh-in below!
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