Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Quick Weight Loss? With a snap?

Our Lady of Weight Loss spreads her Moso Roots
During an enlightened conversation with a Tushkateer (Kick in the Tush Club member) about ‘change’ (what else?) and how it sometimes feels that things are never going to change or that change is a coming, but it is painfully slow, I was reminded of the Moso!
The Moso is a bamboo plant that grows in China and the far east.
After the moso is planted, there are no visible signs of growth for up to five years – even under ideal conditions! Then, as if by magic, the Moso suddenly begins growing at the rate of nearly two and one half feet per day, reaching a full height of ninety feet within six weeks. WOW!!!
It’s not magic! The moso’s rapid growth is due to the miles of roots it develops during those first five years of getting ready.
So, remember. Even if there is no visible change, your roots are healthfully and happily developing beneath the surface, deep within, getting you ready to move forward! Have faith!
(Source: The Moso Bamboo Tree – by: Joel Weldon, The Sower’s Seed)
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  • Sheryl

    This blog was very timely! I started this morning frustrated because the scale didn’t show any change in spite of all my hard work. Normally, thuis would be my signal to start eating everything that wasn’t nailed down. but instead of turning to food, I came to this site and there was the wonderful Moso plant telling me to hang in there! Thank you yet again!

  • shut-eye-doll

    Thanks for your encouragement. I had just finished saying I am unable to maintain my weight loss when I’m traveling. But now I have a very good idea what I ought to do:)

  • Your Name

    hmm….that’s new to me!that Moso plant is amazing.Oh yes!i will hang in there and will always watch you there:)

  • Ellen Bergstrom

    I struggled with weight loss for years after quitting smoking and then I developed my own program, a holistic program and lost 40 + pounds, keeping it off for over 2 years now. Check out my blog, at the URL I gave for free weekly inspiration regarding holistic living and success with anything. Again it is

  • Nancy Roberts

    This is a wonderful analogy to the ancient Moso plant that becomes a tree in such a short time. It is our core being that we are developing that isn’t always apparent to others, but will be there as a strong evidence in the way we become complete in ourselves and our Creator!

  • Amy

    OMG! Has anyone heard of this woman Rose Cole? She’s a Certified Nutrition Coach. I LOVE her free videos on this blog about weight loss! They are so rad!

  • Martha Gesmundo

    As I was reading your comments about “change” and the fabulous metaphor of the Moso (tree?) it occurred to me that sometimes probably often for myself that we cannot or do not actually recognize the changes that are occurring and for any number of reasons i.e. we may be looking for a particular change and because of this limiting focus we cannot perceive actual changes that are slowly but surely evolving. anyway, thanks for that beautiful story of the Moso! how so true, how so true.

  • Brooke

    Has anyone taken this program for weight loss? My friend Sarah lost 10 pounds on this program, but I but just didn’t know if anyone else had ever heard of her? I love her video here: She’s very authentic!

  • Colon Cleanses

    Thanks for the information. I have used colon cleanse and got benefited It’s the best and safe way to loose weight.

  • Online Weight Loss

    What a cool analogy! I want to plant a bunch of these on the National Mall and have them shoot up all of a sudden when nobody expects it.

  • Online Weight Loss

    Or even better; if you need a fence in five years, just plant a bunch of these in a row.

  • Online Weight Loss

    Or plant a bunch of them right on top of each other…

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