Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Orange Bowl Diet: Lose 18 pounds

Our Lady of Weight Loss: Diet Tip - Use Small BowlsWhile perusing the headlines this morning – “Orange Bowl 2010 Score: No. 10 Iowa (10-2) vs. No. 9 Georgia Tech (11-2)” – “2010 Orange Bowl Half-time Show” – “Kool and the Gang Perform Orange Bowl” – my mind naturally drifted away from sports and toward orange bowls.
Small orange bowls! Pretty orange bowls! Unusual orange bowls! Which, inevitably brought me to today’s wowzer of a Diet Tip, sure to help you permanently remove up to 18 pounds!
Orange Bowl Diet Tip
Use Small Plates & Bowls: Portion control is a key to permanent fat removal a.k.a. weight loss. Studies show that if you shift from a 12-inch dinner plate to a 10-inch dinner plate, that you could lose up to 18 pounds in one year.
The same applies to bowls! Today’s “hot trends” from the Our Lady of Weight Loss Shop Till You Drop Chapter, Sally Russell’s Salad Bowls! Spectacular!
And for a bit of whimsy … check out of Kim Buchheit’s Felted Bowl Orange! This little orange wool and mohair bowl is another fabulous work of art! Sure to delight your soul and fill you up with happiness! Another sure way to lose weight!!!
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  • Julie Murdock

    Portion control for me has always been my downfall. I tried the diet plates and such, but the idea gets tired really fast. One thing I discovered last month that is totally cool and helped me with daily portion control is Flavor Magic. I can’t find it in stores, so I buy it online since they offer free shipping. I get it at I actually started using it for my husband and kids since it is so simple and tasty. I LOVE THEM. It’s really a nifty idea, and I recommend it if you like cooking at home but are struggling with eating right.

  • Weight Loss Coach Jon

    Portion control is a great way to manage your weight. One of the biggest factors in the rise of obesity is our portion control. Just look at the portions restaurants serve these days. Great article and great tips for people to follow.

  • Todd29

    Plates, not only when you eat out, but also at home have become so large. It is not necessary that you eat everything on your plate, and many times, just a taste is enough to satisfy you. The major reason so many people in America are overweight is because we eat too much for comfort! It does not hurt to treat ourselves with something special once in a while, what is necessary is that we limit our portions and do not overeat! It is also necessary to keep our body properly hydrated, so drink a full glass of water with each meal or snack. Being overweight ******, but after reading a book, I lost 85 pounds! Words can not express how good I feel! This is a comment which I recently received about the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps

  • martha

    Hi all you fellow transformees,
    I am currently eating two eggwhites with my oatmeal and banana for breakfast each and most every morning. What I have discovered is that
    when I add my unsalted seasonings to the water in the pan before I add the eggwhites I can have a variety of flavors for each meal instead of the ol’ same o same o. I am an indulgent artist type and so I thrive on this opportunity to select the spice/herb of the day to make that part of my breakfast interesting and much much more tasty than without. I do the same with my boneless, skinless chicken breast portions.
    Not to take away from Our Lady’s book business but if you are interested in a very smart and funny book about portion-control- consciousness-raising treat yourself to Alex Bogusky’s The 9-Inch “Diet”. I think you’ll enjoy his dry humor as he exposes the ingeneous ways we’ve been slowly but surely hoodwinked by the food business, government and yes, ourselves.

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