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It’s National Popcorn Day and rather than celebrating it by hitting the streets in search of a super-sized bucket or two of buttered caramel popcorn, this Weight Loss Artist ™® thought it the perfect opportunity to make a piece of Weight Loss Art™® !
A Weight Loss Artist™® is someone who makes art about food instead of eating it and, in the process, loses weight. I permanently removed over 50 pounds. (For the full skinny on how to permanently remove fat, keep your hands covered in glitter and make weight loss fun, be sure to pick up a copy of Our Lady of Weight Loss!!!)
Weight loss art is any form of art and/or craft that keeps your hands and mind busy creating rather than eating and, at the same time, the activity grounds you to your healthy lifestyle goals!
Certainly, a popcorn frame meets the criteria! Are you ready to pop some kernels and glue ’em, and not eat ’em?
Straight from the Our Lady of Weight Loss’ Craft Room
Pious Project: Popcorn Frame

glitter glue
frame (small is good, with a flat few inches to work on)
pop your popcorn
let it cool.
put glitter glue on the frame
place popcorn on top of glue artistically
Note: I use glitter glue because it’s colorful, fun and pretty. And when a piece of popcorn shifts and there’s a little bit of the frame showing through it – well … glitters!
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