Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Guilty? Suffering? Ready to let go?

Are you ready to let go of the suffering? Here’s some food for thought (calorie-free, fat-free, carb-free – no need to feel guilty-free) about guilt.
Guilt can overwhelm us and block the rest of our emotions. In other words, you can become so consumed with feeling guilty that you are unable to fully feel joyful or fully feel dreadful!
When you are feeling guilty, you may not be able to sort out your feelings, which can lead to impulsive decisions and behaviors.
Or!!!!! On the positive side of the coin, you could use your feelings of guilt as a motivator for change. You could become so uncomfortable with the discomfort it brings that you are willing to make positive or useful changes.
And that’s when Our Lady of Weight Loss comes into your picture.
Confess your dietary transgressions. Move on. You never again need to berate, beat up, dump on, dislike, criticize, be angry with, pass judgment on yourself ever again!
All Is Forgiven. Move On!
New Point of View: I no longer need to carry this guilt around with me. What a load off! I can send Our Lady of Weight Loss my guilty confessions and receive forgiveness from her, yes, but more importantly from myself. Woo Hoo!
Mantra: All Is Forgiven, Move On!
More Tasty Tidbits.
Emotional Eating: 3 Step Cure
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
Does your weight loss chart look like an EKG?
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  • Your Name

    When it comes to my eating,i am guilty!I ate too much of the buffet
    yeaterday,i even bring food home,but not for me though,they were leftovers and the brownies tastes so good my girls loved it!!lol.
    Of course,everyday is a brand new day,whether we like it or not,we have to forgive ourselves for over eating,we need to keep going on our weight loss quest,we need to think that the road is long and winding,rocky or not sunny,that road to weight loss IS just something
    that recommends a big heart to understand and know that there’s no bad road,all we need to do is expand our tolerance,expectant that taking all the actions needed to reach that 120 or 130 lbs weight is never HARD,ACTION is all i need,and a little help from my friends,NOTHING is not reachable,if we put our hearts in everything we do.Having a healthy heart and healthy mind,MISSION weight loss will be ACCCOMPLISHED.

  • Nancy Roberts

    I am guilty of several years of overeating. I have had a bit of nuts and chips that I really shouldn’t have today. I bought a natural peanut butter but it has some molasses in it! I can’t throw it out! So it goes. I have learned about my obsession with cooking and eating what tastes good. I am making slow progress. The way to the end of this diet and weight loss is through forgiving myself, too. I am so glad to have a person who understands how messed up I am!

  • Your Name

    I am clearly guilty of gluttony. My struggle is more than overeating…it is about total and complete excess of food. I am guilty of consuming more than my body requires and enjoying my meals very much. When eating, I am enjoying it…ALL OF IT! and I want more.
    It all turns sour when I huff and puff while walkingand going up stairs, struggle to get out of bed, and my body yells at me with discomfort…Also, it turns sour when I look in the mirror and see the results of the excess food and wine. It becomes disenheartening when my girth inceases as well as my clothing size.
    I am guilty of having a serious unhealthy love of food. My emotions are completly tied to this.
    I am guilty of berating myself over my weight gain. I need to release this deep guilt and begin to move forward to heal my body from the assault of excess comsumption.
    I know that alone, I will set myself up for failure. With others and support it is the way to let go of the guilt and recieve validation to press on and change to healthy new habits.

  • Your Name

    i am guilty of comparing myself to others– to be as thin as them, as cute as them, as “whatever” it is that they are that I think I need to be — I need to realize that I am a whole person, without comparison! I need to eat healthy, be healthy. for myself, for my family. I can do it. I know I can. Each day, baby steps to being healthy.

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