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Hey! How IS that January resolution working for you? I’m wondering if you’re still on the wagon, or if you’ve fallen off the wagon, and then gotten back on the wagon again?
Well, just in case you fell off and you’re feeling a bit bruised and discouraged and want some encouragement, I have put together some really small baby steps that you can take today that will get you moving again!
So … are you ready? To get moving? To jump back on that wagon? To commit to a healthier you? Here we go!
13 Small and Easy Steps that WILL Get YOU Back on the Wagon NOW!
1. Take a Short Walk. Even if it’s a five minute slow stroll around the block, get up and move your booty! Bundle up, if you have to. No excuses!!!
2. Whip up just one healthy recipe. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just healthy. Oatmeal will do!!
3. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. It does make a HUGE difference! There’s a reason every diet guru says have breakfast. Try a smoothie!
4. Drink your water. Your brain is 75% water. You don’t want your brain to dry out, do you? Try for 8 to 12 glasses a day. Make it Sassy Water!
5. If you BITE IT; you must WRITE IT. Start writing down what you eat (again). I promise you that you will not have to do this forever … just until you know what you are really ingesting!
6. Get Support. Be a Tushkateer! Join the Kick in the Tush Club!
7. Scissors and Glue. Get busy on your vision board. Cut and paste and psych yourself up or out?! Either way, include pictures of your goals and words that are meaningful to you!
8. Head to the health food section of your supermarket and stock up on healthy! If you don’t really know what healthy means, write me!
9. Do yard work. In your yard or your neighborhood garden! There’s nothing better than sticking your hands in the dirt to get grounded.
10. Listen to music. Music activates the same feel good center of the brain that food does. What are you favorite tuns? Please comment below, so I can listen too!
11. Eat fruits and veggies! They say that we should eat 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Imagine, just for today that you actually did just that! Wow, what an accomplishment.
12. Slow down and savor the flavor. I promise you, it makes all the difference. You will enjoy your food and eat much much less.
13. Crochet, sew, play cards, work on a jigsaw puzzle. Create some nighttime activity that keeps your hands busy. Did you know that Our Lady of Weight Loss posts a jigsaw puzzle (almost) every Sunday on her Beliefnet blog and in her Kick in the Tush Club e-newsletter?
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
Does your weight loss chart look like an EKG?
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