Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Food Addict?

Fat Suit.jpgIs it time to step up to the plate (so to speak), take an honest and courageous look at your life, and make a commitment to loving yourself? Are you ready to let go of belief systems and habits that no longer serve you? Are you ready to step into a healthier 2010?
Is your weight stopping you from moving forward? Might you be a food addict? Please take an honest look at the following questions and answer, ‘yes’ or ‘no.’
1. Do you find that you have no ‘stopping mechanism’ and even though you want to ‘stop’ eating, you can’t?
2. Are you obsessed with food? Think about food all the time? And your weight too?
3. Have you attempted one diet plan after another, with no lasting success?
4. Do you binge and/or purge?
5. Do you eat in secret? Are you a closet eater?
6. Are you an emotional eater? Do you use food to escape your feelings?
7. Do you eat even when you are not hungry?
8. Do you eat and then exercise excessively to burn it off?
9. Do you eat, and then feel shame or guilt for about the foods you’ve just eaten, and then beat yourself up for doing so?
10. Have you put your life on hold until you lose weight? Do you say, “When I lose weight, then I will _________?”
What do you think? Are you a food addict? And if yes, are you ready to do something about it now? If not now, when?
Since it all starts with our thoughts, here are
6 Steps Toward Healthy Thinking! A good start!
Step 1: The Truth. Keep it honest. When we tell the truth, we unleash the forces of positive change. Being in denial, coming up with excuses, rationalizations and untruths may feel like it’s working in the short run, but it comes with a great cost. It limits the possibility of change.
Step 2: Be Aware of Your Thoughts. The first step to being in control of your eating habit patterns is to begin to be aware of your thoughts and gain control of your mind. That’s right … you are controlling your mind. No one else!
Step 3: Commit. Commitment is about pledging, promising, taking a vow. It’s about being loyal, dedicated, having allegiance to and faith in oneself.
I never thought I’d be quoting football coaches, but as football legend Bill Parcell’s points out, “Commitment is about giving your all to every play. It’s about choosing the right path; not the easiest one.”
Step 4: Practice Awareness/Mindful Eating. Although many of us are intellectually aware of what ‘consciousness’ refers to, we have not yet made the leap that integrates this type of awareness into our own mouths! In order for ‘consciousness’ to permeate our lives, we need to experience it (as opposed to intellectualizing it).
Step 5: Seek Support. No man is an island unto himself. Ask for help from friends, family, and/or support groups! Join the Kick in the Tush Club!
Step 6: Motivate Daily. Zig Ziglar said it best, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Stand in front of the mirror each and every day and remind yourself that you can do it!
How will you move toward health in 2010?
For more New Year’s Resolutions!
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Spread the word … NOT the icing!
Does your weight loss chart look like an EKG?
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  • Grace

    I decide to lose weight and then it is like I forget to eat less or eat better. I really need #6. I need to post my motivations to remind me. I guess where I eat would be a good place. I work in a cubicle and nothing is personal, and I am a very private person. I don’t like being asked about something that I feel is personal. My weight is very personal to me. I really do not like to share my struggles. I do not like people reminding me of what I am supposed to be doing/eating. I would not be able to work with these people if they did that. A lot of people want to see you fail, and their reminders would only reinforce my bad eating habits. I don’t need that. I did get myself ready for the week this time. No more going back on my word to myself, I try to never go back on my word to others, as I am known for keeping my word. God Bless!

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