Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Blue Moon or Goal Moon Shines Bright on New Year’s Eve

Our Lady of Weight Loss' MoonPie.jpgA Blue Moon is that rare and magical time when the Full Moon appears twice in one month. A full moon occurs every 29.5 days. A Blue Moon occurs every 2.5 years. The last lunar double moon was in May 2007; and the next is August 31, 2012. Thus, the term “once in a blue moon.”
A Blue Moon, which by the way is not blue, is also known as a Goal Moon, indicating that it is a most excellent time to set goals for yourself!
Now, imagine the goal-setting power of a New Year’s Eve Blue Moon! This Blue Moon occurs every 19 years; the next won’t come again until December 31, 2028! I don’t know about you, but I am going to take full advantage of this phenomenon and set meaningful and doable goals!
Here are some goal setting guidelines that can help us to make the SMARTEST Smart-ass Goals, ever!
Be the SMARTEST Smart-ass ever!
S – Goals must be SPECIFIC and the more specific the better. State your goal in as exact of terms as possible.
M – Your goal should be MEASURABLE. Think about what will be the measurement of your goal. (It’s not always about pounds lost. Could be to stay away from candy bars today!)
A – Goals should have ACCOUNTABILITY. Who or what are you accountable to for your goal? Our Lady of Weight Loss, of course!
R – Goals must be REALISTIC. Unrealistic goals will lead you off the path of health and happiness and straight into destruction valley! Yikes.
T – Targets should be TIME based. What’s your time-table for completion, and stick to it. FYI, when it comes to Permanent Fat Removal, I generally advise that one’s goal be: I will eat healthfully and stay on plan for (period of time). This way, I’m not driven mad by the scale, knowing that if I am eating healthfully and on plan, the pounds will have to move out.
E – Goals should be EXCITING! Woo hoo EXCITING and you will meet them faster. So now add on a reward or an event or something that links your goal to excitement. Or just imagine what’s at the other side of the rainbow. Wow, that IS exciting.
S – If you STRETCH yourself ever-so-slightly, outside your comfort range, your brain will manufacture dopamine – a happy drug.
T- Is your goal in alignment with your TRUTH, your authentic self? Sometimes we make goals to make other people happy. Remember, this is for you and you alone!
Oh, now for SMART-ASS goals!
I was telling my husband about my SMARTEST Goals.
And he said, “How about Smart-ass goals. If you are the SMARTEST, then you can be a SMART-ASS.”
I said, “Be serious.” To which he responded, “I am serious.”
“Then what does the A-S-S stand for?”
“AUTHENTIC * SASSY * SATISFIED (and Satisfying!)”
So – if you want to be a SMART-ASS, be the SMARTEST!
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  • John Rife

    Janice I am up early while my wife and baby sleep working on doing some goal setting for 2010. Your article was the first I looked at for advice and boy and I glad that I did. I had no idea what an auspicious day it was to write down some goals. I didn’t even know what a blue moon what – LOL. Anyhow I plan on taking full advantage of this day and thank you for your SMARTASS assistance. Cheers and best wishes for you and your endeavors in the new year.

  • Holy

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