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Fat Suit.jpgI tuned into “The Biggest Loser” last night just in time to watch the final four run their self-made marathon. I would have preferred that they ran the New York City Marathon! Why didn’t they? Wouldn’t it have been way more exciting? The energy of it all! The crowd, the cheers. And wouldn’t it have been great publicity for the show? Not to mention a fun opportunity for me to take my camera and ‘walk, amble, ramble and stroll’ on over to the 22nd mile marker and click a photo or two.
True enough. I would have moseyed on over. Even though I found it amazing that Danny, Liz, Amanda, and Rudy could run 26 miles, I’m not about to do it.
Which leads me to my big question of the day. How inspired are you by The Biggest Loser to change your ‘evil’ ways? Are you ready to go full out and let go of the fried chicken legs in favor of the baked, skinless version? Are you ready to top off your baked potato with Greek yogurt?
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