Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Biggest Loser Finale

Fat Suit.jpgI tuned into “The Biggest Loser” last night just in time to watch the final four run their self-made marathon. I would have preferred that they ran the New York City Marathon! Why didn’t they? Wouldn’t it have been way more exciting? The energy of it all! The crowd, the cheers. And wouldn’t it have been great publicity for the show? Not to mention a fun opportunity for me to take my camera and ‘walk, amble, ramble and stroll’ on over to the 22nd mile marker and click a photo or two.
True enough. I would have moseyed on over. Even though I found it amazing that Danny, Liz, Amanda, and Rudy could run 26 miles, I’m not about to do it.
Which leads me to my big question of the day. How inspired are you by The Biggest Loser to change your ‘evil’ ways? Are you ready to go full out and let go of the fried chicken legs in favor of the baked, skinless version? Are you ready to top off your baked potato with Greek yogurt?
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  • Jordan Foote

    The Biggest Loser has been inspiring to me to keep going in my weight loss. I had already made the decision to drop the weight, joined a competition at work and then used the Biggest Loser as a weekly motivation and tip center. Now after last night, I did make the commitment to run at least a half marathon, Colorado Half Marathon next May here I come.

  • http://how2loseweightquicklyandsafely.blogspot.com/ Adam

    loser or not I feel the need to shed a few pounds

  • Chicken Underwear

    I ran the NYC Marathon this year and so did Tara from last season.
    While the final 4 did finish a 26.2 mile marathon on the show last night, the NYC Marathon is an ATHLETIC COMPETITION. The Biggest Loser is a SHOW. They would have gotten in our way. It would not have been fair to the 45,000 people who were running a race.

  • http://www.chickenunderwear.com Chicken Underwear

    Also I don’t know how healthy it is to go from obese to slim in a TV season. That is not a healthy lifestyle.

  • Your Name

    In my opinion, sometimes obese people need some encouragement to lose weight. The Biggest Loser is about that, the show dedicates itself to teach one how to lose the weight. You have to work hard at it on a daily basis. Its not easy just being overweight, in some cases people are born that way, in other’s, people are born thin. It urks me sometimes to think that thin people don’t have a clue what overweight people go through to lose the weight. Even almost to lose their lives over it. If insurance companies would at least pay for half of any Bariatric surgeries, the world would be much healthier. It has to be a commitment daily, but some people don’t know how to go about it. I myself, turned in a video to the show when it first came on, but was never called. I also have e-mailed the Oprah show. I even tried to get my insurance company to cover the cost of a Lap-band procedure, but its exlcluded from the policy. Overweight people struggle on a daily basis.
    You hardly EVER see a show about being Bulemic or Anorexic. I imagine they struggle daily too. We just have to keep positive, & keep going on.

  • Karen L

    I do think the Biggest Loser show is motivating. Seeing that those people work hard every day, making healthy food choices reminds me that I can choose to do it too.
    That said, their choices will be seen by thousands of people. It’s a little more difficult when it’s just you who sees the choices you make–much easier to fall into old habits.
    Any tv show, email, blog, communication that pops into our lives every so often telling us about being healthy is a good thing.

  • http://johnjosefson.blogspot.com/ weight loss

    I too agree tht people need some encouragement to lose weight.

  • oakborn

    I started on Jan 1st 2008 with the goal of losing my excess weight (60-65 lbs) and managed to shed it through eating right and exercise in 8 months.
    The BL was one of my motivations, along with a long list of things that led to my “Perfect Storm”. I still love to treadmill while watching it. I see the contestants working hard and learning a new lifestyle and am reminded of why I am continuing to exercise.
    It’s not realistic for most people, but I believe the show to overall be a positive thing in the relatively bleak TV landscape.

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