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The Holiday Diet:  how to wake up thinner on New Year's Day from Our Lady of Weight Loss
If you want to slim down while you laugh it up, you’ve just got to tune into my yesterday’s interview on VividLife Radio. A full hour of the best weight loss and wellness wisdom ever, peppered with laughs, giggles and chortles.
One of the best of the gleeful chuckles occurred when we were talking about my infamous and most popular Beliefnet special gallery post “What’s Your Stay Fat Strategy?”
Sometimes, people have to see the picture of failure before they can be motivated toward success!
Tongue-in-cheek style, today, Our Lady of Weight Loss and Janice Taylor (that’s me) give to you …
“10 Stay Fat Holiday Diet Tips”
that are guaranteed to help you succeed in NOT losing weight!!!
1. GO HUNGRY! Studies show that we eat faster and more when we are hungry, so if you’ve got a party or an event to go to, go hungry!
2. SUPER-SIZE! The bigger your portion, the better. Seriously folks, this could be your last supper!
3. EAT FAST! It takes twenty minutes for the brain and the stomach to communicate with each other, sending the “I am Full” signal. Those first twenty minutes are prime eating time. Take advantage of them.
4. STAND! There’s no point in sitting down and eating like a ‘lady’ or ‘gentleman.’ Whether you are standing, walking, running or sitting, it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep on eating!
5. DO THE HALF THING! Eat Half of the Pie. Half of the Turkey. Half of the Ham. Half of the Stuffing Casserole. Save the other half for later!
6. DRINK! Alcohol is known to lower one’s inhibitions. So drink, loosen up, and have yourself a ball!
7. THE FORK TRICK! Instead of dipping the fork in the salad dressing and then into the salad, load your fork with a nice hefty couple of pieces of lettuce and then dip it in the dressing until it is drenched in heavy oil!
8. COVET thy neighbor’s food. Always check out your friends’ and neighbor’s plates. See what they are eating and need be, pick off their plates!
9. ANYTHING CHOCOLATE! Chocolate can act as a mood booster. Happy, Happy, Happy!
10. LEFTOVERS! Makes sure that you save some of the leftovers for a late night snack. You definitely want to end your happy stay fat evening on a fat note!
What are some of your STAY FAT this HOLIDAY DIET TIPS? Share, please!
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