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Our Lady of Weight Loss

Kirstie Alley, Fat Actress: Will she “lose it” and “find it” again?

Kirstie Alley, Fat Actress
Kirstie Alley, Fat Actress, is set to ‘star’ in a new reality show that will document her “struggle” to shed pounds. Fox News reports that the series “will trail the 58-year-old star as she “labours” to restore her curves while raising two teenagers in Hollywood.” The yet-to-be-named show will consist of 10 half-hour episodes to debut on A&E sometime in 2010.
As you may remember, Alley, a yo-yo dieter, famously lost and found 75 pounds as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig – reportedly going from 145 lbs. to 228 lbs.
While I am sure that the show will be wildly entertaining and wacky (in the best possible way), and while I am sure that Kirstie will lose the weight … the question remains????
When the lights go dark, when the episodes are in the can, when Kirstie ‘loses’ those 75 plus pounds, will she ‘find’ them again?
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  • Baltimore Weight Loss

    What an inspiring story! I imagine many of my clients would benefit from checking it out.

  • stephen

    Hi, thanks for the great article, I would still say that the 58 year old actress has many fans just the way she looks (fat). It is an inspiring story.
    r4 card

  • Caroline

    I feel very sad for her when I learned that she had regained all of her previous weight. Weight loss is an ongoing struggle for many people, including myself. I do have to admit that when she lost the 75 pounds through Jenny Craig, my mother and I were inspired to join Jenny Craig, too. I do hope she finds a program that works best for her and her lifestyle.

  • jesinrhineland

    It is clear that Kirstie’s problem is not fat but addictive behavior. She managed to overcome her substance abuse problems, yet transferred these behavioral patterns to food. My hope is that she overcomes these behaviors and finds wholeness.

  • Your Name

    You know, that’s the problem with Hollywood. She’s 58 years old. She already has kids. There is absolutely no reason for her to worry about “curves” or attractiveness or men ever again. But the “sexy” culture is putting pressure of women who traditionally should be thinking of just being a “healthy” weight to feel they should be “curvy” or “sexy”. Shame on the media!
    I think she would do well to lose an amount that makes her healthier, but is liveable–say, lose 40 to 50 pounds rather than 75. I believe part of the reason for the rebound is that she was trying to maintain an unnaturally svelte body for her…
    I do wish her luck though–but she should be concerned with health more than “curves” at her age.

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    I think that she will do well, the whole world is watching. How couldn’t you do well? Well I know if I knew the whole wide world was watching that would certainly motivate me to lose the weight that I needed to lose??? If I had a trainer and people around me everyday helping. I think that would make my weightloss alot more healthier and better. I have 3 growing son’s 22,19, & 16 yrs of age to cook for daily. They are trying to eat healthy and I just keep getting bored with chicken and I am not motivated as they are. Just one son is finicky eater. So mostly the menu evolves around him. I know it would take alot of work but I am just not able to do all that I would like too. I have a very low income and don’t have a steady income to know exactly what I can eat and buy every month. Which makes it harder for me. I am trying anyways, maybe It will work out, this time????

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