Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

9/11: Why Does God Allow Suffering?

On a day such as this one – September 11 – people often wonder: Why does God allow suffering?
The Late Bishop H.G. Paulose Mar Gregorios, was asked by a student, following a speech he gave on December 29, 1987 during the MGOCSM Annual Conference, “Why should God who is goodness and love, allow all distress, sufferings, hunger, famine, nakedness, wickedness and peril in this world?”
The bishop replied. (A piece of what he said.)
“I cannot give a definite and satisfying answer. But I surmise as follows.
“God created the Universe and everything including man. It is moving towards Heaven, its final Goal of perfection and of being with God.
“It is like a massive Symphony Orchestra. The 6000 million players and what is there in the Universe as animate and inanimate things with their different instruments (features or personalities or character) are playing on the stage to the tunes and signs of the creator-conductor.
“The sounds produced from the bowed, wood, wind, brass, and percussion instruments of all kinds are there. Some are shrill. Some bass, some barking, some cooing, some hooting, some loud, some very low and so on. They are pop, jazz or rock. Each one separately may be disgusting, distasteful, nauseating and others unappreciable. But together they form the most celestial music. It is the music of the Universe: music of the conductor: God.
“After each session the orchestra makes the music more and more better and move to perfection.
“Similarly man and the Universe after each performance or moment of existence move towards its perfection, which is its end. This end is the life with God in Heaven.
In this orchestra all kinds of instruments of tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, wickedness, adultery are all necessary just as much as their opposites. Darkness and light are both creations of God. Without darkness we cannot know what is light. Evil is necessary to know what is good.
“I bring both blessings and disaster” Isaiah 45:7. So hard things and sufferings are also from God. See John 4:6,7. God created a leafy plant over Jona’s head to protect him. But he also created a worm to eat it away.
“God is love. God is good. God created everything in this world. Everything he created is good. The good people and saints are as much needed as the wicked and the bad. For Him all these are necessary to move his much loved sons to perfection. For Him none of these are bad. Jesus does not condemn even the woman caught in adultery. John 8:11. Each one of his creations has a role to play in the orchestra.
“All the wickedness and sufferings are created as challenges to man to overcome them. All of us perceive, understand and try to solve all these sufferings and wickedness and thus by step-by-step move forward in our march to perfection. So whatever we find as bad around us is our hurdle and stepping-stone to heaven for those who want to go there. And God wants everyone to be there.”
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  • nin

    God did not create pain and suffering. Do you really think that all the junk that is in the world is the best that God can create. If you are a parent , are you going to purposely place your baby in a crib filled with vipers? Of course not.
    This world is not the original creation of God. We are not the best that he can create. Jesus Christ is the best that he can create.
    We are flawed humans that through our flawed choices throughout history have created all the junk that we deal with in life. If God was to remove all that junk, life with free choice would not exist. So right now, what do you want? free choice in this flawed world, or heaven? I’m afraid that for now we are stuck with the junk. Right now, we don’t know how to have heaven and freedom together.
    That’s for the next life.
    God bless you with wisdom and love.

  • james curtis

    we create all of the suffering by not doing what we should be doing. God is here to forgive us, love us, and give us the strength to deal with human creation.

  • Pam

    “We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” 1 John 5:19. Jehovah created Adam and Eve, without sin. Satan was one of his angels who turned bad, and in turn, was “cast down to earth” with other angels who followed him. Once Adam & Eve sinned, Jehovah’s plan changed for us, which is why He sent His son, Jesus, to die for us to have another chance at everlasting life. Jehovah can, and has, intervened during times of trouble. I think we all can think of a time when you know if it were not for Jehovah’s grace, you would not be here right now!! Jehovah is good and, I believe, is so displeased with the state of the people in His world right now. Satan’s days are numbered, and he knows that. This is why he is running rampant now and trying to bring as many people to his side as possible. We can all take refuge in knowing that Jehovah will have the final say and He will not allow Satan and his followers to destroy His earth. Joy is the day when all the suffering is over and we can live in the “paradise” Jehovah intended for us.

  • i_am_what_i_am

    god doesnt create darkness and light. those are the opposites
    that the ego enjoys and suffers from. only the human ego suffers.
    god is utter stillness which has no opposite, such as suffering.
    satan is the human ego. it’s in all of us. live in the
    present moment. there is where god is…stillness. so long
    as you are trapped in past regret and future angst, you are
    living in hell. when you die, you have returned back to the
    stillness of all that there is…oneness with all. you can
    achieve heaven now by living in the now. god is now. satan is
    yesterday and tomorrow’s dwelling. choose now and you will dwell
    in heaven every moment.

  • kaylo

    I believe,but i just don’t know what I believe in. I just can’t seem to GET IT! Does that even make any sense? What am I doing here? What are any of us doing here? What is all of this about anyway? There has to be more to life than what it is right now, but how do I go about finding out? Im lost and confused and somewhat just numb at times. Am I going to have to wait till the end before I can truly understand?

  • Renee Drew

    God has allowed us free will, and like any parent, shakes His head when his children make bad choices. He always loves us, even when He doesn’t like some of our decisions. He knows the consequences we will have to endure, and waits for us to learn from our negative decisions. I believe God allows suffering so that we will draw closer to Him. No matter what we do or have to deal with, His grace will sustain us.

  • Your Name

    Dear Kaylo,
    I have similar queries like you, but there is no answer to this. Nothing can be proved scientifically. Even if one realises it within himself, he cannot explain it to others.

  • churchmouse

    I agree with you Renee that God allows, (does not cause) suffering so that we may be drawn closer to Him. Much of the suffering we experience in life comes from the decisions we make. We have no one to blame but ourselves.
    This question reminds me of Job. He lost his children, his wealth, but his faith did not diminish even though he did not understand why the trials were happening.
    There is a mystery to the tragedies in our lives and we may never know the reasons behind why they happened until we die. Gods plan for each of our lives is perfect.
    Many people however blame God for the evil in the world. Satan is the author of sin and it is the reason for the earths hardships and suffering. When we sin we rebel against God and because of this we suffer.
    Suffering can be lifechanging for the one suffering and the ones watching. It can have a way of uniting people. Isaac’s twin sons, Jacob and Esau come to mind. They had been fighting but when their father died they came together. When I lost my dad last month, people who were also suffering came to my side to help me grieve. They had lost loved ones and could understand how I felt. I know people with cancer who have formed support groups and have come together to help each other cope with various illnessess.
    The Word says we should glorify God in our suffering so that others might see the faith and hope and oneness we have with Christ.
    WE should be reminded of the suffering that Christ went through for us. Whatever suffering that we might be going through is pale in comparison to what happened on the cross.
    I know that when I suffer I turn to God more and when things are going fine, I neglect sometimes to do the things I should be doing, daily prayer etc.
    We should thank God for everything we experience.

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