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KICKOL-LOGO.jpgAll of us have experienced things in our lives that have hurt us, made us feel ‘less than,’ circumstances that have left us feeling and playing the ‘victim.’ Some of us have in childhood suffered terrible losses, or were physically or emotionally abused, or teased by fellow classmates. The list is long.
Here, today, we are adults and while so much could have and did happen in the past, I am wondering, if on some level, you are still feeling or acting from the ‘victim’ place. How might this behavior be holding you back? Are you living life small? In a large body?
You might be operating from ‘food victim mode’ if:
You think you ‘deserve’ ice cream sundaes, cakes and cookies, because you had a hard day. (Think again!)
You take what happened to you in the past, drag it into the future and keep using it as an excuse over and over again. “I can’t do this, because I was ______________.”
Sound familiar?
If you want to move from living the life of a ‘food victim’ to living the life of a ‘weight loss warrior,’ then follow these 5 easy steps!
5 Quick Steps: Food Victim to Weight Loss Warrior
Here, today, look at your life and list everything you have to be grateful for. Warriors see their glass at least half full!
Here, today, fully ingest that you are a survivor. It took a great deal of resourcefulness and determination to have made it through the obstacles that have been thrown in your path! Name your inner-resources. Warriors acknowledge their strengths!
Here, today, stop for a moment. Take in a deep breath, and in your mind’s eye, gather up your resources and all that you are grateful for and fold it into your day. Warriors live in the moment.
Step 4. What Do You WANT?
Here, today, ask yourself, “What do I want?” Make a list of all that you want. Let it flow. Warriors claim what’s theirs!
Step 5. Visualize!
Here, today, in your mind’s eye see your future. See yourself moving, smiling, healthy, happy, energized. See yourself fully actualized. Let go of the victim and be the warrior that you are! Warriors move toward their compelling futures. They are not weighed down by their past.
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