Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss


The Biggest Loser kicked off their new season last night. The ‘big’ news is Shay who weighs-in at 476 pounds. Biggest-Loser ever? Or just the Biggest ever? Who knows. But for those who watch, know this. Jillian and Bob have their work cut out for them. There will be no teams; people will compete mano a mano – although they will eventually be teamed up with strangers. How will that play out? Jillian and Bob are not competing either. Hmmmm … dullest ever?
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  • http://www.queenjawjaw.com Georgia

    You have to watch J and B play to the cameras…J is not very good at disguising that she’s acting it out big time. Why do they have to use profanity? Do they think they will look more dramatic? It disgust me but I LOVE the show.
    I’m loving that these peeps are getting the help they need to save their lives, literally, but I just wish they could loose, along with the weight, the crying jags. Usually it isn’t until week 3 or 4 that we start seeing those. Now it’s on the first show?
    I don’t think this will be dull, but I do think it will be trying for the viewers…to say the least.

  • Nancy

    I am excited about Season 8. A comment was made about all the crying, but honestly at 476 pounds, I know Shay is in physical pain trying to exercise, and I know that she is in emotional pain from the shame and depression. At my highest weight, 278 lbs., I certainly felt the same way. Now, 70 lbs., lighter and still losing, I have much more stamina and determination. Give her some time and see how great she feels and acts.
    I also would like to see the profanity. I love Jillian and Bob, but the words they use are very offensive to those viewers like myself who don’t use profanity and find it offensive.

  • Nancy

    Sorry, I meant to say, “I would like to see the profanity STOPPED”!

  • http://www.queenjawjaw.com Georgia

    NANCY! Way to go, girl! 70 pounds lighter? WUHOOOO! Give yourself a pat on the back. I’ve only dropped 32 and thought that was the best of the best, but you have become my new inspiration! I would love to swap some recipes with you if you are ever so inclined. Janice has my email.
    Good luck to you in maintaining…or losing, or whatever you continue to do!

  • http://blog.beliefnet.com/ourladyofweightloss Janice Taylor, Editor

    Hi Nancy,
    Georgia wrote me … “One of your readers left a comment on the Biggest Loser write up you did on the blog. Her name was Nancy…and she’s lost 70 lbs. I would LOVE to correspond with her via email and swap recipes and “how we did it” type stories. Do you think she would even want to? I’m currently at a loss of 32 pounds, but Emailing other people would certainly be fun and give me courage to continue, as well. Do you think she would want to? If so, could you ask her? If she does, could you also give her my email address, gjawjaw1@bellsouth.net
    If you’d like to correspond w. her, please do! If not, no problem! thanks, Nancy.

  • LORI

    Does anyone know how quickly NBC posts Biggest Loser full episodes on their website? Thanks for the info, my recorder didn’t work last night. :O(

  • http://www.healthinlife.com/why-protein/ Why Protein

    This post sounds great and very informative.

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