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Senator Ted Kennedy: Tremendous Humanity

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Maeve Hickey, photographer for the “America In Ireland” project, was kind enough to share one of her photos of Senator Edward Kennedy with us and her remembrances of this most historic photo shoot.
“This photo, in which Senator Edward Kennedy’s tremendous humanity is so evident, was taken on a blistering summer morning in Washington two years ago.
“Our meeting was without doubt the high point in a fascinating photo project – “America in Ireland,” which explored the multifaceted manifestations of America, its people and culture, in Ireland.
“The project brought me into the presence of remarkable and sometimes surprising places and people. Among the latter were the dancers Michael Flatley and Jean Butler, the novelist JP Donleavy, two Choctaw Indians who come every year to the wilds of County Mayo to commemorate the Irish Famine, and, of course, Senator Kennedy.
“I met the Senator in his Washington office and was touched by his warmth and generosity, and moved by his genuine dedication – a dedication that was going to keep him on the floor of the senate that night for a filibuster!
“He offered to sit for his portrait at his desk alongside his brother’s presidential flag and the flag of Ireland and again on the sofa, the wall behind him a mosaic of poignant family and national memories, including portraits of his lost brothers and nephew.” ~ Maeve Hickey
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  • churchmouse

    Where was the humanity he showed babies in the womb?
    He was pro-abortion and believed every woman had the right to kill her baby.
    He was a hypocrite.

  • Becky Stone

    People are pro-choice, not pro-abortion. It’s not a government matter; it’s a personal choice. And, at the end of the day, it saves lives. The mother’s life.

  • churchmouse

    Becky what on earth are you talking about?
    You say abortion saves lives? Nonesense. Go to Guttmaucher site and look at the stats on abortion and why women get them. The vast majority get them for social reasons. Less than 1% get them because of any health issue. Most the time both baby and mother can be saved.
    Abortion is killing. Our government says that if you want to kill your baby you can, as long as you hire it done. If you do it yourself then of course you are killing a human being. The abortionists need to make money in this killing business so the government backs this act. Take Tiller for example, he was a very wealthy man who made his money with blood on his hands.
    Kennedy condones this practice. He also condones every policy Obama had on abortion, even giving money abroad to help other women kill.
    Abortion does not saves lives, it helps women get out of situations they dont want to be in. For the girl who wants to finish college, for the woman with to many children, for the woman who simply can’t afford a child, for the woman who jumped into the sack for fun and accidently got pregnant…killing the unborn is the solution.
    Abortion is the only surgical procedure that is done to kill. And the abortionists job is not done until that baby is dead. Should an abortionist botch an abortion (and this happens all the time you just never hear about it because cases are settled quickly and out of court) Obama and Kennedy voted against saving the baby.
    I will tell you something Kennedy did have and that was vanity. He lived off of a family name and milked it for all it was worth.
    Humanity? Where was his humanity when he left the scene of an accident that killed a young woman? Paid off her family and after time prayed people would forget….you know he is a Kennedy. And we should make exceptions for them, right?
    Where was his humanity in his daily prayers for those he condoned to be dismembered alive in the womb?
    Just how will he justify his actions to God?
    He helped to put a bullseye on every baby in the womb. He like the rest of those who are pro-choice and vote as such have blood on their hands.

  • Your Name

    The Kennedy family came into national prominence when I was a teenager, and I lived through the deaths of Jack and Bobby, and sadly the death of JFK Jr. On the one hand they were rough and rowdy folks, did a lot of womanizing and drinking, and engaged in risky behavior. But the one thing that they did for me personally is that they inspired me to be a better person, to give of myself to those less fortunate. Who can argue with the Peace Corp. or Special Olympics? As glamorous and charismatic as they were, they still had time and energy to add their luster to the handicapped and the impoverished. They gave dignity and love to those causes, and helped us open our hearts.

  • Weight Loss Motivation Tips

    Maeve is blessed to have had the opportunity to have met such a wonderful man in person.
    As someone above has said he inspired a lot of people and he will be sadly missed by thousands.

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