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My sources tell me that according to Star magazine Kate Gosselin was offered $400,000 to pose for Playboy. It got my mind to spinning naked thoughts and wondering, if Hugh called me, would I say “yes?” How confident do I feel about my body? How confident do you feel about your body? Is $400,000 enough?
Even though I permanently removed over 50 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size 4 (or six, depending on cut – I like to keep it honest); even though I look kick tush in skinny jeans (if I say so myself); even though I appreciate my body and all it does for me; even though my body is the epi-center of my life, from which I experience my thoughts, feelings, physical sensations; even though I sure could use an extra $400,000 (remember though, you’d have to pay taxes on that money and lawyer’s fees, etc.) …
Let’s get real. $400,000 wouldn’t do it for me. Getting naked for the world would give me a headache. I’m not that secure…
Unless, of course, my contract included lots of airbrushing, final approval, and royalties!
And You? Would you pose for $400,000? How much would it take for you to get naked? Comment below and Pass it forward!
As for Kate, she declined. She was reported to be “mortified.” She didn’t think it appropriate because of the children.
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