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Emmy Winners: 30 Rock Star Alec Baldwin named ‘fat’ actor

While thumbing through this morning’s posts about last night’s Emmy Winners, I was surprised to read that Reuters characterized Alec Baldwin as “the portly actor” and Rob Lowe as the “svelte” actor.
Can you imagine if they’d described any female actors by their body type? Is there a double standard here? Was it ‘wrong’ or ‘mean’ to call Alec ‘portly?’ If yes, do I need to defend him? Does he need the help of Our Lady of Weight Loss?
Alec, if you are reading this, are you truly upset??? You said you’d trade your Emmy to look like Rob? Come on!? Really? If you are in need of weight loss coaching, give me a ring!
Here follows the Reuters wrap-up and ‘size’ comparison: Alec Baldwin vs. Rob Lowe
“5:50 P.M. BEST COMEDY ACTOR: ALEC BALDWIN (“30 ROCK”), for the second year. He dedicates his award to the show’s producer, Lorne Michaels — “the greatest boss you could ever have.” The award was presented to the portly actor by the svelte Rob Lowe. “To be honest, I’d trade this to look like him,” he says. Baldwin’s co-star Jane Krakowski struggles to hold back tears.”
For the full skinny, go the Emmy Winners go to Reuters.
Celebrity Weight:
Whoopi Goldberg weighs in: 174 pounds.
Kirstie Alley: Stuck in a fat suit?
Kathy Ireland: Overweight. Overwhelmed
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  • Mary Perry

    September 21, 2009 12:52 PM
    There has always been one thing that I dislike. I can’t understand why people are so quick to judge another person. It’s always the negative they see instead of the positive. No one has the right to judge another person. Seems to be the nature of us as human beings.
    I have a dog named Happy and that’s just who he is. He loves everyone
    and does not see size, color ect.. Happy is sweet and loving animal.
    I even think I should be more like him. No one is guilt free from seeing the negative. I for one have judged others. I am not happy about it. Just this article has made me realize who I don’t want to be in the future. Alec Baldwin, I see smart, sweet, handsome man.. Who is he really? He is just like us doing his job and making the best of who he is. In ending if we look at ourselves who are we? How do we want to be seen. We have a choice to judge, or to love and try to see the best in everyone. Would you want to be seen and judged or compaired to others.

  • Your Name

    I too am guilty of judging a person on thier looks, usually that person is me! I am so self consious about my size that I am constantly knocking myself! I have had a few life chaning events happen to me recently, one being I am now a widow. I finally realized that unless I want to spend the second part of my life alone that I have to change both my physical for my health and my emotional for my sanity in order to go forward and be happy. The one problem I have trouble getting past is my fear of meeting someone I really like only to be passed by because of my weight! The society we live in now is caught up with SIZE!we cant all be super models! We BIG BOTTOM GIRLS wanna have fun too and be loved for ourself!!

  • http://Tamikkarochelle.wordpress.com Tamikka

    Funny thing: weight didn’t even cross my mind when I heard Alec share that comment. I assumed he was only speaking of Rob’s face. Rob is much shorter than Alec and looked “skinny” to me. I figured the statement only lent itself to one aspect of appearance as I figure a man doesn’t want to be “short & skinny”. ;)

  • George

    Thanks was pleasant to read, nice blog

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