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Carol Osborn’s book “The Year I Saved My (downsized) Soul” hit my desk two days ago, and I read it! That in it of itself says a lot. Because I am a featured blogger at Beliefnet (yahoo) and columnist for a variety of sites, and editor of my very own beloved newsletter, “Kick in the Tush Club,” publishers and authors often send me books.
The hard truth of the matter is that while I would love to curl up with a yummy book on my fabulously comfy sofa and read, I am simply too happily busy, either working with my coaching clients, writing or carving out a slice of time in my day to walk, breathe, meditate and connect with family and friends! Oh, geeze, I forgot to eat healthy food! You get the picture, don’t you?! The fact that I picked up and curled up into a contented little ball and read the book in two sittings speaks volumes!
The Year I Saved My (downsized) Soul is about Carol’s tumultuous journey through recessionary times, and tells the tale of how she struggled to make sense of both personal and societal tribulation. In other words, she got ‘pinked.’ Lost her job and was sent into the abyss.
Even though I was not hit by these recessionary times in the same way that Carol was – no pink slip, although I remain spinning from 401K failure – I voluntarily left the corporate world six years ago and purposefully reinvented and transformed every inch of my being, I related to Carol’s paralyzing fear and confusion, and I found that as I was devouring the pages, I audibly yelled out, “Me, too, Carol – me, too!” too many times to count.
As Carol’s story came to a close, I clapped – for Carol, for me, and for all who take a leap of faith and jump into the pool of life without checking to see if there is any water in it and are left standing … on both feet!
9 Reasons to Clap: How Carol Osborn’s new book “The Year I Saved My (downsized) Soul” brought me to feet!
1. Carol is my new BFF. I don’t know Carol, I’ve not met her, I’ve not communicated with her via email or phone or in any way, and yet she is now my best friend forever. What a joyous read. Carol was talking with me. It felt like a heart-felt breezy conversation. Carol invited me in, opened-up her soul and shared her truth, which reflected my own.
2. Life is a circuitous journey. Life is not as one may think it is a vertical climb; it is in fact a circuitous journey. I for one have never done things in the order in which I was supposed to. There have been times when that ‘bothered’ me, but no more. Carol, I’m ready to loop the loop with you, any time!
3. Don’t hang your hopes on others. Oh my, how I wish someone would ‘save me’ (or at least read and explain the freakin’ manual to my new recording device.) Carol wished that as well (not the recording device part), but at the end of the day she learned that even when it looks like other people are going to save you, they either can’t or don’t. The best strategy is to “turn away from helplessness and take matters into their own hands.” More empowering approach, for sure!
4. The death grip. The person who wins is the one who is willing to ‘let it go.’ Trust in the fact that more opportunities and possibilities will present themselves. The ‘death grip’ will only narrow your focus and limit your vision.
5. Resources aplenty. Each and every one of us is overflowing with resources, from resiliency and resourcefulness to our ability to laugh and love. Good to remember!
6. Clear space for the new. Let go of your past, your stories, your piles of paper and closets full of clothes that no longer ‘fit’ your life and you will miraculously create space for your new self to emerge.
7. Relax into an expanded vision. Now that you have ‘let go’ and cleared your space, you can take in a deep cleansing breath and simply “relax into an expanded vision.” When we are worried, confused, and ‘tightened up,” our focus narrows. When we take in deep breaths, let it go, and relax, our focus expands. It’s that simple!
8. Short books are simply delicious. Carol’s book is 135 pages short. Okay, I admit it. I love it when you serve it up straight, without filler.
9. Large type rocks. The print in Carol’s book is large enough. It’s not a ‘large print book’ but it’s not tiny print, either. I hate tiny print. I love large enough print.
I am willing to bet that Carol will touch you, too, in similar ways and in different ways. I can’t wait to hear how your conversation with my BFF Carol!
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