Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Whoopi Goldberg weighs in at 174.

Yay! Whoopie!!! I happened to switch on The View this morning, just at the right moment. The ‘girls’ were talking about an ‘obese’ couple who wanted to adopt but were turned down by the adoption agency because they were too fat! The man, as I remember, had a BMI of 42, and 40 was their limit.
Anyway, as you can imagine, a heated conversation ensued and Whoopi said that it’s just a number and she doesn’t have a problem saying what her number is … “174 pounds!”
No one else, from Joy Behar to the Male Producer on the set would toss their number out to the crowd.
How crazed are you about your weight?
The number of the scale?
What’s your weight?
If you want to ‘leave it’ in the comment box below, feel free to do so! Anonymously?
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  • roni

    I started on June 1st at 240 and I am down to 212 thanks to Spark People!

  • Katt

    I was 270 last November I’m down to 236 now and still shrinking!

  • Becky Stone

    137 … now that I’m just looking at the #, it doesn’t seem so bad.
    I can deal.

  • Renee Drew

    Three years ago, at a doctor visit, I was 196. This morning I am 172, due to two simple exercises. One came from OLWL; climbing back on the wagon when I fall off. The other is pushing my butt away from the table when I’m full. OLWL’s encouragement helps me to no longer be a member of the “clean plate club.”

  • Teresa L Walker

    Four years ago I weighted 150, My weight has increased to 205, I am 47 years old, I have never been this heavy, I need all the encouragement I can get.

  • Your Name

    Trying to get back to 128…then I have a little room to “play”. Now 131 3/4. not too much farther.

  • Rosa

    I am 230, sixty pounds more than my “ideal” weight, and I have to say that I love every pound!

  • Brenda

    I had the Lapband surgery on March 31. I am now 253, down 56 pounds. I am no longer embarrassed to say what I weigh.

  • Your Name

    Close to 550… and it’s killing me…

  • Julia

    I openly tell people what I weigh (234) because I figure they can see for themselves I am not under 200 pounds—-there is no point in lying and sometimes facing the facts can help motivate change.

  • Dee

    I weight 285 pounds. I lost 15 pounds in 14 days by eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I’m certainly not where I want to be, but I feel great.

  • Your Name


  • Your Name

    Ay yay yay…my weight is under control….i will never go back to
    to 250lbs again!!!lol,otherwise the mirror in the gym will break while
    working out,lol.

  • Your Name

    i weigh 230lbs!!! i feel so helpless. i have always been nomore than 130lbs. then i went through things and,last 5-6 years has been gaining. i need prayer and,help that i don’t know how to help my self. i have a husband who is verbally mean and, nasty and, it hurts and, makes me not care……..i do care. but, i feel i can’t do it .

  • Nancy Roberts

    My number is 167 to 172# most days. I have hit a plateau but keep trying to be active in the bicycle and treadmill exercises. I am 59 with this being my 60th year, I hope I can lose to 130#. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I am small framed and should weigh 120#. It is very unhealthy for me at this weight. My feet and knees have been the suffering parts of my body. I cannot imagine how it must be for those with even greater challenges. It is something I think should be presented to insurance and other programs to help provide gyms just for us. I hate mirrors, but how else am I to do, if I’m doing the exercises right? If others stop judging us, then we can progress to a more healthy weight based on our heredity, bone structure and BMI. Our son is diabetic and weighs 320# 5’11”. Nancy.

  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to lose weight for over 4yrs., and due to my health, not being able to walk hardley it is next to impossible to get any exercise. I am consumed with trying to find the right doctor who can help me with my medical problem and I know it would not hurt as much if I could lose, but how ???? is the big question when you are lucky to be able to make the mail box at times. Any advise would be very very helpful. Mary

  • Gwen

    My number is 272. I have been heavy most of my adult life. Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism and diagnosed depression have made taking care of myself difficult. However, I have a loving husband who is supporting me in my quest to evolve into a healthier and happier human being. I look at my weight and see it as part of me, but I have been heavy so long, I no longer see me…I am working to change that. Wish me luck!

  • Sandy in MO

    My number today is 137. I have removed 29 pounds of fat since Feb 25, 2009 and I am working to make that permanent.

  • Your Name

    I weigh 185 pounds (give or take for water weight fluctuation) and have permanently shed 33 pounds so far that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I won’t find again. It is very liberating to have ended the war in my head around food and my body. The number is just a number and I marvel at how much power I gave that hunk of metal in the bathroom… allowing it to define how I felt about myself. In fact, I’ve always said that if I were able to figure it out, I would dedicate some period of time in my life to helping others.
    So… here’s a tip… find out what’s causing you to overeat, gain and regain in the first place. Create a strategy that works for you to address the cause (whatever isn’t working in your life) and not the symptom (the weight). Dissolve that mental weight first. Then your body will follow your brain to that place of “thinner peace.”
    All the best to you!
    Jennifer Voss

  • Your Name

    I fluctuate between 116 and 119. (5 feet in height/ 5 inch wrist “small frame”). I’m 10 pounds heavier than I’d love to be in a perfect world, but I also am not willing to cut out all the fun stuff out of my diet. I’m 20 pounds lighter than I was at my peak, even if I’m 25 pounds heavier than I was in high school… So I’m not ashamed of my number and I can keep my weight pretty consistent where it is without too much trouble.

  • Karen in TX

    My number this week (I only weigh once a week) was 367#. It IS just a number but I’d like a smaller one please.
    A scale, like a tape measure, is a tool of measurement. That is ALL it is and it can’t begin to calculate the worth or the value of a person the way it measures the value of gold or silver. Humans are far more than the sum of our parts.
    Use the scale and/or the tape measure and/or your favorite pair of jeans/article of clothing to chart your progress or your maintenance but DO NOT let those tools define who you believe yourself to be ~ They have yet to make a tool that can acurately determine a human being’s [self] worth & value to those who love them!

  • Your Name

    My number this week (I only weigh once a week) was 367#. It IS just a number but I’d like a smaller one please.
    A scale, like a tape measure, is a tool of measurement. That is ALL it is and it can’t begin to calculate the worth or the value of a person the way it measures the value of gold or silver. Humans are far more than the sum of our parts.
    Use the scale and/or the tape measure and/or your favorite pair of jeans/article of clothing to chart your progress or your maintenance but DO NOT let those tools define who you believe yourself to be ~ They have yet to make a tool that can acurately determine a human being’s [self] worth & value to those who love them!

  • Rachel

    my weight this week is 170 I have gained and lost the same 7lbs every month for at least 6 months sometimes I think I will just give up and stay fat the rest of my life cause at almost 5’2″ I am considered obese!

  • Your Name

    My number this week was 223. I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life. Last year I was at 285, so I’ve lost some, but for the last 4 months I’ve been fluctuating from 223 to 230. It’s a tug of war. Plus, my husband saw that I almost reached his weight, so he lost 40 pounds, and I can’t catch up. I feel miserable and so insecure at times. He says he loves me, but I can’t help but wonder. I guess i have to work through my issues or this weight just won’t ever go away.

  • S

    I just left my weigh in, up 1.5lbs. I am back to 266. I’ve been working on the same ten pounds for more than two years. I lost forty my first go after having my baby, but since then i’ve been able to take off frig all! I want to feel better. I have dreams of 175!! Exercise is the name of the game, and I won’t make the time!

  • L

    242 as of last week. Even when my number was FAR lower, I could never divulge it. But, I figure if I can own my number by sharing it, then maybe it will be easier to lose it. (Does this make sense to anyone out there?) I’ve lost about 13 lbs. this summer. Now, if I can only keep the momentum going… Anyway, I wish us all the best in this challenge!

  • L

    Talk about that river in Egypt… you know, denial. When I typed in my weight I was wrong. It’s actually 262. Just trying to keep myself honest here. I WILL succeed in getting it waaaaay lower.

  • C

    currently 380; used to be 412. I will continue to work on healthy weight loss and maintenance.

  • neva

    Ya know I just turned 60. And feel fat @ 152 lbs on lonely moments (I am not married). Always felt healthier & sexier around around 135 and sometimes @ those weight convinced myself I was Fat. I played sports for 30 yrs straight. Because of a bad knee & my back aching I quit so now its harder to lose even 10 lbs.
    So I decided hey its just a number. In the meantime 6 yrs ago I took up riding a motorcycle & joined a All Women’s riding group & they make feel healthy minded, not fat, & we travel a lot & laugh a whole bunch. Made me get off the roller coaster of dieting!
    I eat healthy foods, don’t eat red meat, I don’t sit still too much…. and they say I don’t like a old woman because I am still active in some way! I have to remind myself that even though I still have my aches & pains I am not going ever be skinny again & I am not Fat. And I admire woman no matter what number they are that feel good about themselves. Like whoopie!

  • Alma

    338 2 weeks ago, i am working a day at a time. each day is a new day of working through the pain of what got me here.

  • Kristie

    Ouch. That hurt.

  • Stacy

    182.6, 13.6 lbs from goal. I don’t even tell my hubby, who loves me at any weight, or my best friends this number! Thought it might be cleansing to get it out…

  • Hate Myself

    200 pounds and I truly want to kill myself. So depressed.

  • Barb Alexander

    I admit to both any time anyone asks. Not proud of one of them!
    I AM tallish, but still…
    Off to swim aerobics. Bye bye

  • SeerOfTruth

    Since Whoopi wants men to be honest about weight. Should they also be honest and tell their woman they have stringy dreadlock hair, no eyebrows and are ugly as sin?

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Wendee

    166, I am down 12 pounds in the last month. After little success on Weight Watchers (4 pounds, great support system and tools!) I joined and lost 8 pounds in two weeks. No sugar, no pasta, no potatoes, no pastries, no candy, no fruit for now. Lots of lean meat, eggs, cheese, veggies and protein shakes. It is melting off, and I am so excited to wake up every morning to get on the scale. I lost 45 pounds a decade ago in 4 months last time as well. As long as I stay away from refined carbs, I lose! Now I walk and workout 5 days a week and love trying on smaller jeans to see how close I am to closing them. I am carb sensitive and every time I restrict carbs, I immediately lose. When I relapse, it’s always due to carbs. At a pound a week, I will be 150 in 3 months, right where I belong.

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  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment myra

    In April 1998, I decided to count calories again, I did after all my 4 children and it workds. I weighed 156 on my 5ft 1 in body and I am 78. So I have continued that.and now weight 146, not much lost but feel better on my arthritic body. If I cook one sirloin steak, I eat 1/3, my boyfriend eats the other. I have 5 books I use to look up calories. I walk a mile a day also. Love fruits and veggies. Hate to lose quickly and have to buy new clothes. They are just looser now.

  • WatchingYou

    Latest movie Whoopie is a fat@ss. Yeah don’t live by the scale because life is to short, but do not expect cheers either…

  • Cookie

    125 lbs…. and fightin’ it. It’s a constant struggle anymore to stay the weight I need to be. At 5’2″ this is the ideal weight for me. Although the refrigerator tells me different. I like food but as I age I find it harder and harder to burn off what I eat. Eat a little less???? HAHA….. eat MORE veggies…. HA again…..I don’t overindulge and I TRYYYYY to exercise regularly….. So how’s that??? Have a GREAT day.

  • ann Smith

    Lie. She weighs OVER 200. Easily.

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