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Yay! Whoopie!!! I happened to switch on The View this morning, just at the right moment. The ‘girls’ were talking about an ‘obese’ couple who wanted to adopt but were turned down by the adoption agency because they were too fat! The man, as I remember, had a BMI of 42, and 40 was their limit.
Anyway, as you can imagine, a heated conversation ensued and Whoopi said that it’s just a number and she doesn’t have a problem saying what her number is … “174 pounds!”
No one else, from Joy Behar to the Male Producer on the set would toss their number out to the crowd.
How crazed are you about your weight?
The number of the scale?
What’s your weight?
If you want to ‘leave it’ in the comment box below, feel free to do so! Anonymously?
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