Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Water: 5 Ways to Jazz-It-Up

Our Lady Mashes UP Water.gifIf the most healing, mineral filled elixir ever – the one that comes straight out of your faucet – is too dull and uninspired for your exotic, creative self, then read on. Because, Our Lady of Weight Loss has some water ‘jazz-ups’ that will delight your soul!
Lemons, limes, grapefruits, oranges … oh my! Serve up a large iced-pitcher of water, toss in some sliced-up citrus with a twig or two of fresh mint! And wowzer, you’ve just created an amazingly beautiful, fragrant and festive mineral water.
Fizzle Me Orange! Crack up a bottle of sparkling water a.k.a. seltzer or club soda, and mix in 2 ounces of orange juice, or any of your favorite citrus juices. Add more or less to taste.
Berry Mash-Up! Mash up blueberries or raspberries (or both) and add sparkling water. And, oh yes, if you want to add a splash of red wine to your dinner water, feel free! Am I reading your mind???
Sophisticated Savory! Grab a handful of fresh herbs from your herb garden! Infuse your water with rosemary, parsley, mint … go herb crazy!
Cucumber Fresh! Slice a half a cucumber nice and thin and add it to your iced water. It’s one of my all-time water favs … so cleansing, satisfying and spa-like!
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  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    I love all the new idea’s, I will certainly try them. I love all your suggestions. I just wanted to know if you have heard about I have no affiliation with the guy or his bread. But, it has so many good things in it. I know you can get online but, they have it here in Portland,Oregon where I live. I love the stuff,everyone I know loves the stuff. He’s also got 15seed bread, I have tried it, it’s to toast for? I love your blog and I will email another more personal message on SEE YOU LATER MY FRIEND, TAKE CARE ALWAY’S AND KEEP ON DOING, WHAT YOUR DOING, CAUSE WE LOVE IT!

  • Nita (stregganana)

    One thing my husband started to add to water or his diet soda mixed with water is oragne extract. sometimes he adds it to his coffee for a different flavor.
    Thanks for all you effort to help out all your fellow unthins. Looking forward to hearing you on saturday athe the fair. I hope we get to meet.

  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    I have been meaning to try this, sassy water! I will try it very soon, now that I have seen all these recipe’s. I had only one recipe before. I will let you know how it goes? thanks again for all the great idea’s.

  • Carol

    I am using Alli right now and the weight is very slow but I have noticed the belly dat has not decreased in any way, so I am going to give this great water its chance to prove itself. I hope that it is the answer to my prayers. I will let you know.Thanks so much for having a place to post our feelings. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    Great suggestions for variety. I like the way you think! Thanks!

  • Lutie

    You can also add a green tea bag to a bottle of plain water, just cold or at room temperature. It won’t be as strong as tea brewed with hot water, but it will help the water taste better. We do it on vacation all the time in places where the water is clean to drink but does not taste good. My favorite for this method is green tea with a fruit flavor, like berry or mango. I’ve never tried with regular black tea but don’t know why it would not work – it would be the same as sun tea!

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