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KICKOL-LOGO.jpgDo you believe in God Winks? The dictionary meaning of a God wink is “something taken as evidence that a higher power is at work; a coincidence.”
SQuire Rushnell, author of “When God Winks at New Beginnings,” Beliefnet blogger brother, says that a God Wink gives us a “sense of comfort at a time when you are looking for hope.” God Winks are hugs of comfort from God. Little things that happen every day.
Well, this past week, I think God winked at me, but I’m not exactly sure if He winked, or just gave me a kick in the tush.
As you know, I am a Weight Loss Coach and have been blessed to work with a wide range of people from all parts of the country.

Not to get too side-tracked here, but I have to interject that I’ve learned that no matter what part of the country we come from, no matter our family structure, dysfunction, drama, age, life experiences, or religion, we have much more in common than you might imagine. We are sisters and brothers, we are one. Okay … that being said, I’ll return to my point.

While talking to one client, she came to the conclusion (maybe helped by my coaching?) that her “reasons” for her gaining weight were actually “excuses.” Medication was one really good reason, because it says so on the bottle. “This medication may cause weight gain.” But after closer examination of the actual foods she was eating (pancakes with syrup and bacon), she had to admit that she was using her reason as an excuse.
Another client shared that her husband has “diabetes” and that he needs a sugar lift now and then (when blood levels dip), so she keeps a bag of M&M peanuts in her house for him, which she apparently dips into as well. Her husband’s diabetes looked like a real enough reason. By the end of our session, she was able to come up with an alternative list of appropriate foods to help her husband, something other than her favorite candy.
Okay … are you following me? Reasons vs. excuses! Fast forward, I am standing on the scales of injustice at my doctor’s office, and for goodness sake, I am up 4 pounds up. “How did that happen?” I say incredulously! And then I hear myself saying, “Well, the reason I gained …”
Thankfully, God had winked at me enough times during the week enabling me to see the errors of my ‘weigh’ and self-correct! “No excuses.” I said, “I overindulged plain and simple. Not to worry though, as Our Lady of Weight Loss says You can let the pounds visit but not move back in.”
Nevertheless, I wondered, is God winking at me or just plain giving me a Kick in the Tush?
What do you think? Was God winking at me? Giving me a Kick in the Tush? Or both?
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