Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Kim and Kloe Kardashian: How to turn a 15-minute sex tape into a ‘miracle’ weight loss cure

janice before-after postcard copy.jpgAs Kim and Kloe Kardashian launch their new diet product, “Quick Trim” – a lemonade cleanse set to hit the GNC shelves in August – Our Lady of Weight Loss offers a red-hot Kick in the Tush!
Kim and Kloe Kardashian have partnered with GNC to launch “Quick Trim,” their version of the lemonade cleanse, this summer. Before you buy into the latest diet miracle, consider this:
Kim’s foray into fame and fortune was via a sex tape with Ray J, Brandy’s brother. In addition to having her own clothing line and representing numerous products, Kim also signed with Nivea to be a part of the ‘girls with curves and cellulite’ rock campaign.
Kloe, who exercises daily, reportedly eats little past noon and limits herself to one glass of champagne per girly girl outing, says that their special lemonade elixir helped her to shed 20 pounds.
Our Lady of Weight Loss wants to remind you that there are no quick fixes, no miracle cures, no magic bullets and that liquid diets and lemonade cleanses are not sustainable. Further, Our Lady of Weight Loss is curious to know, “Are the Kardashian girls coming from a clean and authentic helping place or is this all about show me the money?”
Remember, our goal is to permanently remove excess weight, NOT to lose weight and then find it … again!
Might the latest miracle cure be just another ‘Stay Fat Strategy in disguise?’
Think about that as you pass this “Kick in the Tush” forward.
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Spread the word … NOT the icing,
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  • Marian Wilson

    You should be ashamed of yourself!
    You are saying that just because no one wants to make a sex tape with you or you are just trying to sell your products?

  • Candace

    Janice is correct. If you need a “magic bullet” here it is: expend more calories than you take in. Fill up on fruits and vegetables, add lean protein and whole grains to the mix for balanced meals. Incorporate fat burning exercises (both strength & cardio) and you won’t need to turn to these weight loss “potions” that keep you in the bathroom most of the day, to achieve a healthy weight. Remember, your health should be your number one goal. It’s about a lifestyle of exercise and healthy mindful eating. Easier said than done? Yes, but it works.

  • Kat

    I just finished doing a biggest loser program at my local gym. Quick Trim is just that…a quick fix. For lasting results you need to put in the labor at the gym and incorporate good and healthy eating habits. Most importantly the metabolism has to be retrained and this can take a few months but the results are outstanding and gratifying. There are quick fixes but the faster you lose the weight the fast it comes back on. I may have a particular affair that I want to attend and it could be that time of the month. So perhaps I would take the quick fix because at that time I would be feeling bloated and would need just that a quick fix. I am a fan of both Kim & Kloe and Janice. Marian…chillax this summer…its a long hot one.

  • diane

    I find this posting a little hypocritical. Although I agree with the sentiment, it is hard to take you seriously as I’m seeing ads on this website for an “As Seen On TV” colon cleanse product as well as ad for Rachel Ray’s diet secret and another product being pitched by Dr. Oz.

  • lydia

    why are you such haters

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