Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Happy Weight Loss: 10 Sunny Ways to Make Your Day A Good One

This Beliefnet blogger asked Kick in the Tush Club members to answer the following question, “What is your good morning recipe?”And Sunny Gal answered! Good goin’ Sunny Gal! Thanks!!!!10 Sunny Ways to Make Your Day a Good One!1. A good day is when I wake up remembering that a good day happens by CHOICE not chance! 2. A good day is when I live the day in the present, being grateful for the little things in life. 3. A good day is a day that I look back on and smile, because I allowed myself to be open to something new without realizing it at the time. 4. A good day is when I can feel anger, pain, sadness, etc. but not let it take over. 5. A good day is when I relax and go with the flow.6. A good day is drama free. (My choice, again.) 7. A good day is when I’m aware that I’m a kind and compassionate person and treat myself that way.8. A good day is when I don’t use excuses to paralyze my thoughts and dreams or allow fear to keep me from stepping out and doing something I believe in. 9. A good day is connecting with people who are on the same self exploration journey as I am. 10. A good day is the realization that EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY no matter what happens!Let the Sun shine in!More happy weight loss:Feeling blue? Need a lift?Reduce Belly Fat: The Happiness DietBest Stay Fat Strategies!Spread the word … NOT the icing,Janice———————————-Follow Janice on Twitter:Facebook! Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, specializing in weight loss, reinvention, transformation & happiness, author, seminar leader and 50-pound-BIG-Time-LOSER! Write Janice for an Introductory Coaching Session.For more motivation and inspiration, join the Kick in the Tush Club: Beliefnet Chapter.“Janice Taylor is a certain kind of kooky genius ~ see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you.” ~ O, The Oprah Magazine

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  • Cully

    Hello Janice!
    Today (for the first time) I got your blog on the Beliefnet: Your Peace of Mind newsletter and I’m sooooo thrilled! What a great (positive – make that Positive) blog. I would love to at it to my B-net Community page but I can’t find it listed in the feeds??? What’s up with that!
    anyway, Thanks for Blogging – You made my day 😀

  • Janice

    Hi Cully,
    My group is the Kick in the Tush Club community!
    Spread the word (NOT the icing!),

  • Robin A. Hajdasz

    Hello, I thank God for another day. I hope I can live up to his standards and make others happy to have another day too. Have a sunny day. Robin

  • Darren

    The one question I have about happiness as opposed to contentment…or personal experience of life devoid of attention to the interconnectedness of life
    is that it sometimes strikes me as self involved…what I mean by that is
    every ethical, religious or spiritual leader or syetem begins with care for the UNHAPPINESS of the suffering
    So while of course we all want happiness. I worry that in our self involved age that we often focus on our personal mental state and ignore the responsibility to others. If I have the money, privilege, and time to make myself happy….at what point do I then need to concern myself with the state of others.
    At what point do I stop worrying about myself in such an overt way and concern myself with others who may not have the privilege to be “happy.”
    Because after all ….for most of the people it isnt a choice to be unhappy…contrary to notions of the relatively materially privileged.
    Happiness for the majority is about perceptions of circumstance and only then about choice.
    When commeth the boddhisattvas?



  • Rene’e A. Braxton

    I love the lord and i am always walkin’ in the sun!

  • Connie

    Just read the Ten Sunny Days to Make Your Day a Nice One….
    I’ve been married for eight years. I moved from California to Chicago and through the years I’ve struggled to be “happy”. My husband trys everything to please me. What’s worst is that I have no desire for intimacy between he and I. My days are sad and I dread waking up in the morning. There is a big void in me and I don’t know what do to fulfill myself so that I don’t feel this way.
    I’m undergoing therapy, read and hear self help material but, nothing seems to help. What do I do…..

  • Marie Decuir-Jackson

    The important thing to remember is not to look for happiness through external (material) things ie money, cars clothes and so on also other people. Happiness comes from within. And that you are the only one that can make YOU happy !

  • Katherine Coffman

    Happiness is a choice, but circumtances or people can make me unhappy. I try not to expect too much, but I’ve found that we cannot change people. We merely have to figure out what makes us happy or not, so that, we can then decide to take action or not. Someone said, “Change what you can change and gracefully accept the things you cannot change.” I don’t advice anyone do anything that is harmful to themselves or anybody else. That would surely bring unhapppiness. Doing the right thing is what makes people happy in the long run. Knowing that God loves me is not enough. I must share that love with others.

  • Katherine Coffman

    Sometimes getting a good massage is happiness.

  • tracey k. in Ohio

    I figured out a few years ago that you are only as happy as you decide to be. I wowed my co-workers when I trained myself to not come to work on a Monday, dragging merely because it was the ‘dreaded Monday.’ I decided I would be just as happy on Monday as I would be on Friday & I still stick to that.
    And Connie (the lady who’s unhappy): I know it’s easier said than done, but you really must find something to do that makes you happy inside. It’s not your hubby’s responsibility to make you happy in that way. I used to always mentally blame my unhappiness on my Sig.Other, when really he hadn’t done anything wrong – I was unhappy with myself. And instead of blaming him, I would also think – ‘am I doing anything to make HIM happy?’ So I would get out of the house & go to my sister’s to hang out @ her place, or to my mother’s, go to the walking track or library (I love to read) – something to take your mind off of whats dragging you down. It’s not always easy, my the mind is a very powerful thing. Try to not be sad & your mind will follow. 😀

  • Deborah

    I believe that happiness should be a choice. However for people like myself who has clinical depression, pure chemistry, i neeed meds to not get into a depression. Choosing happiness is not one of my choices sometimes. But I do believe that you are responible for your disease, in that taking meds, going to therapist etc. I have SEvere
    Depression Reocurring, something i dont like. I also have a panic disorder. Both are being addresseed with meds and therapy. I never know where this journey will take me, but i think things like bein in the moment, mindfulnes, as my theapist would say. Give your self a break and know that saddness is differeint than depression. Happiness is not always there, no matter what.

  • traneh

    i belive so

  • Onalisa Stewart

    10 ways to have a good day, whoever posted this I would like to thank you! I so needed that

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the 10 Ways. It makes me look at life differently. I will pass this to my daughters and friends.

  • Anonymous

    We make our inner happiness ! Live and be thankful for everyday from the beginning to the end. Everyone has a ray of sunshine it can be a small hand that reaches up to you or the sun waking us up, or maybe a place to lay our head at night.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Deborah,
    WE enjoy this site because it gives us hope that there is a better state of mind and life out there. Do what you have to do to realize your potential. Depression is a horrible disease. Make the very most of those “highs” and celebrate when you can. And please remember you are not alone. Try to get out and volunteer somewhere: schools, senior places, hospitals…
    I’m rootin’ for ya!

  • Antoinette

    For years, I would have to talk to myself to get myself going in the morning. Now I talk to God even before I get out of bed. I offer my day to Him and ask Him to use me to bless someone and bring Him the glory. I ask Him to protect and guide my children and grandchildren. I put them and all the other cares that try to suppress and depress me in His capable hands and I know if I truly trust Him, He will answer my prayers. I have found that when I take the focus off of myself and put it on God, it lifts my burdens and therefore, I can have a “sunny day” even when it’s raining.
    I know it sounds simple, but try it; it really works!
    Blessings to all,

  • Pvl

    A Good day is remembering “this is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

  • angela


  • memz

    excellent . we all can make a difference by adopting a helpful attitude
    meet everyone with kindness,accepting the inevitable

  • Anonymous

    oh these are good ways to help me have a good morning.You know my new day is often the same all other day.At present i`m student.I go to school everyday except Sunday.You know i really hate study.It makes me tired and boring.Learn learn and learn.So when i wake up in the morning i always think that today i will have what things make me fun.This means that what things make me have motivation to go to school.So the thing that come to me firstly in the morning is a thought about a new day.I always hope that my day will be a good day.But i know that i have to study no matter what because my future depend on what i do in the present.

  • Ilysa Seltzer

    That is so beautifuly written and its sooo true.Thanl u 4 reminding me,cause we all 4get sometimes how 2 make our days good.GOD BLESS U!!

  • buddy

    good morning.
    i was feeling frustraded and depressed yesterday, but after reading “10 ways to make your day a good one”, i feel inspired again in someway, although i haven’t feel completely recovered. thank u 4 reminding me too.
    God bless all.
    thank you

  • Shunize B. Alvin

    Wow! Good morning!
    I really needed to read “ten summy ways to make your day a good one!”
    I not only enjoyed reading it and will apply it to my daily life; but I emailed it to all my friends.
    Thanks for very much for sharing!
    God is Love Share Some Today!

  • Vinau Savu

    Awesome! Yeah with this great helpul atitude, definitely we can make a BIG difference that will leads and motivate us to be positive and thankful for all what the Lord has done to us. God is Good, all the time so can with enlightining a new change to our life with these great inspiring attitude.

  • Mona

    Amen to Antoinette! When we take the focus off ourselves and put it on Christ he opens our eyes to what’s important. We don’t have to worry and fret over anything if we truly believe in Christ. He died for us because He loves us and wants us to know we can have peace and joy forever and ever, even when we leave this earthly world. Our jobs as Christians is to share that with others so everyone can know that there is more! We can’t live in self-pity, go out and do something good for someone to glorify God, not yourself. Think all the time ” What would Jesus do?” We can’t have joy 24/7, but if you keep your focus(Christ)you will have joy!
    Happiness(Christ) be with you all!!

  • Sharon Kay Darnell


  • maritza pineda

    I HAVE LEARNED SO VERY MUCH BY HAVING A CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THAT OUR HAPPINESS TRULY DEPENDS ON US. WE MUST NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED AND WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT EVERY DAY IS A GIFT FROM GOD. If we can live everyday with the peace and the joy and all the love and wisdom that we celebrate on Christmas Day, just imagine our lives filled with so much emotion and joy and happiness everyday. What a world of difference…..

  • mitziel

    BEAUTIFUL! thank you very much for a wonderful tips you helped me alot!

  • kathy

    I find a lot of prickly people who center their lives around themselves. I try to smooth the edges in the lives of others by reassuring, helping, being considerate, volunteering often, and accepting faults in others as well as my own imperfect self. When I am gone, the world will go on.
    I have found that by gardening, I change my surroundings without forgetting that I am not in charge of the world, but I can make a beautiful difference. The joy in finding beauty outside of myself takes me out of the craziness – need to get noticed, need to be perfect, need to hurry, need to earn more… I am content.

  • Sonya

    The love of Jesus Christ is so powerful. Just by reading this blog and thinking positive thought and realizing I am a child of God, I feel so much better than I did before. Please do not let problems and ugliness ruin your life. We all have to pray and thank God every day that we can understand and appreciate the goodness of this world. Thank God constantly for your family, friends, the little blessings, and the big ones too!!

  • Kathy Walker

    That was a beautiful impression of what life is all about. We should always be thankful for the little in life and not always look at the goodness of the lord. Praise God.

  • Jeanne Doan

    A good day usually starts for me at sunrise, around 6 AM now in the San Francisco Bay Area. Birds’ morning songs cheer me up and lift my spirit up to our Creator. Then my day gets better after my prayers to God for hope and courage for anyone who need them.
    Today, I specially pray for the seasonal workers at Heavenly Ski Resort in South Lake Tahoe who got laid off last weekend as there is no more snow falling in the Sierra mountains. Their coming unemployment checks may not cover their rent and food this summer. And they may be added to the number of homeless in that area this fall.
    Whenever we have a good day, we can share it with others who need help and give them any kind of help we could to make their day better.

  • Skip Lagarde

    Cha-Ching! You have said it all. I have only one more comment, and it is in a quote that I had heard some years ago. It was made by Mickey Rivers. He once played for the New York Yankees. His quote was, “You live till you die.” When asked what did that mean, Mickey explained……If you CAN control something, you don’t worry about it, and on the other side, if you CAN’T control something, you don’t worry about it. Just do what you need to do. We worry too much about things we cannot control, and we miss “smelling the roses.”

  • Skip Lagarde

    I have only one thing to say about this……”CHA-CHING!”

  • joseph tabangcura

    A good day is always here for us,i start off with prayer and believing that no matter what happens i believe it`s going to be alright and it`s for my learning to adjust to each event,trial, with patience and trust that God is using it for me to appreciate one day,tear,smile,at a time and to bring my days end to a new begining into my nights rest only to believe that suuny days are for us even thou.

  • Lynne

    Every day above ground is a good day!

  • Steven Polly

    Thanks for all the positive input. It’s all within ourselves, figureing out to central is the trick.

  • Eckhart

    One day at a time has never lead me astray. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. Whenever I find some person, place, situation, or fact of life to be unacceptable to me, I can find no peace until I accept that person, place, situation, or fact of my life as being exactly as it is supposed to be at this moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. When I remember this, I realize that I’ve never had it so good!

  • Wanda Haltiwanger

    Thank you for your emails each day. Today I was weepy and in the dumps, and you have brightened the day for me. Please pray for me.

  • Deserlynn Ard

    A good day for me is a day when I wake up thankful and decide to “VACATION” all day.
    I love to take “mini-vacations” by visiting and reading about places all over the world via the world wide web. Actually there are several places that I revisit often…(lol)…If you’ve ever feasted your eyes on the “Wave” in Coyote Buttes, Arizona, then you know what I’m talking about…Magnificent! so I go there a lot when I’m stressed to pray and gain strength from it’s beauty. It’s one of God’s many playgrounds, set in motion for our enjoyment and education. The beauty of the sandstone and the many delicious colors, coupled with the shape of the terrain on a beautiful sunny day…what else could you handle but a RAINBOW in the mix! The first time I saw it, I wanted to take my shoes off and bow down to the Grand Creator!
    And then just stay prostrated there on the ground and listen for the sound of Niagra Falls next. It blew my mind. I wanted to see every view via the internet and I promise you we were there for hours. It strengthened my faith because now my eyes have seen a miracle, (among many) that has been in the works over centuries of time…OUR eyes behold it and what can you do but be thankful for a SLAMMIN’ day!

  • Deserlynn Ard

    I would love to start a program that works to educate young people about the many diverse, complex and beautiful cultures and places that exist in the world today. So that they can understand that their neighborhood is only a small piece of what God has brought about in creating this earth.
    Initially, I want to take them to one place at a time, such as Niagra Falls. I would give then all the information they need before we make our physical journey there, to group teach them about this creation and work to help them prepare to see Him.
    The whole program would be for the purpose of taking some of our children off the streets and bringing them to places of beauty so that despite their pains and struggles, they can know they are neither limited or confined, there is hope. I’d like to help them learn so that they can focus their eyes on the One who gives strength in abundance, by looking at what He has made.

  • Deb

    Thank you for sending me the ten sunny ways to make your day a good one.I have been struggling with in my self and that really helped me, please pray for me that I will find peace with in myself. have a blessed day.

  • narnilla butler

    Thank you I really needed that… Even though I thank the lord everyday 4 opening my eyes 2 a new day…
    Thank you again..

  • Maureen Federici

    Thank you for this very nice e-mail. We all struggle with things in our lives, that sometimes are uncontrolable. I’m starting each and everyday with a more positive attitude. I’ve learned that life is what we make it, and each day should be spent doing what makes us happy, no matter what. If we all spent each day, as if it were our last, maybe just maybe, we would all find some joyful peace in our lives. Life is way too short and someday it will end. Lets all try our best to make our lives more enjoyable, for whatever time we have left. Pray for peace in everyone’s life, and lets make the good Lord proud, of all His human race. Have a great day, and do what makes you happy and you will find peace. Keep the nice e-mails coming, they really do make my day.

  • Sieed

    A good day is all of those things.And like what was said we have to make a day good or bad it is up to that person.And being thankful most of all because things can always be worse!I look to Jesus because he is the author and finisher of my faith!

  • Sheba

    Thank you for sharing this piece of inspiration. Yes, a day being good or bad completely rests with us. Sometimes, on good days when life seems to ebb through we don’t acknowledge it and may be so preoccupied with our work or lives that we do not take a moment to feel grateful or thankful. I follow this practice, anything informative I get to read or even watch on TV, which creates/kindles awareness in me, I simply say a heartfelt ‘Thank you to the Lord’ at that very moment silently. I thank God for even mundane things like a new dish I get to taste, anything I have the capacity to buy etc. Of late I’ve started to thank God for my personal denials,delays, pain, and “not so good” experiences. God is doing everything in our life for a purpose so all we have to do is wait on Him. This approach can make any day a good day.

  • Barbara

    Wow, this is great! I am going to print it out & read it daily.I am about to be homeless & jobless(with 2 kids) after owning my own home & business for 17 years.Scary time in my life BUT your list will remind me that I do have choices.I am going to check into the homeless shelter & move on from there.Hope to find low income houseing,get a job & go back to college.Now here to go but up!

  • Diane

    Thank you for this awesome message…
    Have a Blessed Day!

  • barbara bordelon

    i am so hurt that my husband left our marriage for 27 years.He has affair for over year,we got back together too work on our marriage.he said that he not in love me 100% like i am with him.I forgive for the affair.He love me i know that.I pray for God to help me and husband through this.I told him faith is strong that i not believe in divorce So he want us to be friend.So how can i do this.We have grow children (boys)They don’t want to talk to their father,I trying to keep this family talking to each other.please some how put us on you pray list thank you.

  • jeane

    I believe that a day is good as long as you give it to God and love everthing about it, good and bad.

  • BJ in Mountain Home AR

    Much thanks for sharing this list…I am thankful for the very notion that it came to me at a time I needed reminded just a bit…that no matter how much we have “on our plates” – there are always others out there facing much more or sometimes much worse. And we, as a society tend to take all the everyday conviences of life for granted…I thank you, again sincerely, for the list. And the reminder that there are other people out there that understand the reality in the fact that life is subjective to all, therefore, we choose if, how and when to react…and once a person has ‘hit bottom’ there is no way else to go but UP!! And if during our trials we can be thankful for all we do have and are able to do, emotionally, mentally and physically…it helps each day be a “good day” in even the smallest of ways…Yet they are still Good Days…God Bless All!

  • Colleen

    The list was great. I wake up everyday and thank God that I have yet another day to live and serve him. I have begun a spiritual journey and at the age of 57 have never felt such peace. I have learned to live in the present. I have been very blessed and know that the best is yet to come.

  • William Mozee

    This is my first time opening this link and I think it is awesome. You don’t have to be so religious to the point where you can’t understand these messages. For those who are not very religious, this link can actually help them to become a better person, maybe later on finding a religion that they prefer to practice. What caught my attention was the subtopics that this email ws listed under on my email account, they are very catching. I think that this link is very uplifting and it is something that is going to make me check my email every morning before I get my day started.

  • Rosalind Clark

    I read the works each and everyday and it realy makes my date I thank God and also think you for the up lifing words,
    Thank you and keep doing what you are doing for people like me.

  • Your Name

    I am enjoying mymembership in the kick in the tush club. A great reminder for me to realize that, as stated previously, the goodness of a day is up to me. Thanks for reminding me that the final word rests not with me, but with my Higher Power. It is up to me to remember that I need to connect with other people, it is other people that enrich my life, and it is up to me to be sure that they, other people, are included in my life.
    It is a good day when I remember that I love to write. So write already, how many reminders do I need??
    It is a good day when I remember that oftentimes, my own head is my worst enemy. So, get out of it. Sing that song, write those feelings and reflections, draw that picture, its a good day when I get outside of myself.
    ITs a good day when I remember that the universe can feed me better than I can feed myself. Go with the flow, put anxieties aside, have faith that all is unraveling as its supposed to.
    Have a good day, y’all

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