Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Rebecca Romijn: Lose 60 Pounds, No Exercise!

Rebecca Romijn (a.k.a. Rebecca Romain and Rebecca Romjin-Stamos) claims that she lost (never to be found again) 60 lbs after giving birth to twin girls, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip … 35 pounds in the first three weeks, in fact, without doing anything! Except …
Breast Feeding! Disappointed? Thought you could ‘not’ do whatever she was ‘not’ doing?!
To all new mothers out there … the experts say that you should avoid excessive exercising and crazy, fad weight loss plans. Remember, whatever you are bringing into your body is being released on some level through your breast milk straight to your baby!
More breast feeding advice: Go the full 3 months, at least, to best build a better immune system for your baby! And as Rebecca says, you’ll lose that weight without doing anything! :)
For those of us who are not planning on breast feeding any time soon (or for those of us whose breast feeding days are over!) … try healthy eating! :)
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Our Lady of Weight Loss EnLIGHTens
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  • Marianna

    I don’t know, I breastfed both my kids, one for 14 months, the other for 11 months and I never thought of it as a weight loss plan. It’s a delicate balance…you have to eat carefully, rest well and take in plenty of liquids to make enough milk for your baby. Feeding two babies had to take tremendous effort and time. I think it’s sort of misleading for her to act like Viola! and Poof! I lost 35 pounds. Who really cares if you’re not skinny 3 weeks after giving birth to twins? Priorities people! Breastfeeding is wonderful for what it is and what it provides to mom and baby. JMHO

  • Lynne

    Strangely enough, I lost weight when I was pregnant. I had the most wonderful Dr. who said eat when your hungry and eat what you crave. No special eat this just because your pregnant diet from him. That’s what I did and I weighed less after delivery that I did before I got pregnant. (With 2 out of 3 babies) I had a different Dr. with the first and tried to eat from the list of “foods a pregnant woman must have”. I gained big time.

  • Your Name


  • Lutie

    Sorry, folks, that’s in the category of things people wish were true. I breastfed five kids, all for a year or more and some for two years, and I can attest that while it is a wonderful thing for both mother and baby, it will not just make the pounds drop off you like that. At least it did not for me; maybe it depends on individual metabolism. I do know I was not eating more than I had before pregnancy. But I agree with the poster who said, who cares if you get skinny right away after having a baby? You’ve done an important thing that is also a huge stress on your body; give yourself time to recover. Staying healthy is priority; being skinny in a hurry shouldn’t be.

  • Todd

    Diets and diet aids do not help anyone. The only way to successfully lose weight and get the body that you want is by using the right information. This information can be found in the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps. Everyone who has gotten a copy of this book is now healthier.

  • Jasmine

    I think whether you’re just now thinking about losing weight, or you’re well on your way, it’s important to know where you stand.
    First,use this calculator to find out what your body mass index can tell you about your health and well-being. And then discover a healthy weight range for your height and weight.Finally,you have to do exercise and keep every day. About one month you will lose your weight much. It’s good for your health.

  • bob

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  • Isis

    It has been proved that you can lose weight by breastfeeding.But it’s not the same with everyone.It was very hard for me to lose weight after my pregnancy.I breastfeed my kid but i didn’t lose any weight.

  • http://www.howtogetskinnyfast4nitwits.com Trevor

    No matter how much you now weigh, if you want and need to lose weight, anyone can do it simply by addressing two issues.
    Your metabolic impalances caused by…
    1. The Foods You Eat, and…
    2. By How Active Your Body Is.
    Simply put, learn how to eat properly, and learn simple fat burning exercises, and you will lose weight. You will be able to keep the weight off, forever, if you just continue with this lifestyle.

  • http://howtogetskinnyfastok.com anne

    Many people make losing weight a big battle because they take the route of diets. Diets are not the solution! The best way to lose weight is to lose it naturally. I have done it myself. Check out: http://howtogetskinnyfastok.com

  • http://www.howotogetskinnyfastinfo.com How-to-get-skinny-fast

    Losing weight is really not that hard.I have helped people do it and they haven’t found it so hard once they have learned all the little tricks.Check it out on my site if you want.

  • http://www.howtogetskinnyfastinfo. How to get skinny fast

    Getting “skinny” is not so hard …you just need determination and knowledge and you will succeed. That’s about it! :)

  • http://www.howtogetskinnyfastinfo.com How to get skinny fast

    Just eat the right food,exercise 4 times a week and drinks loads of water.Oh yeah, and sleep is important. ;)

  • http://www.howtogetskinnyfastinfo.com Learn how to get skinny fast

    You can lose weight fast without exercise as well, but you must follow certain guidelines. For example drink 3-4 liters of water per day, reduce your calorie intake by 500/day and do a fair bit of walking every day if you don’t want to exercise.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • http://www.howtogetthinnerfast.com/ Skinny Jenny

    I would certainly not recommend and diet whatsoever when you are breastfeeding. You need to eat healthy and sufficient amounts, so that your milk contains everything needed for your baby. Otherwise you put at risk your baby health. Go on diet when you have stopped breastfeeding, not sooner!

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