Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Biggest Loser Winner: Helen Phillips’ big win?

I don’t mean to be a buzz-kill ... and I do offer my heartfelt weighty congratulations to Helen Phillips for losing 54.47% of her initial weight (now weighing in at 117 pounds), and for gaining $250,000 and a new attitude.
Still when the 48 year old Helen exclaimed, “140 pounds [lost]! Yes! Yes!” I couldn’t help but to think … “Lose it and you will find it. What about permanent fat removal? How will you keep it off without the cameras, the trainers, the television cameras?”
There you have it friends. The buzz-kill! Sorry … but I am always concerned when people lose large amounts of weight in a short amount of time. Particularly when their incentive is an event or a date or a happening.
My question to Helen, the rest of the losers, and to you! When you ‘lose’ your excess weight, what’s your maintenance plan? What will keep you motivated and moving forward? How will you manage to re-create yourself and your lifestyle to stay connected and in alignment with your new svelte body?
Any advice for Helen Phillips on how to keep it going? Weigh-in below, please!
Contestant/Start Weight/End Weight/Pounds Lost /Percentage Lost:
Helen: 257-117=140 (54.47%)
Mike: 388-181=207 (53.35%)
Tara: 294-139=155 (52.72%)
Jerry: 369-192=177 (47.97%)
Kristin: 360-193=167 (46.39%)
Nicole: 269-146=123 (45.72%)
Ron: 430-238=192 (44.65%)
Sione: 372-226=146 (39.25%)
Dane: 412-258=154 (37.38%)
Filipe: 364-229=135 (37.09%)
Damien: 381-245=136 (35.70%)
Daniel: 454-293=161 (35.46%)
Mandi: 263-171=92 (34.98%)
Estella: 242-159=83 (34.30%)
Carla: 379-251=128 (33.77%)
Shanon: 283-191=92 (32.51%)
Cathy: 293-198=95 (32.42%)
Blaine: 365-249=116 (31.78%)
Laura: 285-199=86 (30.18%)
Joelle: 309-229=80 (25.89%)
Aubrey: 249-194=55 (22.09%)
David: 393-350=43 (10.94%
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  • Missa

    UGH! I was so annoyed when Helen won last night!!! I thought for sure Tara or Mike would win! Helen got skinny, but she looks too skinny now! I mean, 117 pounds! seriously!? MIKE’S IN THE FRIGGEN HUNDREDS FINALYY! I think he deserved to win XD

  • Siggy

    I agree. Will she/they keep it off? Isn’t that what matters? How one changes their lifestyle? And yes, 117 pounds is ridiculous. How realistic was that goal? Guess it was to win; but win for how long????

  • Amy

    I expected Mike to win, too. He went from being morbidly obese to being a handsome, healthy teenager. I’d like to see his brother follow in his footsteps, but as you say — will it happen without the cameras and the 24/7 supports? I thought Helen looked healthy in the last episode before the finale; now she looks too thin. Maybe she went to extremes in order to win the $250,000 and will let herself live a more balanced lifestyle going forward.

  • Becky

    Seems we were all rooting for Mike. Maybe they should have people vote,too! True enough,though. The test is the long term results. Will they keep it off. We know how that goes.

  • michele

    I was so disappointed when Helen won. I started to dislike Helen from that selfish moment she sent her daughter home. She’s a mother and she put herself before her child?! I’m a mother with four children and I could never imagine putting myself before any of my children. Shame on you Helen.

  • Eileen

    Helen is far too thin..she looks thick and now that she lost for the prize she has nothing to look forward to AND she sent her child home so she could be selfish enough to stay.
    Tara deserved that win….she has class and grace and beauty
    We all need a maintenance plan..losing it is only part of the battle….Im on WW and hoping their maintenance plan will help me KEEP the weight off….77 pounds off and 44 to go!!!

  • LB

    I think Helen went to the extreme. She did not look healthy at all. Tara lost a lot of weight and looked healthy with her weight loss. I had hoped that she would have won. As much as Mike is a nice young man he was manipulated too much by his father. So I ended up being turned off by both of them. I was also turned off with Helen sending her daughter home. I think she still has some underlying issues that she needs to deal with in order to maintain her weight loss. I do believe that Tara will be successful with hers because I think she addressed her demons during the show. I was a little concerned about Jerry. He didn’t look well either. I thought he was in his 70’s at least. At only 63(?) he looked extremely old. He also seemed to be having issues. I wonder if something happened health wise during his weight loss journey?
    And to Eileen congratulations and keep up the good work on your weight loss.

  • Jennifer

    I didn’t think Helen should have won, either…Both Tara and Mike looked awesome, and I agree, I thought Mike should have won, too…I was iffy about Helen from the beginning, but when she had her daughter sent home, I thought that was SO selfish!
    Now, I don’t really think she’ll be able to maintain that 117…I think 140 would have been great for Helen and more sustainable for sure! One thing with this article, I don’t think that you will FIND everything you LOSE. I lost my dad, don’t think he’ll be coming back…Lost other things that won’t be coming back, unless it’s a part of some sick movie…lol… No matter what word you use for trimming weight and becoming healthier, it all depends on the person, not the word…

  • Your Name

    Actress Kirstie Alley is a prime example of losing a lot of weight in the public eye, then gaining back all her weight and more, “when no one was watching”. Losing weight along with changing mental attitude and behavior go hand-in-hand. Losing weight and maintenance is a lifetime journey, not an overnight fiesta! I’ve had a weight problem all my adult life and I keep hoping and praying “one day” I will get going and lose this ugly fat, keep it off, and finally be proud of what I look like! Thank you BeliefNet for being here for us!!! We need you more than you know!!!

  • Your Name

    I think Helen deserved to win, she clearly made the numbers and I don’t believe it was for money. And I have faith that she will never become overweight again. She will maintain a healthy weight be it 117 or 127. She too has overcome many demons and challenges during the process. The decision to allow her child to go home was made and it was done, why must we make people feel bad for a decision that clearly worked for this family. Helen did everyone proud and she has nothing to be ashamed of or feel quilty for. Everyone, everyone has the ability to lose weight on their own and clearly her daughter will either accomplish her weight loss goal or she won’t. It is not Helen’s fault if her daughter fails. We are each responsible for our own actions. It is very hard at an older age to accomplish what Helen did. She is a wonderful example as are Mike and Tara. Congradulations to everyone who maintains a healthy weight in this processed food nation. Life is really short, be positive, take care of yourself, and treat others as you would want to be treated.

  • Your Name

    I was hoping Tara would win too. I guess without the constant challenge in front of her she doesn’t push as hard. I know if it were me I would do whatever to get that $250,000 after getting that far.
    My second choice was Mike. If he and his dad weren’t so “mafiosa” towards the end I would have rooted for him more……
    Anyway…yes, maintenance is always the really tricky part. Helen will probably gain some after celebrating too much. Tara probably will have her ups and downs as she struggles to find balance….and misses the competition. What a true beauty she is, though, I wish her the best.
    I would bet Mike will do the best at keeping it off as he is young and ready to branch out with his new life and all he has learned. Plus, he’ll definitely want to motivate his brother.
    I was really happy to see the old man win the $100,000. How did he do it though in such a short time?????
    I have struggled with food all my life… frenzies alternating with too much dieting. The only way I know to watch my weight is counting calories….it’s the bottom line. It’s like if you are budgeting your money, you count dollars don’t you?
    It can seem anal at times but it works and I make a game of it. Like oh boy, I have 50 calories left to spend…..I look forward to having a sugar-free fudgsicle (one of the best calorie values out there).
    After all the fanfare dies down, you’re back to dealing with life and whatever reasons you overate in the first place don’t go away.
    Ever notice how most people not only gain it all back, they gain more.
    I think the reason is you almost have to feel bad about yourself to get motivated to do it all again. I don’t feel sorry for Kirstie Alley. She was probably getting 1 million dollars to be the spokesperson for Jennie Craig. How many Americans would love to make money to lose weight???????? That motivation alone would do it when you can’t get motivated otherwise.

  • Deb

    I DVR’d the Finale and was going to watch it tonight. You just killed that surprise! In the future, please don’t put the winner of something in your SUBJECT LINE or TITLE. You could have just said BIGGEST LOSER WINNER and I could have decided for myself if I wanted to know yet!! Darn it!! We had bets on this and everything. Yes, you just killed the BUZZ of fun planned for this evening………….

  • Your Name

    I’ve struggled since the teen years with eating disorders, food frenzies, too much dieting, etc. What my deal is now is……
    I count calories to lose weight. Since watching weight constantly is a drag and I envy people who just “eat”…..I count calories and lose about ten pounds before I go on a cruise in the fall. Then, I eat WHATEVER I want……then when I get home it pretty much continues throught the holidays and Valentine’ Day (a single gal has to have chocolate afterall). Through all this I usually gain about 10 lbs. Then Ash Wednesday I begin counting calories and watching it again. So it goes through 6 month cycles.
    I get both worlds. I don’t know how healthy or unhealthy this is but it’s got to be better than keep going up and up and up…….

  • Your Name

    Responding to the person who said Helen has nothing to feel sorry for in sending her daughter home. I disagree-she has a lot to feel sorry for. As a parent one needs to put the health and well being of their children before their own needs. Looking at Shannon at the finale she obviously needed to be on the ranch to lose the weight. Why couldn’t Helen have tried at home? I think Helen is a selfish mother…

  • Your Name

    The way to maintain is to be conscious about it. Weigh in daily. Write down what you eat every day. Move around and get some activity in daily. If the weight goes up beyond your acceptable mark, cut down on food and increase movement. It differs for different people. Mine is a three pound fluctuation because my weight loss was 20 pounds, before I cut back and make sure I get my weight back down…. For someone with a larger weight loss or who is younger and has more hormonal fluctuation, maybe 5 or 10 pounds is more appropriate.
    Helen is NOT a bad or selfish mother. She is a good mother because she is modelling for her daughter that you can improve yourself if you set that goal, even after a lifetime of poor choices. Her daughter wasn’t ready at the time. But she can see that it’s not too late to start again, and to emulate her mother.

  • tom

    I watched all the episodes of the biggest loser show except for one. This season has really caused doubt if I want to watch any more. The bad language that was used by the contestants and the trainers was so not needed. So Helen worked her A– off so was she the only one? I know that bad language is a part of tv now, but do these people have to talk like that also??

  • Your Name

    Helen did not look well on the biggest loser. She appeared drugged and I could not help but wonder if she used stimulants to complete her journey. Although I am older than Helen, I hope as I continue to work that I achieve my goal before my skin is completely stretched. I was not impressed with her “victory”. This may be my last time watching. I was not inspired by the politics and means pirited comments.

  • Your Name

    Nothing like damning a person to failure just because she didn’t do it YOUR WAY! you sound like you think you are the Goddess of weight loss — the know it all.
    I suggest you take a look at the Biggest Loser winners and see just hoe many of them have very successfully kept the weight off.

  • richelle

    i was not impressed that helen won. i think that she looks ALOT older than she really is. and to lose as much as she did when they left the ranch…thats a lbs a day.. sounds fishy to me… i just don’t have a good feeling about her winning

  • Your Name


  • Your Name

    This season was interesting in many ways. I didn’t want to see Helen win because Kristin was my favorite contestant. I was very dismayed at the language used by the contestants as weel as the trainers. If you watched BL from the very beginning, you might notice that they’ve gotten a little loose with the language. I used to think I wanted to try out for the show, but those trainers would not disrespect me like that, or there truly would be a fight…lol I knd of feel sorry for Mike, and how he grows into a man who will ask his father for advise, but NOT let him run life. I also loved Felipe and Sione for the love they have for their people.

  • Bob

    What seems to be lost in this controversy, is the fact that Helen chose to stay at the ranch and talked her daughter into leaving in her place. I have absolutely no respect for her for that unbelievable act of selfishness.

  • Your Name

    I do not understand the resentment toward Helen in choosing to stay at the ranch over her daughter. She obviously knew she was more driven than her daughter and more likely to win the S250,000.
    She has to look out for her family’s financial welfare and I’m sure she will take care of Shannon.
    Shannon has all the tools and knowledge to lose the weight anytime she is really motivated to.
    I agree Helen did not look all that healthy. I wonder if the contestants are tested/banned from using any weight-loss supplements or drugs.
    I think the Biggest Loser should come up with another incentive plan–like the audience vote, or have a doctor decide, based on the health statistics of the final 3 or 4. Otherwise, eventually they are going to have some anorexics on their hands.

  • Mary Griffin

    I think the real winners are those who grew to love working out in itself–like Blaine and Dane running the marathon and Kathy with her Spinning. Good for them!
    I’ve never been motivated to work out except when I’m trying to lose weight. Otherwise, I find it boring and I get restless.
    I always love to walk however. Thank goodness. And I always take the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • donnA

    Helen talked her daughter into leaving because she is manulaptive and selfish and didn’t want to see her daughter lose weight and be healthy, some mothers love there. Shes about as bad as Ron.
    These people are competing for money, most will gain back all their weight. Ryan season one winner gained all and more back according to Bob. 9 out of 10 dieters will gain back what they’ve lost. Weight loss and maintenance isn’t a ‘diet’ it’s healthy lifestyle changes, if all it is a diet, expect failure, diet is temporary solutions to permanent problems. Permanent problems need permanent solutions. Whoever lived their lives on a ‘diet’, no one, it’s a change of food eating habits, permanently. Which is not what they do on loser, they don’t teach real life eating habits, only what they need to win money.

  • Your Name

    I don’t think you can go by what they show on TV. We don’t really know these people and what’s inside their head. If anyone is manipulative, I think it is the producers of the show.
    I didn’t buy that the one team went out to the restaurant and binged knowing that the cameras were on them……I think it was a setup, planned out for dramatic affect.
    I also did not buy that Ron walked all the way through the marathon…no way, he could barely walk a few steps when the doctor saw him.
    Also, I can’t stand the food temptations…..they are sinful, devilish…..what a waste of food.

  • Bob

    I can appreciate that the show is about a monetary prize. BUT, it’s been shown that weight loss is more likely while at the ranch, therefore, staying at the ranch is better. To put your own weight loss, and/or the money, above the health of your daughter is the height of selfishness.

  • Your Name

    My experience has been that losing weight is easy…..too easy. It’s fun and exciting seeing the numbers on the scale go down, your body shrink……and shopping for clothes, etc.
    Maintaining is boring. That is the problem. You do not get the above awards and you still have to watch what you eat…so it can be a drag. I think that’s why people gain the weight back.
    Secretly people want to just be able to eat whatever they want without counting calories or thinking about it. We all envy people who seem to be able to do that and stay slim. I don’t think that they are genetically blessed….they just have ingrained habits about food they aren’t even aware of ….like filling up on veggies and fruit…..or only eating half their plate of food because they’re hyper or talking alot….etc.
    People with food issues usually have a weakness for pizza or french fries or in my case….sweets.

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