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I consider myself an optimistic person. When I was a very little girl the movie Pollyanna hit the screens and I loved it, and I took it in on a cellular level.
Pollyanna starred Jane Wyman (Ronald Regan’s ex-wife), Karl Malden (one of the most dynamic actors of all time), Hayley Mills (loved her!) in addition to Agnes Moorehead, Adolphe Menjou, Richard Egan and a cast of character actors that are simply unparalleled.
The Plot:
Pollyanna lost her missionary parents in an automobile accident. She was taken in by her austere and uber-proper, maiden Aunt Polly, who was rich, rich, rich. However, ‘mean’ Aunt Polly was, she did take Pollyanna on shopping sprees (Aunt Polly didn’t want the town folk to see her in her missionary rags). This was a big part of the hook for me. Oh My! I sure would have loved for someone to take me on a shopping spree to top end stores, whose staff fussed over me and brought out adorable, fabulous clothing.
Anyway, I digress … The central theme of the story was The Glad Game. Pollyanna learned this game from her dead missionary father (clearly, before he died). The premise is that there is always something to be ‘glad’ or happy about, no matter the circumstances.
Which brings me to today … perhaps silly to some (after all, there are plenty of more serious things we could look at from our 401Ks to Afghanistan to Darfur) … but nevertheless ‘this’ is something that is right in front of me, something that I uncharacteristically bitch n’ moan about.
The Gray New York City Skies.
However wonderful New York City is (and oh boy, is it!!!), it manufactures too many drab gray days that drag me down, down, down!
What to do?
First, I take full responsibility for my state of mind. I’m the one manufacturing my blue mood; not the gray skies. The sky is merely there!
Next, it’s time to explore the color itself and find new ways to happily embrace gray!

Six Succulent, Interesting, Useful,
Joy-Filled and Money Making Ways to Experience Gray Skies!

1. Warrior Gray!
Dark gray or charcoal gray, evokes strength and mystery. Therefore, on a dark gray day, I choose to connect with my strengths. I am a (weight loss) WARRIOR! I am mysterious. My masculine side will be activated.
2. The Accessory: Gray!
On a light gray day, I shall imagine that the sky is my hat – an accessory – that I will mix with pastel pinks, blues, lavenders and greens. On light gray days, I will unleash my feminine qualities.
3. Retro Gray!
For a retro look and a fun gray day, I will add hot pink to my wardrobe.
4. Money Gray!
Gray and Green are the best color combination when it comes to money, so I will therefore apply for loans and seek wage increases (or a job) on gray days, in which I will wear a serious gray suit with a green blouse!
5. Decision Gray!
Gray is also associated with the undecided; things that are not quite going right. Gray days are, therefore, the perfect day to look at those things that you are tolerating and an opportunity to come up with a plan!
6. Crown of Glory Gray!
And finally, for those who are ‘gray,’ consider one proverb from the Bible that says, “The gray head is a crown of glory, if it is seen in the way of righteousness.” I shall consider the sky my crown of glory and work toward being a more righteous soul!
What will I do today? I will drape a hot pink scarf around my shoulders. I will pay attention to the gray skies, see its beauty, appreciate all the many nuances of gray, and contemplate how glad and happy I am to be alive in grayness.
What will you do this gray day? Share your happy remedies!
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