Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Failure is NOT an Option!

Our Lady of Weight Loss wants to know …
… Are you afraid to commit to yourself fully? Are you terrified to lose weight, to fully take-in, ingest, go hog wild for your healthy living plan? Are you just plain afraid to push your envelope in any direction? Are you afraid to let the buried, the ‘real’ you – OUT? Afraid that you are going to fall on your tush again and again and eventually you will have broken it and seriously won’t be able to get up?
Are you afraid of failure?
Great! You are NOT alone. Fear of Failure is the Number ONE KILLER of Grand Plans and Great Schemes!
In all likelihood it started when you were young; you failed at something, maybe got a big fat “F” in school, or failed to get on the cheerleading squad. (Ha! Like I even tried.) Who knows what you failed at, but you did … we all did … and some of us soaked in those feelings from failure and decided consciously or unconsciously in that snapshot of a moment, on a deep level, to protect ourselves at ALL COSTS!
And so I say to you today, let’s turn that all around and
“Let’s CELEBRATE failure!”
Let’s acknowledge that no one was born with a ‘this is how to walk’ manual. We all fell on our tushes multiple times and were applauded for it; encouraged by our parents to get up and try again! Until we finally just figured it out.
Rather than crumble and never ‘walk’ again, I am going to ask you to applaud every failure today (and henceforth). Each and every time you fail, I want you to resist all urges to say mean things to yourself. I want you to resist all urges to crawl up in the corner in a fetal position and EAT! I want you to resist the need to protect yourself.
Yes, I am suggesting that we together celebrate failure!
I’m betting that you will inadvertently or intentionally fail (if you consciously decide to push your envelope) today. And you are now free to say “Yahoo. I failed.” And you are now free to learn from your failure. You are free to stretch and grow!
There is a BIG difference between failing and being a failure. Got it? You are NOT a failure. On the contrary. Your true nature is whole, creative and resourceful. There is no reality to FEAR. It’s a mindset! Reset your mind.
Failing requires courage. I understand that feelings of disappointment accompany failure. And that’s okay. Feel them. Fully! And then learn from your failure and say to yourself, “YAY! I am not frozen in fear. I am one of those rare people in life who are willing to put it out there and fall on my tush, get up, dust myself off and move forward.”
Celebrate failure. Celebrate YOU!
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Spread the word … NOT the icing!

Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, specializing in weight loss, reinvention, transformation & happiness, author, seminar leader and 50-pound-BIG-Time-LOSER! Write Janice for an Introductory Coaching Session.
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  • MinervaFan

    I LOVE this post! I have been trying to improve my eating habits since the middle of October, with very good results. My partner, who is diabetic, is slowly decided she wants to try too. I sent her this post, because I think it will be very inspiring to her–she is one of those all or nothing types.
    I have added myself to your email list. I can’t wait to read more.
    Keeping spreading the good word!

  • Wendy

    This post speaks right to me. I did celebrate my failure on Friday. When I went to a meeting on Friday we were asked to celebrate out successes. And I spoke right up…..I gained 3.6 lbs this past week!
    Thank you for all is forgiven…move on! Without it I would never have shared a failure.

  • Ranjini

    This is so RIGHT!I am not a failure -true I have faliled in the past but that was then and this is NOW!Thank you.I needed that!

  • Your Name

    The most important news i ‘ve ever heard from you is” All is forgiven”
    i needed that kind of reverse psychological tactics,somehow it is taking effect on me!I wanna see myself approaching in my health
    concern goal.Thank you for your continued wellfare support,I appreciate it!

  • Colon Cleanse Review

    Thanks for the motivation! “Failure” is such a hard word to comprehend! Thank you for the interesting read.

  • Adam

    Thanks for the reassurance. Fully agree!

  • Best Diet

    Failing is part of your life journey. Only those fail who are trying to achieve something greater. If you never try to loose your weight by starting a diet, changing your habits, you will never fail, but most likely you’ll be a fat unhealthy person. Every time you fail, stop and notice what behavior caused your failure. Next time when you’re in the same situation remind yourself that you been there once, and learned your lesson. Every time you fail, stand up and do it again.

  • Tammara

    Janice, you hit the nail on the head – again. I have been so afraid of failing for so long that I decided to fail “in style.” I’ve found so many interesting ways to say, “See, I’m not a victim! I actually CHOSE this!” that I have no idea when it all began and I have no recollection of exactly when I let myself go so deep into this void.
    But, that’s not so important to me now. I’m trying to focus on the future. I’ve been allowing myself to FEEL everything, to absorb all the bad feelings and instead of “eating it down” and beating it back, I’ve been trying to give it to God. It’s tough, but it’s working. The desire to overindulge has gone for the moment. I know I’m going to be tested – we’re all tested, but I’m hoping this time I’ll either pass the test or accept that I failed one one occasion, forgive myself and move on.
    Thank you for your incredible persistence. I read your book over a year ago. I ignored your emails for a year, in fact they were a bit of a thorn in my side when I was really into failure. But as you are ever persistent and you never gave up, I finally decided to start listening. And that’s how real change happens, isn’t it? We give up failure.
    Looking forward to your next email, post on FB, and whatever else you bring!
    Love, Tammara

  • Jack Stevinson

    A brilliant site janice. The articles are engaging and very informative.
    I come here for inspiration.
    keep up the good work
    Kind regards,
    Simply Lose Weight

  • Dr. David Robinson

    The article lends some great insight into many people’s mind-set and how they need to tweek it a bit. But isn’t it time to focus away from all the “weight loss” and “diet” drugs, rubs, lotions, potions, pills meal plans and programs and focus instead on proper nutrition, food combining along with a few other essentials of maintaining health weights and lives? Thanks, Dr. David Robinson

  • Your Name

    Normally,we tend or intentionally hide beneath our failures in life
    by pretending you were not hurt,but manifested in such a way that
    we become redundant in everything that could turn around our situation
    yet the failure effect is so much to bear and made one redundant
    or non responsive.I am one of those who have lost the interest in
    taking each opportunity that could help me overcome my failures in life.I am not doing my best to become the person i am suppose to be,
    i lost track of myself’s integrity to reach my full potential.Maybe,
    because i have stopped dreaming,aspiring or even envying other people’s successes,or maybe i have lost the sense of inspiration,i
    don’t know anymore the cause of why i am stranded with my personal
    success.I guess,something of emotional sense have made me stagnant,that’s why i will celebrate my emotional failure instead of
    weight loss failure and find ways to get over it and get healed from
    failure,hopefully not too late to catch up!Let’s CELEBRATE!!!!!
    Failure here,failure there failure everywhere!!!Just celebrate Janice,right!!

  • Your Name

    Emotional failure doesn’t necessarily mean you are in pain over
    to someone who didn’t show appreciation and love for you.To me,
    emotional failure is when many of your expectations from a relationship didn’t work out the way they were planned and because of that you became emotionally in pain and somewhat became stranded,like
    groping in the dark looking for a direction and light to overcome
    the disappointments.From this article,it can help me celebrate my
    emotional failures and somehow do the trick that both success and
    failure are worth to celebrate inorder to balance the emotional
    effects of any failure,that make sense janice,CHEERS!!!

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