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American Idol: Gay Contestants? Does Anyone Care?

This past weekend, the New York Times published an article by Guy Trebay:
American Idol’s Big Tease.
Guy Trebay writes: “You are Adam Lambert, the contestant widely tipped as a favorite to be the next winner of “American Idol.” And the only thing standing between you and riches and the chance to play arenas may be a question currently burning up the Internet: Can a gay contestant win?”
I am burning with curiosity. What I’d like to know is this: Does anyone care if Adam Lambert is gay or not? Is this an issue?
Please weigh-in!
Leave your comment … does anyone care? Is this an issue?
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  • Vicki Stevens

    I could not possibly care less. And Clay Aiken is gay and almost won, so this seems to me a non-issue some people are trying to make an issue, for the sake of sensationalism.

  • Kristi

    Since I don’t want to date him….and I just want to hear him sing, I don’t care who he loves.

  • Lucy

    Don’t care. Love him!

  • Freidag

    Adam is clearly the biggest talent American Idol has seen in years. Gay, straight, who cares? I wish people like you and the NY Times would just leave the him alone and just let him sing instead of grandstanding on the issue of his sexuality. Why not talk about his amazing range huh? How he hits notes the other contestants can only dream about hitting. Or how bland and blah American Idol would be this year with it’s Gokey’s and Lil’s.
    But I guess since Adam is news anything is fair game, right?

  • Sharon

    I’m from other country (outside the States, doesn’t matter now what country) and I have to say that after I watched the O’Reillye Factor show it made me a little Bit worried about Adam. I was afraid that what has been said and showed at O’Reillye’s might hurt his chances to win even though he’s the best performer and singer and the most talented guy this season (or even ever in Idol history). I was also amazed to realize how primitive Americans could be sometimes when they deal with a matter that is so common, so frequent. There are so many gays and lesbians everywhere, so how come you demand from them not to be themselves, not to except themselves as who they are, how come you make them lie, how come you make theme afraid that if they’ll be honest and outside closet, you, the Americans, will not accept them. In my country we have a similar program as Idol, and one of the judges is a well known homosexual and he’s considered to be one of the favorite judges cos his real good in what he’s doing (as a judge). No one has a word to say about his sexuality and mix his skills with anything. These are two separate things. So how come you, a big nation, considered being the most open minded country in the whole world, are such ignorant and primitive in this simple and common matter?? You better open you minds already, it’s about time. I allowed myself to say this things cos in a wide perspective, I do love you the Americans. All I can say, if you choose not to vote for Adam, do it only because you don’t appreciate him as an artist and not because of any other reason. And don’t forget: YES YOU CAN!!

  • Your Name

    Not my concern! I can’t judge him, we’ve all got something in the closet. As with Noah, some things should stay with you and your GOD. No infirmity is greater or smaller than the other, whether you’re a liar or gay. Use your talent. Love him y’all!! Sing on!!!!

  • CuriousRita

    When Adam Lambert was obviously leading the pack by miles during the first week of the final round, critics who happen to root for other finalists, the Gokeyans in particular, have to find ways on how to put down the very talented guy who is definitely making history. I definitely understand how they feel and it’s a real pity that they cannot accept the truth. Reality bites too deep, aye?!

  • Kerry Kolsch

    It is a singing contest. Adam is by far the best ever on Idol. He has great looks, great talent, and has that X factor that Elvis had in his day and other great performers share. He has brought with him skills that took years to achieve, and still remains humble when praised. I have never seen any contestant thank the band before. Adam is a class act and deserves to win! I do not care about his private life.

  • CuriousRita

    And I really do not care what his preferred sexuality is because all I want in him is his great performances. I’ve never seen any American Idol contestant who can bring the kind of excitement he naturally offers each week to all American Idol viewers around the world. And I have a feeling that deep inside his detractors, they have started to admire him more than their earlier favourites and I guess it’s the very reason why they kind of hate him that much. Only Clay Aiken probably can give him a good fight amongst previous finalists.

  • Your Name

    Good grief, people get over it. He is extremely talented with an incredible onstage charisma and appears to be respectful to others. What more do you want? Who knows or cares what we do in private. As a GF I know what it is like to hide a part of my life in fear of hateful bigotry, rejection and not being treated fairly. I’m out, but sadly not to everyone. And frankly, it’s not everybody’s business anyhow. But, if anything, I think that it makes him more endearing. My hope for him is that it doesn’t make any difference when it comes to his amazing vocal ability and people standing behind him without prejudice.

  • Applesauce

    It kind of matters to me. I really really do not like Adam personally.

  • France

    Adam is pretty good but Clay Aiken can sing rings around him. Too bad it was acceptable to bash Clay for being gay and now everyone is so quick to accept Adam. Good for Adam that he has it so easy but he owes Clay for taking the bullets all these years.

  • Becky Stone

    Truly. Who cares! He’s amazing and breathes like into American Idol, the audience and me.

  • Your Name

    I’m enjoying this season of American Idol because it seems to be a microcosm of the cultural war. Here we have Danny, “one of our own” who week after week turns in excellent performances and has an extraordinary vocal style. In the other corner, Adam Lambert- of whom every girl in my 7th grade girls Sunday School class is enamored, hoping against hope that somehow all those internet pictures will turn out to be fradulant. Adam’s YouTube video of “The Star Spangled Banner” has yet to get much publicity, but the guy stops singing, grabs his throat, and begins bleeting like a sheep in the middle of singing the National Anthem of his country.
    Adam Lambert is an EXTRAORDINARY talented young man. I have 3 of his songs on my ipod. (I have 3 of Danny’s too, one of Kris’, and one of Allison’s) I have to tip my hat to him and say that yes, I believe he is the most talented artist in the competition. Yes, I enjoy his music very much. But I have yet to vote for him. I’m a fan of Elton John and Freddie Mercury as well, so I’m definitely not in a place where I won’t attempt to appreciate Adam Lambert as an artist and musician because of his sexual orientation. It’s not an “us vs. them” competition- our battle is not against flesh and blood. But taking it away from the spiritual, how about just pure patriotism? The national anthem spoof offended me as an American citizen. And so much as I enjoy his music and admire his abilities, I have no desire to see him become the “American Idol.”

  • Your Name

    I think that people need to get over it.
    Adam is hands down the most talented contestant, he has true star quality and he will win American Idol. I Think it is so sad that this “gay” thing is such an issue. I don’t care if your religion says gay people are ‘bad’ or if you think it’s weird and wrong, you’re just being ignorant. Ignorance is NOT bliss. American Idol is a singing competition not a sexual orientation survey so can we focus on the talent please, which like it or not is Adam. Also about the Clay Aiken comment, Clay refused to admit he was gay for years and then ‘suprised’ everyone by coming out this year just when he was fading out of the spotlight. Adam does not have to thank Clay for anything, what about the gay people getting killed in other countries, maybe he should thank them for scarificing their lives to be true to who they are. Geez Louise people it’s the 21st century let’s be progressive.

  • Loran

    I don’t care at all. For heaven’s sakes, aren’t there more important things going on in the world than someone’s orientation???????????

  • Martina

    I don’t care one bit if he’s gay or bi or whatever. Isn’t Elton John gay? Michael Jackson? To name but a few.
    His interpretation of songs refreshes my very heart and soul, and I’m not a teeny.
    He’ll win. Everything else wouldn’t be right.

  • Nancy

    Who cares. Vote for the individual you believe is the best singer. Whether he is gay or not is not an issue. This is from a Baptist, who is 57 years old. I will vote for Adam, now.

  • Roni Marks

    Does it really matter if he is gay or not?? Definately not to me. I vote for him weekly. He is the most talented on the show. Danny is also good, but I think Adam has that added little something extra, where he makes every song his own. It is only narrow minded people that would even think it matters whether or not he’s gay…

  • American Idol Forum

    Who said he was gay??? I think people think he is gay, but I don’t think anyone knows for sure. But in any case, it doesn’t matter. The best singer should win.

  • Carole H

    As far as I am concerned, this is a non-issue and the question should not even have to be asked.
    This is a singing competion is it not?

  • Pam

    I wouldnt think it would matter in this time of world. He is a very good singer and even if he don’t win A.I. He will pick up a contract somewhere. In fact I think I will vote for another contestant even tho Adam is my favorite that way it wll give another a chance cuz Adam’s got it in the bag.

  • cat123

    This is SO not an issue!

  • Barbara


  • Mordred08

    I don’t really watch the show, but I’m of the opinion that a person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t exclude them from anything, including an equal shot at winning a singing contest.

  • MiMamaTaughtMeBettter_NOT

    Greetings: No matter, no worries. Adam Lambert is the best thing to come along since the invention of ice cream ! Not making excuses for Adam, but I think he is very attractive androgynously. He has a lot of each male and female characteristics. You know the way he flashes that great smile, and exudes all that sweetness in his eyes. And, look at all that male come hither – come on – he can really control that effectively. He’s further attractive in that he reminds me of Elvis a bit. He cocks that upper lip up like Elvis, and grinds his hips (in fact he is quite the dancer) and the black hair and blue eyes are great looking, kind of attractively ghoulish. When I was young, Elvis come on the scene, and I remember where I was when I first heard his voice, and was forever lost. I will again remember where I was when I heard and saw Adam Lambert for the first time.
    As far as the Videos and Photos of Adam on the internet, I don’t put much stock in them – when it’s a person is edgy like Adam, I feel they may get bored and get involved in the arena of dancing suggestive moves and doing or saying other things to “shock” people — after which he looks for entertainment in the reaction he gets from people at usually questionable behavior. Further, it looks to me as if he has become the “Alpha Male Wolf”, showing his dominance over the other competitors on Idol, 2009 – Season 8. Adam has a rainbow colored aura that circles him, it’s name is TALENT.
    As far as the exaggerated make-up, again I feel it is just an act and result of self-expression and of his theatre background. Perhaps, as a ten year old he sat and played at the make-up tables back stage during down time. Also that being subjected to theatre stage shows since he was ten years old, and being around many of the people that are make-up artists, hair-dressers, wardrobe and high-fashion stylists etc. couldn’t help but influence him to a very large extent – who knows who may have been his mentors. And, he was born in California, which is almost worse than anything when it comes to you know what — the looseness and nearly “all things accepted attitude” that comes with the “Hollywood, music and entertainment fields.”
    Well, that is my two cents worth.
    A new fan absolutely, Sharie

  • Remmy

    It absolutely should matter. Our society is screwed up enough without giving our kids one more reason that being screwed up is OK. It isn’t.

  • Dee Romesburg

    I don’t think anyone cares and they certainly shouldn’t. What does it matter? Nothing. It’s not like there have never been gay entertainers!

  • Renee Drew

    American Idol is about singing. What CONSENTING ADULTS do in PRIVATE is their business.

  • chris

    Adam just sang “Born to be Wild” and rocked the house. The song is the anthem for my generation. If/when he wins, he’ll have taken it by storm. In 2009, does his beig gay (or not) matter? Pick your knuckles off the pavement and join the Pepsi generation.

  • Mike

    Clay Aiken, anyone?

  • sam

    no. because little kids watch the show and would be a bad influence on them and would probrably ruin there dreams if they were gay and wanted to go onto american idol.and he would of been kicked off by now right

  • KC

    I don’t want to marry him, I just want to enjoy his talent. This is such a non-issue. I wish America would just drop the nonsense about gayness and be the light of the world in changing these stone-age prejudices!

  • Your Name

    It’s getting so exhausting to hear about who is and who is not gay…I don’t want to know, and I think many people would agree with me. I don’t want to know ANYONE’S sexuality…why does this HAVE to be our business? The minute they said he was gay, I immediately didn’t like him because he apparently is using that as his platform instead of singing. I really don’t want to know…don’t ask, don’t tell!

  • MK

    Of course it matters that Adam Lambert is gay. Of course the producers don’t want an openly gay contestant to win. To the previous commentor who said “remember Clay Aiken.” Clay didn’t win. He was, like Lambert, second place. Homophobia is still rampant and people who are tired of hearing who is gay and who is not are clearly not subject to the discrimination and harassment that gay and lesbian people still face. Young performers generally stay in the closet. Lance Bass is a prime example. He didn’t come out until his Nsync career was over by years. Also not that the projects he was working on when he came out suddenly tanked. Hmmmmmm. Ellen Degeneres not withstanding, being gay or lesbian is still not easy and our society, though it has come a long way, still has a long way to go. Pay attention to the rhetoric being used in the current marriage debate in Maine and you’ll see that hate and bigotry and good old christian self-righteousness is alive and well in the USA.

  • high blood pressure natural remedies

    People shouldn’t but do care. That said the interviewer should never have asked this question.
    Will Young won the UK Popstars show years ago but only came out AFTER he won. No doubt he would not have won had he come out earlier.

  • Marco Satyro

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  • Vicki Wagner

    You know who cares? Bigoted America, Mormons, Christian Cultists, Religious Right Wing nuts etc, etc. THEY care because they want to take attention off of all the perverted things that heterosexuals do. For instance, 98% of child molesters, aka, pedophiles are HETEROSEXUAL men. The heterosexual divorce rate in this country is approximately 54.9%. Rapists are primarily heterosexual men, domestic violence is a terrible tragedy and child abuse is also horrible. But, the religious nuts don’t want you to focus on all that…of course. They want you to think that gays are the degenerates of society. So people like Adam Lambert cannot just be who he is without people judging him for his sexual orientation. He should solely be judged on his singing merits alone. I certainly do not care that he is gay and I hope he goes on to a long successful career.

  • Jake

    Homophobia is still rampant and people who are tired of hearing who is gay and who is not are clearly not subject to the discrimination and harassment that gay and lesbian people still face. Young performers generally stay in the closet. Use medicines form my medicine blog, they surely helps! Lance Bass is a prime example. He didn’t come out until his Nsync career was over by years. Also not that the projects he was working on when he came out suddenly tanked. Hmmmmmm

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Your Name

    Gay or straight, Adam can SING. I do not personally approve of the Gay lifestyle. but also believe that what a man or woman does with their life is their business and would fight for the right for them to do what they want with it as long as it is not forced on others. Adam’s talent will take him far and he will be and already is very successful. I wish him good luck and happiness.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Rebecca

    So what if there are gay people on American Idol or any other talent program. Does being gay take away from their talent? If that was the case Elton John would be a talentless hack selling pretzels under an overpass….not that there is anyhting wrong with that if that is the job that whom so ever reads this may have.

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