Our Lady of Weight Loss

I am uncharacteristically in a ‘bad’ mood. I woke up at 3:45 a.m. with a banger of a headache; my husband has the flu and is coughing up a storm (I sure hope I don’t catch it), and when I made my sacred morning cup of coffee and sat down at the dining room table to stare out into space and enjoy the first rush of the day, my foot slid into a pile of cat vomit.
After I cleaned it up, brought my husband yet another box of tissues, I cozied up to my laptop to read my emails and Glory Be! Beliefnet was asking me “How Optimistic Are You?” I thought, “Okay, Beliefnet! You want to see how happy, optimistic and cheery I can be in the face of cat vomit??? (et al) You are On!”
9 easy, fun questions and YAY, I’m actually fairly optimistic today! Not the most optimistic person on the planet, but still … not so bad.
And YOU? Take the How Optimistic Are You Quiz! Quick and easy and fun way to give your day a boost of energy. And then click on the links below, guaranteed to ‘help.’
Oh, and one more thing! I’m ‘on’ Profound Pathways to Healing, Health and Happiness today! Just sign up (it’s free) and the powers at pathways will send you the link to my talk. Thanks! And now … on to optimism!
Quiz: How Optimistic Are You?
Optimism is key to bouncing back from adversity and preventing depression. It’s even good for fighting off colds and heart attacks. Take the quiz to find out your optimism quotient, and then learn how simple changes in your thinking patterns can help you become more positive. … Take Beliefnet’s Quiz! It’s FUN!
HAPPY LINKS: Read these and take the quiz again! Boost your optimism!
Affirmations 101: How to Embed Happiness in YOUR MIND!
The Power of A Presidential Smile
Profound Pathways to Health, Healing and Happiness

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