Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

What YOU Say: Food Demons and Voices of Doubt

A Kick in the Tush Club member writes about the her Food Demons and Alien Voices.
Dear Janice ~ I was reading your book, Our Lady of Weight Loss, and when got to the evil twin chapter, I really paused right there to meet that voice (I might say I was given an opportunity to see – because I do think this was a gift from God) and it wasn’t pretty! In fact in my mind’s eye, I caught the literal red eyes of my ‘evil twin.’ This may sound creepy in a way, but this story will conclude with how this relates to my theology/belief system as well.
Anyway, at that moment – I took my journal and wrote down all the things my ‘evil twin’ and/or the Alien voice tells me (this list is on-going) – and so this is my list (thus far):
Things my “Evil Twin” says to me:

  • “You will never reach your goal.”
  • “You are proving to the world you can be a happy, successful ‘heavy person’.”
  • “You speak to me with a ‘shades of doubt’ and deceptive vocabulary with words like “hopefully”, “I think I now get it”, “God willing” – you always leave an escape route so that I am not really held accountable.
  • “At least you are holding your weight (for 5 years) and have not gained back the 25 pounds.”
  • “Maybe you can’t lose any more than this – perhaps you are just stabilized here.”
  • “You’re on vacation – there’s always tomorrow.”
  • “Well, at least you are trying.”
  • “Well, at least you keep trying.”
  • “You only lost 0.8 lbs this week, and that was with a perfect journaling week”" (implying what hope is there?).
  • “You might as well give up.” – this one followed the above one of course.
  • “You’re never going to be thin, never have – never will.”
  • “People like me are never thin.”
  • “You don’t know how to be thin.”

    Anyway, my revelation was as follows just a few days after making this list.
    The Origins of the Evil Voice - My Truth: Adam & Eve’s sin in Genesis was a ‘fall for all persons’ – and at the point of that fatal temptation – Satan was externally spewing words of doubt , like “surely God can’t really mean this” in Eve’s ear – words she’d never heard before…temptation (and with fruit no less! ! !phith).
    At that very point of the ‘fall’ – at the point of the bite (again, funny it happened through eating-yes?) – at that cosmic moment, the external voice became our internal voice (forever and in all of us until Christ comes again), our evil twin inside was born. Now that I see and I know the voice, I can really hear the lies in it – I know now as I have never quite before.
    For the first time in my life I really did catch the spiritual nature of the trip to Sveltesville. Now I listen far more closely for what that ‘voice of doubt’ tells me, and I treat it way more seriously.
    Suffice it to say, thank you again for your part in it! Kathleen A.
    Dear Kathleen ~ Thank you so much for your thoughts and insights on your inner Alien a.k.a. Evil Twin. I am sure your words hit a chord with many. We have all heard that voice – to one degree or another – in one form or another.
    Weight Loss is a spiritual journey, most definitely! And I am honored to be a witness to your success. Keep up the great work!
    Spread the spiritual word … NOT the icing!
    Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, specializing in weight loss, reinvention, transformation & happiness, author, seminar leader and 50-pound-BIG-Time-LOSER! Write Janice for an Introductory Coaching Session.
    For more motivation and inspiration, join the Kick in the Tush Club: Beliefnet Chapter.
    Pick up a copy of Janice’s latest: All Is Forgiven, Move ON ~ Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville!
    “Janice Taylor is a certain kind of kooky genius ~ see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you.” ~ O, The Oprah Magazine
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    • Maggie

      ooookkkay. Kathleen’s list is remarkably similar to my own list. word for word. to read — outside of my own mind — the very thoughts I have had makes me pause and consider how NOT subjective these thoughts are. for me, that is an additional revelation. thanks to both of you, Kathleen and Janice. today especially I needed to read this.

    • Your Name

      light bulb moment! I was thinking these same thoughts too and didn’t even realize it. and i would never accept such poppycock in other areas of my life! why do i believe this junk about my body weight? how interesting. thanks for a great post.

    • Renee Drew

      I agree completely with Janice, Kathleen, Maggie, and the other commentor. (BTW, did you submite your comment without changing the Your Name to your name? That’s MY usual trick.) I’ve said ALL that stuff/junk/@#$% to myself far too many times!

    • http://www.ourladyofweightloss.com Our Lady of Weight Loss

      Thanks all … for your comments. I know … the Evil Twin is universal. WE all hear the voice!!!

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