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janice before-after postcard copy.jpgHey Y’all …. Dr. Norris Chumley and this blogger were chatting last week on the phone (yup, on the phone – tre retro!), and we thought it would be fun to dish the dirt, chew the fat, blog-to-blog from time-to-time. You know, toss a topic back n’ forth.
Dr. Norris kicked off our first “blog-O-sation” with What are YOU hungry for?
And now … drum roll please … my response!
When I was a kid, my grandmother lived with us. She was a very large woman – 300 pounds, at least – and she was very hungry, all the time!! She visited the refrigerator early and often (it was her primary form of exercise – actually, it was her only form of exercise).
And to be perfectly honest, it was a bone of contention between my mother and grandmother. With each and every visit to the fridge, my mother asked in an exasperated fashion, “What are you looking for?”
My grandmother snapped back, “I’m hungry.”
“Hungry for what?” my mother continued. “You couldn’t possibly be hungry. You had a steak sandwich 1/2 an hour ago.” And so it went …
It was pretty clear that my grandmother wasn’t hungry for food. Needless to say, the question never got answered, but it was something that stayed with me and proved useful in my weight loss journey. (I am a master of making lemonade out of lemons!)
I even made a card and put it on my fridge (you can download here, if you like, for your fridge). “hungry for?.pdf?”
Now, when I ask myself “What are YOU hungry for?” I can answer without reaching for food. That’s progress!
And right now, in this very moment – what am I hungry for? Actually, starving for???

  • Warm weather (if spring doesn’t come soon, I’m going to screammmmm)
  • Sunlight (I’m low on Vitamin D. I’m sure of it!!!)
  • Laughter that brings tears (oh, I could so use a belly laugh!!!)
  • A visit from my brother (he lives in Ireland and I’m missing him)

And you??? What are you HUNGRY for? Both Dr. Norris and I really want to know. Actually, I AM hungry to know what YOU ARE hungry for! Truly!!
Thanks for asking, Dr. Norris!
Spread the word … NOT the icing!

Post #1 from Dr. Norris: What are YOU hungry for?
Janice’s reply: I’m hungry for …
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