Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Janice & Dr. Norris Weigh-In: Hungry for LAUGHTER?

Continuing the Dr. Norris and Janice ‘blog-O-sation’ …
Dr. Norris says, “OK. Stop. I’m all into making weight loss fun, but I need to get serious now. IS WHAT YOU’RE HUNGRY FOR … HEALTH? … or PLEASURE?”
I don’t get it, Dr. Norris? It’s not an “either/or,” is it? I’m totally in favor of pleasure! Surely, one can find pleasure outside the cake, ice cream and potato arena, yes? Health/Pleasure: One isn’t mutually exclusive of the other.
Anyway, my point is that we can decorate our lives with glitter, vibrant colors, love, laughter and positive energy. Whether my mother and I have ‘real’ cake or not, is irrelevant. The cake isn’t the entertainment. The cake isn’t the focal point of the day. The cake is merely cake. We don’t give it not even a smidgeon of power.
I’m offering a new point of view. Bringing crayons to my mother’s with a cake-coloring book is silly, funny and joy-filled!
The point is that you can laugh it up while you slim down. And you don’t have to be (too) serious!
O, the Oprah Magazine said … “Janice Taylor is a kooky kind of genius. See if her idiosyncratic diet plan works for you!” They got it!!!
I look forward to our next ‘blog-O-conversation.’
From one big-time-loser to another … Dr. Norris, You Rock!
Hey, peeps … yeah, you – I’m talking to you out there …
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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Janice’s final reply for this blog-O-sation! Hungry for LAUGHTER!
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“Janice Taylor is a certain kind of kooky genius ~ see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you.” ~ O, The Oprah Magazine
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  • becky stone

    Hey Janice … I so appreciate that there is some place to go where the weight loss topic isn’t heavy! I need the laughter, the silliness. I guess you could say I’m hungry for it. Thanks. Becky

  • Dale Washington

    Hi Janice! I’m hungry for some hot & spicy personal changes. I’m craving decadent newness and difference in my life. And I’ll top it off with some sweet & rich playful adventure for dessert!
    Ummm simply delicious. I can taste it now! Thank You for this. All My Love!

  • Siggy

    I am hungry to permanently remove 10 pounds … and have fun … simultaneously. This would be satisfying, pleasurable and meaningful!

  • Sally MM

    Speaking of ‘peeps’ … it’s almost Easter (soon enough), and I look forward to seeing your Peep-O-Ramas (you made some a year or so ago and posted on in your Kick in the Tush Club newsletter). Will you be making them this year? – S.M.M.

  • Gregory Anne Cox

    Hungry for the smell of spring, the sight of the cardinal who visits on occasion, the deliciousness of reading the NY Times all the way through with sun streaming in the south facing windows on a Sunday, more of the wisdom of smart women at midlife just like you Janice!

  • Martin

    The obesity surgery risks are many, but if you go in prepared ahead of time, it can make a big difference in the success of your operation. I would also recommend checking out more than one obesity clinic. There are many good weight loss clinics that can offer you all the best of the 3 types of weight loss surgery listed above.

  • cat123

    I think you’ve hit on something really spectacular! As a fellow crafter, I love to “lose myself” in my work. While I am working I completely lose track of time and food seems like a faraway concept…ahh, bliss. If only I could craft 24/7 – then I’d be UNSTOPPABLE!

  • Robyn

    If there is a way to make weight loss FUN…I am all about it! I am a total yo-yo person and would love to find some more consistency in my life.
    Happiness is the answer…!

  • Diana G.

    OL of W means so much to me…
    I feel encouraged just looking at her picture or even just thinking about her. Those of us who would like to live well and be healthy can take inspiration from many sources and many different styles.
    This is an AND-AND issue for sure….AND this can help, AND this AND this…. providing folks with different options and paths to wellness is a good thing.
    I think about the different kinds of coaches in the local recreation basketball league. There is a coach who always tells the boys what they did wrong during each break and there is a coach who cheers for the boys even when their shots miss. Which group of 3-6th grade boys wants to continue to play basketball on into the future? Which ones think they’re not good enough to keep trying?
    Janice Taylor helps me to believe in myself. She shows me that there is another road to self improvement other than a torturous one. Yes, it takes effort but one can laugh and smile and feel good along the way. She realizes that another name for woman is “guilt” but “guilt” is not a helpful, healthy state. OLW’s focus is on reminding us to pursue our true selves, our wishes, our dreams. Healthy living is a natural byproduct of self respect and self determination. She reminds us to focus on our appetite for life. She urges to stop swallowing down our needs along with a pint of premium ice cream.
    She get us. She is us. She calls us. She writes us. She helps us.

  • Marilyn

    Dr. Norris and Janice – It’s health and pleasure. I find when I laugh and have fun I feel better about myself. When I feel good, I don’t need food to satisfy any cravings as my cravings disappear with the laughter. This opens me up to more joy, more satisfaction, more inclination to ‘exercise’ (or move), and I’m more inclined to thank God I’m doing well! I’ve permanently removed 45 pounds with both of you (still more to go), so keep up the good work.

  • Linda

    I entirely agree with Janice that “health” and “pleasure” are not mutually exclusive, that one can have both simultaneously. Being healthy allows one to experience pleasure and experiencing pleasure is health-promoting.

  • Wanda

    This really hits the nail on the head. I would’ve never thought of it
    like this, if I hadn’t read it like this. But its all so true. But I was using a bag full of M&M’s wit mine. Thanks so much for opening my
    eyes more.

  • Karen

    So really it’s about substituting something else for the food, and the “pleasure” it gives you. We all know we are filling ourselves up, trying to make ourselves happy. It boils down to what makes you happy? Finding something other than food is the tough part. What makes me happy can vary from day to day. Sometimes it’s feeling good about my body and what I’ve done to make it healthier- ie. exercise, eat good food- other times it’s about comforting myself with food. Yes health is important to me but when I’m feeling stressed or emotionally needy it’s not health that comes to mind as a way to make myself feel better, it’s carbs and sugar. BUT if I can connect with something that brings out my creative side all thoughts of food disappear. How to keep that going is the never ending question.

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