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Continuing the Dr. Norris and Janice ‘blog-O-sation’ …
Dr. Norris says, “OK. Stop. I’m all into making weight loss fun, but I need to get serious now. IS WHAT YOU’RE HUNGRY FOR … HEALTH? … or PLEASURE?”
I don’t get it, Dr. Norris? It’s not an “either/or,” is it? I’m totally in favor of pleasure! Surely, one can find pleasure outside the cake, ice cream and potato arena, yes? Health/Pleasure: One isn’t mutually exclusive of the other.
Anyway, my point is that we can decorate our lives with glitter, vibrant colors, love, laughter and positive energy. Whether my mother and I have ‘real’ cake or not, is irrelevant. The cake isn’t the entertainment. The cake isn’t the focal point of the day. The cake is merely cake. We don’t give it not even a smidgeon of power.
I’m offering a new point of view. Bringing crayons to my mother’s with a cake-coloring book is silly, funny and joy-filled!
The point is that you can laugh it up while you slim down. And you don’t have to be (too) serious!
O, the Oprah Magazine said … “Janice Taylor is a kooky kind of genius. See if her idiosyncratic diet plan works for you!” They got it!!!
I look forward to our next ‘blog-O-conversation.’
From one big-time-loser to another … Dr. Norris, You Rock!
Hey, peeps … yeah, you – I’m talking to you out there …
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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“Janice Taylor is a certain kind of kooky genius ~ see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you.” ~ O, The Oprah Magazine
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