Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss spoke to me in my sleep last night. Actually, I wasn’t quite asleep. I was dozing … in the delicious half wake/half sleep state. Yum!
SHE has been communicating with me in this fashion for close to a decade now (Whoa! Time flies!). When she has something important to say, something she wants me to pass along to you, she nudges me just as I am drifting off. I keep a notebook and pen next to my bed, for such occasions. I jot down the message and then continue to drift, drift, drift … ahhhhhh.
Anyway, before I get so comfortable and drift off again … this time SHE specifically asked – more like instructed – that I reach out to YOU (yes, YOU!!), and see if you might be interested in joining us (OLofWL and me) in changing the agreed upon meaning of the word “DIET.”
According to Webster’s dictionary the word ‘diet’ is not limited to what we eat or drink. Its number 2 meaning is: “something provided or experienced repeatedly, i.e. ‘a diet of Broadway shows and nightclubs’ ~ Frederick Wyatt.”
A diet of Broadway shows and nightclubs appealed to Our Lady. It seems like a diet she could live with. She also expressed interested in a ‘diet’ of happiness, love and gratitude. Yes, imagine ingesting daily platters of happiness, filling up on love! Wow!
OLofWL is very interested in re-defining ‘diet’ as a regime that moves us away from feelings of deprivation, defeat and depression (our past association to the word diet); and rather a regime that moves us toward happiness!
She is therefore suggesting a daily diet consisting of: happiness, creativity, self-love, and positive energy and that we feed our minds, spirit, and sense of play. That’s right!
We can follow The Happiness Diet and have our daily intake of happiness. Happiness includes (but is not limited to) talking to friends, enjoying a walk around the park, deep breaths of fresh air, buying flowers and arranging them in five vases around the living room!
Our Lady of Weight Loss wants to know …
What would you like to fill up on? What would you like to experience repeatedly? What new definition would you to give the word “diet?”
DIET: from the Our Lady of Weight Loss Dictionary
“Something that you experiences repeatedly that fills you up in the best sense … with non-food related items! For example: The Happiness Diet consists of daily platterfuls of beautiful morning skies, Mozart and/or John Lennon, dishy conversations with good friends, hugs, kisses, and cozy slippers.
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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