Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Your NOT To Do List

People often ask me, “How do you do it all?” To which I respond, “What makes you think I do it all? I don’t. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned, for goodness sake.”
Here’s how to clear your calendar! Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper. On one side of the paper write ‘to do’ list, and then on the other side of the page write ‘not to do.’ Now, write out all you have to do on the to do side of the page. We really do have ridiculously long ‘to do’ lists, don’t we?
Here comes the fun part! Take a good look at your ‘to do’ list and take anything on it that someone else could do for you and move it to your ‘not to do’ list. For instance, take the laundry. Either find someone else in the house who is capable of tossing it into the washer and drier to do the laundry or send it out. Is food shopping taking up too much of your precious time? Order on-line or call-in a standing delivery to your neighborhood grocery store. Cleaning? Forgetaboutit. I’m lucky. My husband has a much lower tolerance to mess than I do. I can count on him to clean up!
Lighten Your Load. Write out your Not to Do List today and get ‘busy.’
Spread the word … NOT the icing,
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  • cat123

    To do:
    Be happy.
    Not to do:
    Anything else.
    Done! Thanks, Our Lady, for freeing me up!!!

  • janice, our lady of weight loss

    Truly … is there anything else that needs to be done? Nope!

  • becky stone

    Great idea. There really are a lot of things on my list that are cluttering my thinking, and slowing me down. I’ll hand out to someone else. Now … on my to do list “find someone to give my work to.” :)

  • waitingforspring

    My not to do list in the wintertime consists of: shoveling snow, chopping ice, spreading sand and salt, clearing snow off the roof and icicles off the eaves, and other snow and ice related jobs. My Hubby works 10 -12 hour days and then comes home and does all these things. I don’t ask him to do any more.

  • Anastasia

    My name is Anastasia. I’m 17.I live in Castlewood VA and I hope that you can help me …I have been some what fat all my life…and I have gained a lot of weight .I have high blood pressure and the only person left on my mother side that’s not a dietbite. But it seems that what ever I do I can’t lose weight. I really need your help. Do you have any tips or diets that would help me? My Sr. prom will be coming up in April and I may be getting married soon. I would just feel better about my self if I could lose 30lb maybe more and I just hope you can help. Thank you!!! I’m not one of those girls that are 100lb and think that they are fat I’m 5’3 and 183lb.I just need a little help. My mother is a bigger lady also and she said that I just fine the way I am, so she will not help. I can’t buy stuff that would help; I don’t have a job or I would. She refused to buy me any thing that could help. I need a little help and hope. The health issues are really getting to me. Like I said my mother is 40 and she has had 3 heart attacks. I’m really worried and I do not want to be like her.Thanks

  • Nana

    Dear Anastasia,
    What a beautiful name you have. I am so proud of you that you are trying to take positive steps to improve your health. I’m guessing your mom is trying to protect you from the pitfalls of yoyo dieting that most of us with excess weight have suffered. You also need to know that you are beautiful and worthwhile no matter what size you are. There are lots of excellent free resources available to help you. For instance State Farm Insurance will give you a free pedometer and a booklet created by Dr Ian Smith of the Biggest Loser as they have joined forces to encourage Americans to lose 50 Million pounds. Go to to learn more. Lots of great resouces there. I also highly recommend Jon Gabriel’s excellent book the Gabriel Method, as diet and exercise alone will never work for you if you don’t get to the root of why your body thinks it needs to hold on to the excess weight in the first place. He also has a radio show you can listen to on the web.
    Your Dr. might be able to help you to explain to your mother that you are focusing on improving your health, not just trying to look good in your prom dress, and that you need her support to help you reach your goals. My own mother passed away last year. in spite of repeated heart attacks and strokes she failed to stick with her Dr’s advice regarding lifestyle choices about nutrition, exercise and smoking. Her early death was heartbreaking and a big wake up call for me. I’ve made steady progress towards meeting my own health goals, and while I focus more on whether my choices are healthy for me rather than how much weight I lose, the weight is coming off as well. I gave up sodas and switched to plain water or sometimes I flavor it with lemon, ginger or mint, and unsweetened iced tea as my beverages of choice. To wean myself off the sweetness of the sodas I mixed in a little fruit juice with the water and teas in the beginning. I still like mixing half orange juice and half soda water for a bubbly treat once in awhile. I also try to walk at least 30 extra minutes every day. I wear the pedometer all day and if I don’t get in a total of 10,000 steps throughout my day, the dog and I go for a couple of extra laps around the block. Just these two changes alone helped me to lose about 26 pounds. I also try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meats and dairy, whole grain breads and cereals, and generally make nutrious food choices. I don’t deny myself any foods if I really want them, but I do check in with myself to see if I really want to eat, or am I thirsty, or trying to fill a hunger for something else other than food that is lacking in my life. The Gabriel Method book helped me alot. I hope you find this helpful and I’ll keep you in my prayers. Yuo have to figure out what will work best for you and what you find enjoyable because you can’t stick with if it’s not fun for you. Talk to a school counselor about starting a support group at your school for teens like yourself who are trying to make better health choices. You’re going to meet your goals, as you make changes you’ll feel better inside and out, and you’ll inspire others as well. You’re going to look beautiful in your prom dress and your beau is going to be so proud to walk in with you on his arm. The high blood pressure will disappear as you add your favorite physical activities to your daily routine. Most libraries will lend out DVDs and tapes as well as books, so check out what’s available at your local branch. Hope this helps. Good Luck sweetie!

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