Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Starve a Fever? Feed a Cold? Starve a Cold? Feed a Fever?

Our Lady of Weight Loss KILLS the Flu
Oh Me, Oh My! “IT” came out of NOWHERE … I was feeling absolutely fine one moment and the very next I was overcome with aches, pains, fever, stuffy nose, cough! And I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to feed ‘it’ or starve ‘it.’
So, I crawled into bed with my laptop and a cup of hot tea and asked Our Lady of Weight Loss to give me the strength to do a bit of Internet research. Never mind that I wasn’t hungry – never mind that I had a 101 fever … As any good foodie would do, I searched for permission to FEED this BABY!!! Here’s what I found out!!!

Our Lady of Weight Loss’s TIPS on How to KILL the COLD

… Yahoo!!! Get out your flannel p.j.’s and ‘chill.’
… Primarily water. Your body cannot function properly without the right amount of water.
… Natural juices.
… Vegetable juices.
… Hot Grapefruit juice (haven’t tried it yet).
… ‘They’ say that a healthy person should ingest 3,000 to 5,000 mg’s of vitamin C. And there are Vitamin C powders and Vitamin C crystals that you can mix with water! (another way to get the water in). Try 5,000 mg’s or more!!! (Ask your doctor!)
… Socks, hats, gloves; even if you’re in bed! It’s okay to look silly. You’ll get more sympathy.
… Some swear by them and they say that zinc will kill the cold in its tracks.
6. FOOD!!!!!! (Drum roll … here comes the answer to the starve it/feed it question!)
… If you are hungry, eat; If you are NOT hungry, don’t! Soup is a good idea because it’s warm, has plenty of nourishment in it and it’s liquid.
SORRY! Our Lady of Weight Loss did not lead me to even one tiny little article that said that I should stuff myself; eat French fries dipped in Ketchup; order a pizza; eat ice cream or candy. Common sense, once again, prevails.
In the meantime, I have flushed the fever out of me!!!
And here is a link to Fiona Hayes’ recipe for LOW FAT CHICKEN AND RICE SOUP.
You can sign up for her newsletter! Fiona rocks!!!
What do you do when you have a rotten kick-tush cold? How do you stop ‘it’ in its tracks!?!!! Leave comment below.
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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  • Nathanne

    Hi Janice, I got this tip from a professional child care worker, and I have tried it. It works. At the very first sign of a cold, sore throat, or the sneezies start drinking lots and lots of water. Keep that water bottle filled up, and stay close to the bathroom. You can squeeze lemon into it too with a little Splenda or no calorie sweetener to make it easier to get down (and for the Vit. C). It really flushes out the bugs.

  • Dee

    I take Airborne and Zicam at the first sign of a cold. Lots of water & extra sleep too. Also, Grandma’s Remedy = hot tea with whiskey in it – soothes the throat and helps me sleep. Soup + tea + cuddling with kitties. ;-)

  • Your Name

    Ten years my Massage Therapist, who is a Reiki Master, asked me to go on a supplement. I have not had a cold or the Flu since I began taking it regularly. It is called: Quantum Health Super Lysine Plus Immune System. It sells for $15.59 at a Health Food Store for 180 tablets. Initially, I took 2 3X’s a day, now I take 2. But if I am going to take any form of public transportation, as in flying, I go back to six a day for one week before boarding my plane.

  • Fran

    The last cold I had (2 weeks ago) I sneezed and blew my nose all day long, at bedtime I drank a LARGE cup of boiling water, lots of lemon juice and lots of rum. I slept like a log with no symptoms. When I woke they were back so I started dring hot lemonade with agave for sweetning no rum all day and again slept like a log. The next day I was completely over the cold.
    Needless to say I went out and bought a giant bottle of lemon juice.

  • Z

    Boil the bugs and sweat them out! What I have done for years that seems to work is keep my temperature up while sleeping and staying well hydrated. I drink lots of clear liquids, bundle up as warm as I can, and rest, sleeping, if possible.
    First, I put on layers of clothes such as long underwear, turtle neck, sweats, pajamas, socks, and hat; all loose, nothing constricting. It is especially important to keep the neck and chest warm.
    Next, I get well hydrated, drinking water, juice, and especially electrolytes such as Gatorade, Powerade, or something similar. I always try to include a good servings of hot chicken noodle soup before taking a naps; at least the broth if my stomach is too sensitive for the solids. This will keep me running to the bathroom often, but that is a good thing in this situation.
    Then I get under a bunch of blankets, throws, comforters, afghans, and quilts. I keep drinks and tissues close at hand and keep an eye on my temperature to make sure it doesn’t get in to dangerous range (over 104 F is my personal mark). I have found that actually sleeping is much more help than just laying down while watching TV.
    So, the check list:
    Liquids (Water, Electrolytes, Chicken Noodle Soup, and juice)
    Warmth (Bundle up and get under a pile of blankets)
    Keep an eye on body temp and hydration. Urine that is yellow or cloudy is one sign of dehydration.

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