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Dig it! The President pays for his own food!!!
Did you know that the first family pays for their own foods? True!
The first family can pick whatever snacks they want and ask the chef to prepare the foods that they like, and then they will receive a bill at the end of the month. I understand past presidents and their families were surprised at the prices!!!
What will the Obamas eat? Are they on a budget?
I have it on good account that there will be some healthy changes in The White House!
Often called a miracle food because it packs more nutritional punch than most veggies and heavily loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium, broccoli will be a mainstay on the menu. In addition, you might find a bottle or two of Organic Berry Tea in the President’s fridge. He enjoys a big healthy gulp after his workouts! And finally, there will be raw nuts available for snacks. The operative word here is raw … not overly salted, or dry-roasted! Raw and healthy!!
Here follows one of Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Fav Recipes … just in case the White House Chef is in need of something simple, easy, and Our Lady of Weight Loss approved! Plus, it’s a cheap eat! Recession proof.
Presidential Chicken with Broccoli
Ingredients: One whole boneless, skinless chicken breast (diced into 1/2″ pieces) * One bunch fresh broccoli (cut into medium pieces) * 3-4 cloves garlic sliced or minced (Are you brave? Throw in more!) * Healthy-style pasta rigatoni approximately 6 ounces cooked al-dente * Olive oil
Instructions: Prepare all ingredients and get out a large stir-fry pan.* Cook pasta and drain well. * When pasta is almost done, heat pan and add about 1 tablespoon olive oil, continue to heat. * Stir-fry chicken and garlic. * When chicken is uniformly cooked (no pink areas), add broccoli and continue to stir fry. * If ingredients too dry add just a little chicken broth or olive oil sparingly. * Add pasta, stir again, put lid on pan and let sit on low heat about 5 to 10 minutes. * Enjoy!
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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