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Dear Oprah, I am excited that you are launching your “Best Life” series this week. I have ‘inked’ your various shows and webinars on my calendar and plan to have pen and paper at hand to take notes.
I am going to practice ‘authentic listening’ (a learned skill) and take notes from the perspective of a Life & Wellness Coach. I am going to let you know where I think “Oprah is spot on.” AND where I suspect “Oprah is spot-off.”
I may have missed it, but I’m wondering if you have ever spoken to “Why do YOU Want to Be Fat?” Have you ever looked at what you are putting up with, stomaching, tolerating. Have you fully looked at what is ‘weighing you down?’
Have you fully answered the question: Why Do I WANT to BE FAT!!! With all due respect, I suspect that there is a reason, a pay-off, a comfort that you find in those extra layers.
Here follows something I have written to help some of us bring ‘lite’ to the subject. Feel free to fill in the blank and write me or leave a comment below (that goes for those who are reading this as well!).
Instead of asking yourself the usual, “I want to lose weight because …,” try approaching this from a new perspective.
I want to be fat because ____________________________.
Is it possible that your extra layer of fat protects you in some way?
Is there a part of you that wants to be fat?
Your Unconscious Mind and your Conscious Mind may be at battle. While your Conscious Mind is telling you (more like screaming) that you want to lose weight, get in shape, be fabulous; your Unconscious Mind is ordering you to eat and for good reason.
Why Stay Fat
The primary objective of your Unconscious Mind is to protect you; keep you safe. Therefore, if your Unconscious Mind received any information early on in life that indicates that keeping that extra layer of fat might protect you, or that eating could take away your pain, it will come forth and tell you to eat. Your Unconscious Mind has quite a bit of control over your eating behavior.
You may want to keep your extra layer of fat if you…

  • fear your sexual energy
  • need protection
  • fear being seen (and perhaps judged)
  • don’t like attention
  • have very low self-esteem and feel undeserving
  • feel that success is for those other lucky folk but not you
  • believe that permanent fat removal may require you to make a major life change (i.e., get a divorce, change jobs)
  • fear that you will lose friends

Clearly some of the above to not seemingly applicable to you, Oprah. However, most of us who have a significant amount of excess weight to remove have invested years and years into being stuck in and under our fat.
Fill in the blank …
I want to be fat because ____________________ .
Make a serious commitment to explore your reasons with the intent to allow your Unconscious Mind to let go and move on.
Spread the word … not the ICING!
PS: Oprah, Are you working with anyone who has actually permanently removed a significant amount of weight? There are many out there who preach a good amount of great information, but ‘they’ don’t really get it. Someone once told me, if you want to be rich, don’t ask a poor person how to make money. Same idea applies here, Oprah, if you want to permanently remove the excess, then talk the walk with someone who has actually taken the journey. I permanently removed 50 pounds over 7 years ago. I must know something!
Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, author, seminar leader and 50-pound-BIG-Time-LOSER!
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