Our Lady of Weight Loss

Non-Emotional Spirit Sappers! by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach and 50 pound big-time-loser.
Sometimes things get in our way and weigh us down, stop us from moving forward, muck up the works and inadvertently send us to the fridge, and these things may have nothing whatsoever to do with our emotions.
Some of these non-emotional spiritual sappers fall below our conscious radar and are computed by our subconscious. So take a moment to stop, be aware, look around, listen, and take note. Particularly important to do during the holiday season, when your energy is being pulled in so many different directions!
What is seriously sapping your spiritual energy? Your resolve? Your energy?

Our Lady of Weight Loss’s
Top Seven Things that Sap Your Spiritual Energy

1. CLUTTER silently gnaws, bites, and nibbles away at your calm center as it takes up valuable air and space.
What to do? Clean up, of course! Make order (humans love order). Read “Miracle of Clearing Proportions.”
2. LOUD NOISES grate, aggravate, annoy and irritate and can wind you up and drive you mad!
What to do? Wear ear plugs! From $1 to $187.50
3. AIR POLLUTION can negatively impact on our health, cause coughs, burning eyes, breathing problems and even death (which would surely sap spiritual energy).
What to do? True, we have no choice but to breathe, however, we can avoid high-traffic industrialized areas on poor air quality days (my head is spinning that we’ve created such a planet). Protect yourself and the air you breath!
4. DEHYDRATION dries, shrivels and depresses. Our bodies are more than 75 percent water, our blood is more than 80 percent water, our muscles more than 75 percent water and our brains more than 76 percent water! We NEED water to think!
What to do? Bottoms up, plain and simple. Drink 6 to 8 glasses every day! Our Lady has plenty to say on the topic!
5. WORRYING clutters the mind, drains, takes up valuable thinking time and carries some heavy-duty negative health effects with it.
What to do? Meditate, listen to music, chant!
6. SLEEP DEPRIVATION brings on feelings of irritability, impatience and depression. It weakens the immune system and leaves dark circles on ones eyes.
What to do? Get a good night’s rest! (Duh!) Stanford U. has some tips on sleeping!
7. TELEVISION deadens the mind and puts you into a non-active, non-thinking state. You disappear all right, but not in a good way.
What to do? Escape into a book. Or into something interactive that teaches. I highly recommend Have FUN!
Spread the word, NOT the icing,

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