Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

7 Things that Sap Your Spiritual Energy

Non-Emotional Spirit Sappers! by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach and 50 pound big-time-loser.
Sometimes things get in our way and weigh us down, stop us from moving forward, muck up the works and inadvertently send us to the fridge, and these things may have nothing whatsoever to do with our emotions.
Some of these non-emotional spiritual sappers fall below our conscious radar and are computed by our subconscious. So take a moment to stop, be aware, look around, listen, and take note. Particularly important to do during the holiday season, when your energy is being pulled in so many different directions!
What is seriously sapping your spiritual energy? Your resolve? Your energy?

Our Lady of Weight Loss’s
Top Seven Things that Sap Your Spiritual Energy

1. CLUTTER silently gnaws, bites, and nibbles away at your calm center as it takes up valuable air and space.
What to do? Clean up, of course! Make order (humans love order). Read “Miracle of Clearing Proportions.”
2. LOUD NOISES grate, aggravate, annoy and irritate and can wind you up and drive you mad!
What to do? Wear ear plugs! From $1 to $187.50
3. AIR POLLUTION can negatively impact on our health, cause coughs, burning eyes, breathing problems and even death (which would surely sap spiritual energy).
What to do? True, we have no choice but to breathe, however, we can avoid high-traffic industrialized areas on poor air quality days (my head is spinning that we’ve created such a planet). Protect yourself and the air you breath!
4. DEHYDRATION dries, shrivels and depresses. Our bodies are more than 75 percent water, our blood is more than 80 percent water, our muscles more than 75 percent water and our brains more than 76 percent water! We NEED water to think!
What to do? Bottoms up, plain and simple. Drink 6 to 8 glasses every day! Our Lady has plenty to say on the topic!
5. WORRYING clutters the mind, drains, takes up valuable thinking time and carries some heavy-duty negative health effects with it.
What to do? Meditate, listen to music, chant!
6. SLEEP DEPRIVATION brings on feelings of irritability, impatience and depression. It weakens the immune system and leaves dark circles on ones eyes.
What to do? Get a good night’s rest! (Duh!) Stanford U. has some tips on sleeping!
7. TELEVISION deadens the mind and puts you into a non-active, non-thinking state. You disappear all right, but not in a good way.
What to do? Escape into a book. Or into something interactive that teaches. I highly recommend Have FUN!
Spread the word, NOT the icing,

For more motivation and inspiration, join the Kick in the Tush Club: Beliefnet Chapter.
Pick up a copy of Janice’s latest: All Is Forgiven, Move ON ~ Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville!
” . . . . kooky genius ~ see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you.” ~ O, The Oprah Magazine
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  • Rebekah

    Very good tips, Janice!
    I personally do not subscribe to cable tv, exactly for the fact that it numbs your brain and turns you into a zombie. I believe that watching too much tv actually makes people dumber. Besides, if there’s ever a show that I absolutely have to watch (such as Lost or The Office), I can likely watch it for free on the network’s website. Or buy several seasons on DVD if they’re available.
    I could sure use some help with that clutter thing tho….

  • Steffanie

    Watching television has mad me more intellegent over the years because I always turn on the closed captioning and leave it on kidding. I have perfectly good hearing but I exercise my brain by reading and watching tv at the same time! It’s a win win situation. Television doesn’t eat you brain as long as you stay away from popular programming. It’s pop culture
    that erodes the mind, the morals and the humanity.

  • Marian

    TV is a positive and a negative. You must be mature and focused to discern what is beneficial to you. There are excellent channels for science, history and other intellectual programming. You must limit the time spent watching TV.
    My mother watches junk TV from 8:00am in the morning until she retires for bed in the PM…needless to say she is a zombie. Many times you can not hold a conversation with her because her eyes and mind are always roaming back to the TV. Many times she will turn the volume up so she can hear the TV over your voice. When the phone rings she will talk on the phone with the TV blasting. I am constantly turning the volume down. She many times holds the remote hostage so the volume or the channels will not be changed.
    Her social life is limited and she nor my father very seldom have anyone, other than occasional family, stop by just for conversation.
    Nothing beats social interaction with another intelligent human being!

  • Rita

    I agree w/ Steffanie w/ the closed captioning on. I do the same thing. Not because I cannot hear it, but because I want to learn more on spelling and grammar.
    History channel, learning channel, discovery channel and the such actaully teach me things I didn’t know. Then there are times when after a long day of thinking, I just want to watch what I call ”mindless tv”. Those would be the sitcoms. Short half hour shows that I can tune in and out. I can choose to actively watch and pay attention or lose myself in my thoughts on other things. I don’t think of it as spirtually sapping me. It also helps me get sleepy and wind down for bedtime.
    I do agree w/ the clutter, loud noises and dehydration.

  • Candace

    VERY Practical and upliftin!!!!
    Great JOB!!!

  • Thomas

    True about clutter.
    True about noise, mute button, for me, on commercials works great, because they mostly grate, and take a huge percentage of your time.
    True for the rest of your tips also.
    Thanks, for the focus.

  • Jacqueline M. Jakle

    I agree about the clutter, noise, pollution, dehydration, sleep deprivation, and worrying. Television offers more good programming these days with everything from home decorating to cooking, gardening, antiques, history, animals, etc. My schedule doesn’t allow for much TV viewing, so I use my PVR to record shows for later viewing. For some people, TV is their only form of entertainment and education, and for some, it’s their escape from whatever is bothering them.

  • Lisa

    …. and for those that have cable tv, let’s not forget TBN (trinity broadcast network) that offers wonderful sermons from various pastors and preachers. Spiritually sapping? I think not. Very uplifting to hear God’s word almost any time!

  • kahu

    Aloha All!!!
    I do believe human beings need to get to a place daily where there is total quiet. Silence is golden, it helps to free the mind of garbage and helps to just relax the spirit. we do need food for nurishment, water to prevent dehydration, and clean air to breathe, we also need to just be quiet and be still for at least ten or more minutes a day to reenergize our mind, body, and spirit.

  • Ed

    Very practical advice

  • Brian

    Sure there is lots good on tv…I love all the history channels, National Geo etc….however it is all one-way communication…people need people (B.Streisand, 1969)and if you are lucky to find someone who nourishes you you are awful lucky or blessed. My stepson, even if I am talking nourishes me by his presence…he is appreciative, calm, understanding and always seems to understand , even without verbalizing , what I am going thru…my wife and son are the opposite…they drain me. Unfortunately I only see my stepson a few times a year.
    I hope you find that person

  • Twyla Owens

    i have to agree! i dont like too much T.V. and i cant stand clutter! i cant stand for anything to sap my spirit!

  • Paula Price

    Thanks for the great article that gave tips concerning what kind of things zap my spiritual energy. It’s been something I have been struggling with for what seems to be a decade. The thing is, it’s not just the ordinary self-help babble, but real “Tangable” and quite simple changes even for someone like me who suffers from Major Depressive Disorder. I am going to write them all down, and after I study them, and make them a part of my daily life with practice with perceverance, I will be sure to share them with others.
    Again, Thank You Very Much! Sincerely, Paula

  • circlinghawk

    just an FYI-the benefits of television peak at 45 minutes, after that the brain waves go wild with no relaxation benefits, unless you are willing to be active during that time-stretch, exercise, clean the living room, etc. Water is the ticket for weight loss-take one half your body weight and then drink that many ounces of water-I weigh 250 lbs which is 125 lbs when divided-I drink at least 125 ounces of water daily. Be careful of electrolytes, don’t want to flush them out. For those who worry chronically-make an appointment during the week and use that time to worry-Wed from 8-9pm say, and then stop yourself if you begin to fret before that time, remind yourself that you have an appointment and then worry to your hearts content-when I first started this, I had an hour five nights a week, this decreased to the point(over several months) that worry is not an issue and I stay pretty much focused on today and right now

  • Joe Monroe

    Thanks for the advice. For me, I am always fighting fatigue, depression, bouts of digestive problems, fibromyalgia. You might say”Boy, this guy is a hypocondriac, no…I have fought AIDS for 25 years, and over those 25 years have done everything on your list, yet I can not remember how many hospital stays I have had, nor do I remember how many times I have gone under the knife. I lived very happily in a large city for over 25 years and when I was told my father might die, I left my disease in the background, moved everything to a small midwest town, and renovated an antique store for him. Well, when my health needed more than the small community could handle. I went back to L.A., with my life of art archives and such in a storage unit.
    I began receiving, odd hints of things sent to me that were in my locked storage. My father stole and made a key and then dilibertly mocked the life of service and important events I had in L.A. Knowing my archives as an artist were being ravaged by a jealous father, I came back to horror. We have now been estranged nearly 4 years. I am re-organizing 25-30 years, and keeping my painting alive. I wonder why I am so tired all the time. Once again I will set up an altar.
    thank you for your help.

  • Diane

    hello, I am growing into my spiritual true self and I have experinced a lot of differnet things going on in my life. I am getting a budda belly. Belly looks like a budda. Well anyway in this road that I am traveling my spirit will speak the truth but we have to explain it to people and sometimes they misunderstand the spirit. I told someone I was inlove with them. Totally took it the wrong way.{Negative thinking} I was thinking positve. Clean way. What I should of said, I was inlove with his spirit. The energy is so facidnating,comming off this person I can feel it, I don’t know if he knows he has it though. And it is draing me because of this misunderstanding.
    I am very married and I with my mate we are growing together spiritualy and it is awsome, wow, to be with your soul mate as we go though this transition together.

  • peterson

    Thanks for sharing. This is really nice. Thanks mate.

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