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We all know that keeping a food diary is hugely important in the land of successful weight loss. And whilst it is important to record what you have eaten and how much you have eaten each and every day, you may also want to look at and make note of your “triggers.”
Trigger foods are foods that get the better of us; that set off some sort of irrational chain reaction that causes us to over-eat, binge – go crazy!
Over the course of the day, our brains send out a number of hunger messages. Sometimes we are actually hungry! (I experienced that once.)
And then there are the times when the mere mention of fries, or the aroma of fresh baked goods from the local bakery, or even a food commercial sets us off! There are emotional triggers, too. Big boss says something that’s unnerving and undermining and the urge to order an entire pizza pie for lunch is set into motion. Or, your mother gives you a ‘compliment’ (HA!) and next thing you know you are covered in Oreo cookie crumbs.
It’s important to identify your triggers, and write them down! Because writing them down – whether they are food triggers, emotional triggers, situational triggers – can help you to identify your ‘trigger patterns.’ With awareness, you can derail the ‘trigger’ before it is actually ‘triggered.’
Make sense? You betcha’!
Be sure to let us know what triggers you. Could help us identify what triggers us! We’re in this together.
Spread the word … NOT the icing,
Janice Taylor is a Weight Loss Coach, Author, Columnist and 50-pound Big-Time-Loser.
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