Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Christmas Diet Tip #5: Trigger Foods

We all know that keeping a food diary is hugely important in the land of successful weight loss. And whilst it is important to record what you have eaten and how much you have eaten each and every day, you may also want to look at and make note of your “triggers.”
Trigger foods are foods that get the better of us; that set off some sort of irrational chain reaction that causes us to over-eat, binge – go crazy!
Over the course of the day, our brains send out a number of hunger messages. Sometimes we are actually hungry! (I experienced that once.)
And then there are the times when the mere mention of fries, or the aroma of fresh baked goods from the local bakery, or even a food commercial sets us off! There are emotional triggers, too. Big boss says something that’s unnerving and undermining and the urge to order an entire pizza pie for lunch is set into motion. Or, your mother gives you a ‘compliment’ (HA!) and next thing you know you are covered in Oreo cookie crumbs.
It’s important to identify your triggers, and write them down! Because writing them down – whether they are food triggers, emotional triggers, situational triggers – can help you to identify your ‘trigger patterns.’ With awareness, you can derail the ‘trigger’ before it is actually ‘triggered.’
Make sense? You betcha’!
Be sure to let us know what triggers you. Could help us identify what triggers us! We’re in this together.
Spread the word … NOT the icing,
Janice Taylor is a Weight Loss Coach, Author, Columnist and 50-pound Big-Time-Loser.
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  • Mimi

    I keep trying to think of the things that do not trigger overeating in me. Big happy family events..let’s eat! (Especially if Ma is cooking! many pies are there?? )The holidays..all the food in little pieces, so you can try one of everything and fill up a plate. A long stress filled day at soon as I get home, my exercise is see how many times I can walk back and forth to the kitchen, and open the fridge. Just the smell of Doritos..oh, don’t go there! One taste of homemade bread and real butter (?)..I’m done for. Even something good for you like fresh cherries or blueberries, I just eat way too much of those, too.

  • Janet

    Some of my triggers are when I’m down about something or concerned about something. I’d have to say Birthday’s and Holiday’s also trigger me to eat more sweet stuff because your celebrating something that can be a happy occasion for you. So I’d have to say that alot of triggers get me to eat and some are one’s I never thought about before. Another thing that triggers me to eat is watching T.V. and during the middle of the night I sometimes get into things that aren’t good for me to eat.

  • Loran

    Hmm, triggers….the smell of something good, a bad day at work, being upset at family members or angry. Walking by the bakery and seeing free cookies (that I don’t even really like but there they are for free!) One chip with salsa=a boatload of chips and salsa, no stopping there. Seeing someone else eating. Holiday and birthday meals, potlucks–it’s hard for me to do portion control with all the yummy stuff there. Lots.

  • colleen

    Pizza. I can’t eat just one or two pieces. I have to eat half the pie. Pasta. Never just one serving. Cake with icing (lots of icing-scrape the edge of the cake plate lots). Potato chips. Cinna-bons (we have a store right in the middle of town). M&M’s, and (I hate to admit this last)-those spongy,orange sickeningly sweet circus peanut candies. I could sit and watch t.v. and eat a whole bag.

  • Kristine

    Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.
    I find it impossible to stop at one piece, or one ounce (a portion Janice suggested in a previous thread)! Once I start, it’s very difficult to stop. The good news — I’m picky about the type of chocolate I consume. I eat high-quality, i.e. expensive $$ which means my wallet limits how often I can indulge, and it must be DARK chocolate, you know, the kind that’s Good For You (high in heart healthy flavoniods).
    As Mimi mentioned, our family gatherings really centered around food. We are a group that loves to cook, and my mom made sure we had fun while learning all her dishes. Which brings me to one of my best-loved stress-busters: baking. Bread especially, requires you to get in there and work with your hands and work out your frustrations on rising dough.
    Naturally, with all those homemade cookies, pies and loaves, around the house, I find them irresistible. Although I try to use healthy alternatives, such as whole wheat, rice syrup, and honey, the calories are still there.
    Two triggers that come to mind immediately for me are eating when feeling blue (sad, lonely) and when my period shows up. I’m in perimenopause now and I can’t believe the cravings I get. It’s like adolescence and pregnancy rolled into one! Anyone else going through this wonderful time of life?

  • Janet

    Kristine, I’m also perimenopauseal and crave chocolate around my period. Try eating cheese and crackers and this will take those cravings away.

  • Loran

    I think going through menopause is like going through adolescence backwards! Mood swings galore only with the added benefit of hot flashes and night sweats. I’m coming out the other end finally. So glad.
    I’ve tried to eat the expensive dark chocolate and it just doesn’t cut it. I settled for Ghirardelli milk chocolate and caramel squares. One square is about 65 calories. Already cutting back on sugar, chocolate and junk I’m finding it more satisfying.

  • Kathie

    Loran, Janet and Kristine, I know that tofu is no replacement for chocolate!! however, soy products DO reduce the symptoms of perimenopause! Eat lots of soy products, then have a bite of chocolate to wash it down, and you’ll feel like new!

  • Robin

    Ahh, perimenopose the next huge developmental milestone of my life and it has not been much of a treat. The doc (female) told me that sometimes it just has to get worse before it gets better! I have found that eating a banana everyday has helped some of the symptoms but it hasn’t taken away the chocolate cravings. It’s not expensive chocolate that I crave-tootsie rolls to the rescue!

  • Renee

    My triggers vary from day to day or time to time. What I DO know is that once I start munching on anything (chips, cookies, chocolate, all that good stuff)I don’t quit until the bag is empty. Even thought small, individual packages are not as cost-efficient or as good a value, (and I’m just stingy enough to worry about that,) eating a small package of anything is better for my hips than eating a whole big package.

  • kathy righter

    My trigger seems to be when I am excessively tired. I think a little chocklate , sugar or sweets will help energize me and instead it just gives me a sugar rush and a drop later. Some protein is better if I can just make myself do it. Kathy

  • Holly

    My triggers include fatigue too and I like to finish a bag of something as well but my biggest trigger is seeing something. Along with the mood swings, hot flashes and weight gain of perimenopause, my memory is going. If I put the cookies away I forget about them but if they are on the counter, I have one everytime I pass. I have put the cookies away 3 times(after my son and hubby had one) and haven’t succumbed yet. If I go to bed now I can end the day on a good note.
    Good night.

  • Vicki

    I’m with Kathy. I’ve noticed from keeping my food diary that I’ve been eating when I get home at night — but I’m not really hungry. I’m actually quite tired. I’ve been coming home, eating, then falling asleep. Not good. But very interesting to me — I didn’t realize before that I do this so often! I tell myself that I should eat something when I get home because it’s dinner time (you have to eat dinner, right?), and that if I don’t I’ll wake up in the middle of the night hungry and then eat . . .

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