Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

The Christmas Diet: Wake Up Thinner on New Year’s Day

Wake Up THINNER on New Year’s Day! with Janice Taylor
Grab a cup of coffee and a chair and cozy on up. I’m about to CONFESS!
Yes, this weight loss guru has a Weighty Confession that she would like to share, to unload, to unfurl … that she has been carrying around (mostly in her stomach area) for 10 months!
Last Christmas I Gained 3 Pounds. I not only gained 3 pounds, I let them move back in. She who wrote an entire book on the topic – All Is Forgiven, Move On forgave and moved on – with three extra pounds hidden in her mid-section.
Here’s how it happened. Last year, I visited with my family for the holidays. My son and my adorable daughter-in-law are gourmets. They love to cook and to entertain and they did! One party, one fabulous meal after another. And they were kind enough to stock fruits and veggies for me, which I did eat. And then I ate ‘their’ food, too. Apparently quite a bit of it – because at the end of the week I was three pounds up – three pounds FATTER.
Truthfully, that wouldn’t have been any big deal. I could easily have cut back a little for a couple of weeks and ‘lost’ what I had ‘gained.’ But I didn’t…
And NOW … THE EATING SEASON … is biting at our heels. Yes, it is! Halloween is almost here. The candy is everywhere. And I am faced, as are you – whether you know it or not – with the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of this year. What will we do to survive? How will we do it?
Yes, THE EATING SEASON! You know what I mean…it’s one good reason after another for two solid months to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat…starting with the CANDY DAY (a.k.a. Halloween), followed by TURKEY DAY, followed by CHRISTMAS DAY (or a similar day or whole bunch of days, depending on your faith), and ending with New Year’s Day (a.k.a. Football day!).
Thus, The Christmas Diet. I have created a 61-day program that will keep us on track, motivate and inspire us, keep us laughing, and – ultimately – we will actually wake up THINNER on New Year’s Day than we are RIGHT NOW – yes, thinner than you are as you read this!
I don’t know about you, but I CANNOT and WILL NOT GAIN weight this season. In fact, I am so determined NOT to GAIN, I have decided to LOSE WEIGHT INSTEAD!
YUP, I am going to venture into territory that no woman has ever ventured into before. ***LOSING*** WEIGHT INSTEAD OF ***GAINING*** IT … DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Wrap your thighs around that one!
I would be thrilled if you would join with me. We can journey through the holiday season together. All of us. The more the merrier!
This is how it works. You can visit here every day to chat about the trials and tribulations of weight loss … and you can sign-up for THE CHRISTMAS DIET – a program that I have put together that will BLOW the FAT CELLS RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD!
We all know how to lose weight, don’t we? And we know how to find it again, don’t we? What we don’t know how to do is stay motivated and inspired! Join with me and make this year different than any other year!
Walk the talk with me … The Christmas Diet!
Spread the word … NOT the icing!

Janice Taylor is a Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, Author, Columnist and 50 pound big-time-loser! Write her for a FREE LIFE CONSULT!

  • Jackie Hoops

    It makes perfect sense to me, with so much to fill the soul and spirit, the festival of lights season would be a great time to be filled without packing on the pounds.
    I am with you

  • stephanie hale

    Hi, Janet, i love your article, and would like to get more information
    on getting your book. i would like more information about losing
    weight this holiday session…..

  • Flora Mirzaian

    I am uncomfortable and would like to feel and look good. There is also a big fancy convention in November with, probably, much good food. I can use much HELP. Thank you much.

  • Flora Mirzaian

    Hi Janice, I love your name and what you wrote. I need help to feel confortable, good, and let my feet have a chance to do well.
    HELP! I tried by clicking on Post but it did not work. During Holidays, My Granddaughter and myself have birthdays in December. In November, there is a big convention with much good food. Send to Janice

  • http://I dyan hecht

    I’m there. I hate January because of all the effects of holiday eat-a thons. Sign me up..

  • Sylvia

    This sounds just great!!!! Count me in

  • Sylvia Dworkin

    Sounds good to me Count me in

  • zjuart

    I simply adore your idea to start losing weight, and wake up thinner in the new year!
    There won’t be any food, candy, or confection served in the next 2.5 months that I haven’t tasted before. And tasting it again won’t improve me in any way. My weakness is fudge; good, homemade fudge. Any pointers will be appreciated.
    You’re an inspiration and I look forward to your positive coaching.

  • Deb

    Please include me. Thanks.

  • Christine

    Great motivator! Count me in too.

  • Jill C.

    I loose, by staying busy cooking and not eating. Make sure to have some nice veggie plates handy and nibble on them in between keeping the huge buffet table that I have to continually make sure is fresh and full. I always get a bit anxious at having an extra 25 people here for the day so eating isnt a top priority.

  • Christine

    I’ve lost 31 pounds so far this year. I do not want to find any of it during the holiday season. And at work they’re already talking about doing the 12 days of Christmas where different groups will bring different types of goodies to be shared by all. Not only will we have the Thanksgiving feast at home, we’ll have one at work. The Christmas Feast at home, we’ll have a pre-Christmas Feast at work too, plus the 12 days of Christmas, and of course candy on all the desks for the trick-or-treaters and everyone in costume and energy for all the workers to get through the busy days. So any and all help and additional motivation is appreciated, count me in :)

  • Ann

    OK I want in too. I have enough trouble trying to lose weight the rest of the year but the holidays is a non stop invitation to fat cells. What do I do. Tell me. I’m listening.

  • judy

    count me in to……. Judy


    Right on!

  • carole

    I need to keep on track. carole fiore-abshire

  • marcy

    me too

  • Nebraska sis

    I’m in! I’ve recently been diagnosed with borderline type 2 diabetes. I take metformin twice a day for this. If I can get through the next couple of months actually losing weight, it will really be impressive.

  • Patricia

    I know that I’m not exercising enough and with winter coming on, it is going to be even harder!!!!

  • sarah sweeney krepski

    that sounds like a plan! and if we could share healthy, attractive, festive,lo-cal goodies (am i asking for the impossible or at least improbable here?)in the process that would be all the better!

  • Gilnny

    Pat, I’m with you girl, I can’t and will not gain weight this holiday season. I’ll be looking for your comments to help us get through these days. Tnx much.

  • Kat

    What a terrific idea! I’m in too!

  • Your Name

    okay I’m hooked. It’s just wild enough to work. Keep talking and I’ll start walking.

  • Cynthia

    I’m game.. let’s do it… this will be great for me. I need the motivation!!

  • mj

    ok…give me a clue

  • The Mema

    I’m in give me sopme guidelines!

  • Wenchling

    Let’s hear more about this! I’m in desperate need of motivation and have about 90 lbs to lose.

  • dianna

    iam ready lets get started





  • Teresa

    In May I started taking antidepressants, in June I got laid off of work and in July I had a hysterectomy…In the midst of all of this I have gained 20 lbs!!! Please help! I’m in….what’s the first step?

  • Ranjini

    Its a wonderful concept-lets bring it to reality-I am in the same but bigger boat than you-about 50 lbs bigger.Will try to be here daily.

  • Debbie Maines

    I think this is a wonderful idea.. I’m am so in..

  • Gloria

    Yes, I want to do it. Not only is the holidays hard but I want to eat comfort foods in the cold months (to stay warm, ha).

  • Debbi van

    What a wonderful idea to lose. I have the same thing happen every year to me also. i hate it great

  • chio

    I have bean taking antidepressants for a long time, my marriege is terrible, but I can afford a divorse, I am stock. Also I had a complete hystorectomy years back, I put on 25 lb. I am petite and short. Please Help me!!!!!

  • Janice Taylor, blogger for Our Lady of Weight Loss

    YAHOO!!!! So glad you’re all in!

  • caroline

    i am ready for this adventure… P>S> I cook almost everything from scratch.

  • Diana

    I gained 8 kg (that’s about 18 pounds – yes, 18!!!) since last year. I’m tall and it doesn’t show that much on my figure, but I feel it around my belly and I want to go back to my fit self. So, count me in. :)
    And thank you for the effort!

  • Diane Carrillo

    But with God all things are possible, GOD going to see me through this struggle too just like he has done other strggles. I like reading your material you motive me even do I lose 50lbs and gain more back I going to do it again without the diet pills something I feel I need a push I even kept the weight off without the diet pills I didn’t get addicted to them depending on the diet pill I’m 5ft 2inch its affect my health now I was wearing 147lbs now I’m at 2lllbs, I’m miserable blood pressure and chostelorine is high arthrist is bad.Please e-mail me or call 773) 637-9681. Thank you May God Bless you.

  • Becky Jackson

    I need and been trying to lose weight for a minute. I’m a diabetic and i have high cholestrol and asthma, high blood pressure. I weight 345 pounds. Please help me if you can to get back on track. Becky in sanfrancisco Tanks

  • Joyce Dorow

    Hello: Thank you for doing this for all, it very nice of you to help us all pull though some of the toughest times, not just with weight but with the stress (which causes weight), the fast foods, etc.
    My problem is, I’m on Long Term Disability and it’s hard for me to get involved into anything. I’m unable to walk a lot and my condition is bad but not life threatening, I just have to find motivation to get involved in other ways, I don’t eat a lot, but without exercise, little ounces turns to pounds. This could not be the place to write this but I will follow your advice and see what happens. I really want need some motivation.
    Thank you…………Joyce from FL/MA

  • Sylvia Wynne

    I have been trying to lose the 10 pounds gain over my summer vacation with no luck. With the holidays ahead, I hope with some wise advise I can successful the the 10 pounds plus.

  • Ursolina Good

    I also need help. Last year I was ill for nine monthe and went down to 175 lbs. I was always 220. Since my doctor put me on Prednisone and a depression pill I have gained the weight all back plus 29 more. I am the heaviest I have ever been. I have high blood pressure, and arthritis and I feel terrible. I can’t excercise cause I am in a power chair. I do not eat sweets or fattening food and yet I keep gaining weight. Is there any help for me?

  • Linda from Iowa

    I have recently taken off 30 pounds with an agency. But that weight loss program is much too costly, so i have recently went to weight watchers. It is affortable. I want to lose 20 more pounds. I am with God’s help I am trying.

  • Loran

    I’m signed up and ready to go!

  • Carrie

    OK I’m in…I think…OK I am , Yes I AM IN !!!! Thanks.

  • Sylvia

    Must lose the weight (30 lbs) NOW

  • Caroline Seawell

    I am up 12 lbs over “normal” which is about 20 over where I want to be. I would love to celebrate New Year’s with a weight loss!

  • Shirley

    I went to one of those costly weight loss centers and lost to my goal weight and am trying to keep it off but it is slowly creeping back on and I can’t afford to go back to the center. I’m in for losing weight.

  • LouiseCollins

    I have a good 30 lbs to take off caused by a year of stress-Im ready”’

  • Peg

    I have gradually put on 20 pounds over the last 3 years. I feel lousy about it and my self esteem is crap since i am squeezing into a size larger than I ever have been in my life. Count me in!

  • Sherry Forth

    I have tried so many weight loss programs and never can keep it off. I need to lose 40 pounds so I can breathe again so definitely count me in.


    i have lost 150 lbs but i am deadly afraid of sugar.It attacks me and causes all sorts of cramps so i am game.

  • Evelyn Davis

    Count me in I have been on every diet there is, lost a little gain it back, lose and gain. Please help.

  • Diane

    The Christmas Diet

  • Kathy Wallace

    I am so ready for the Christmas Diet. I am now 65 & have been a yo-yo dieter since age 14. Down 120 pounds but can’t seem to go lower.
    HELP me please!

  • kadsmom

    i’m game

  • Travelbug

    I need to lose 15 lbs. I’m with you all!!!!

  • Dino

    I’m 49 and battling the stubborn midrif. I recently rewarded myself for losing 22 lbs. (over a year) by scheduling a professional hair cut, only to step on the scale a few days later and see 6 of those back on. I can fluctuate 10 lbs in the course of a month!!!! Help!!! Activity is the key for me. A second job that requires 4-8 hours a day on my feet is helping. A month without a car really stepped up the trimming down. But exhaustion leads to feet up and hand to mouth movement as I try to restore energy reserves.
    I’m all in for this Christmas diet.

  • irmab

    i’m with you

  • Dorothy Stein

    Help! I need to lose 15 pounds to fit in my New Year’s Eve gown!!

  • Sonja Garner

    I have lost 30 lbs,and a lot of inches. The reason why I said that is because I use to wear a size 22- 24. Now I”m getting into a size 18-20, and can even in some size 16. Please give me some advice on how to not over eat on the holidays. I would like to get back down to my normal weight of 178 lbs.


    I would like to lose weight and be back to at least 160 lbs. I am going through very difficult times now and my habit is to overeat. i would like to weight less by new years than weight more. Please help me as i am desperate and need good tips on how to loose weight and i don’t have the money for a trainer……..

  • regina windsor

    Iwant need to lose 150 pounds to have good heath .My husband had a car accidnent with T.B.I. and is upset all the timeI’m nervis so Ieat. Please helpme I walk all the time.I watch most of the time what to eat.My colestoral is 70 sugar great bloodpreasure great.

  • Donald Kaster

    Thanks for this article, i really enjoyed it. I also gained about 2 lbs last Christmas in just 1 week…!
    Those who like to watch video more than reading here is a very nice one from YouTube –
    Thanks again for the article.

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