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Be Brave: Boost Self-Love by Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Cert. Hypnotist, Author, syndicated columnist, seminar leader & 50-pound big-time-loser. (Write Janice for free life consult.)When I was a kid, I proudly showed my grandma my spelling test … “Look, Grandma!!! I got 100% on my spelling test. I’m smart.” To which she replied, “Don’t say nice things about yourself. People will think you are conceded.” With all due respect to my sweet, loving and apple-pie-bakin’ grandma, I say, “Boloney!” It’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments. It’s okay to like yourself. Even love yourself!!! Now … if you are not full hog in love with yourself, here are a few things that you can do to boost your love quotient. 1. Be Brave. Ask the ‘right’ people for a list of things they like about you. Be sure – for goodness sake – to ask the right people. Don’t ask my grandma! Hearing what people have to say about you is useful. Take notes. Write down what True Friend “A” said about you as well as True Friend “B” and “C.” If you are in need of a True Friend, write me! Should your ‘evil twin’ or ‘alien’ … you know, your critical voice, surface – you can take your list out and read it! 2. Give Yourself Permission. Now that other people have voiced your value for you, make a list of the things you like about yourself. If you are having difficulty saying nice things about yourself, start with something really small. Like … I like that I read blogs on Beliefnet, because it shows that I am a spiritual seeker. Keep this list, too!3. Be Your Own Best Friend. In your mind’s eye think of someone you love. Remember all the things about them that you appreciate; their special qualities. Take all those good, warm and happy feelings of love and bundle them up and now turn around (in your mind’s eye) and wrap those feelings around yourself. Ahhhhh … 4. Practice Self-Forgiveness. Have compassion for yourself. Let the judgment go. Let the upset go. Imagine if you held a grudge against every friend or family member the way you do against yourself. All Is Forgiven, Move On!5. Go Affirmation Crazy. Write strong, loving statements on paper. Read them aloud as you look at yourself in the mirror! (For me, after I’ve had my morning coffee and my hair is fluffed.)“I am lovable.””I am kind.””I am compassionate, intelligent, wise, beautiful, sweet, creative … “It’s okay if you don’t believe it. Fake it till you make it!If you like, you can write out your affirmations and post them all over the place … on the refrigerator. “I deserve healthy food.” “I give myself health.” On the bathroom mirror. “I am fabulous.” “I start my day with a smile.” (Mine say, “I deserve love.” And in small print, for my husband, Peter, I write … “these are mind: get your own affirmations!” HA!!)6. Find YOUR Way. Maybe one or two of these “points of love” will resonate; maybe not. Either way, it’s important for you to ask yourself, “What can I do to help myself feel love, compassion for ME? How can I practice self-loving kindness?” It’s more important to ask the right questions than come up with quick answers. Take a walk, move through your day. Ask yourself these questions and allow the answer to bubble up from with you. After all, self-love begins and end with YOU!AND … in keeping with weight loss … when you love yourself, you will easily and effortlessly give yourself the gift of health! With love and appreciation to you for reading my blog … xoxoxo. (wrap those warm feelings around you)Spread the word, NOT the icing!JaniceComing Soon! THE CHRISTMAS DIETImagine waking up on New Years Day THINNER than you were on November 1. To be put on the fast weight loss list, send email to Write Janice for free ‘life’ consult!Follow Janice on Twitter! Food facts. tips and motivation throughout the day!Workshops! Come, play with me!Free Our Lady of Weight Loss E-Cards! Spread the FUN word!For more motivation and inspiration, join the Kick in the Tush Club: Beliefnet Chapter. Pick up a copy of Janice’s latest: All Is Forgiven, Move ON ~ Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville!” . . . . kooky genius ~ see if her idiosyncratic diet plan will work for you.” ~ O, The Oprah Magazine

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